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Our betting expert Jones Knows makes his Premier League predictions for the weekend with Burnley fancied to upset the odds at home to Chelsea

我们的博彩专家琼斯·肯斯(Jones Knows)对本周末的英超联赛做出了预测,伯恩利(Burnley)渴望打破切尔西主场的赔率

Wolves vs Crystal Palace, Friday - 8.00pmYou know that fiddly 45-minute job you"ve got to do but have been putting it off? Do it in the first half of this one


Here, we have two managers that actively play for a clean sheet at the break then try and push on as the game develops in the second period


Since the start of last season, Wolves have scored just eight goals in the first half of their 21 home matches, while Palace have also managed exactly eight in their 21 away games


In that period, when analysing the ever-present teams in the Premier League, only Burnley have scored fewer first-half goals


广州富力足球俱乐部It is a shame that Sky Bet are only offering 13/8 on a 0-0 correct score at the break as that looks a bet to follow, but the price is tight enough

广州富力足球俱乐部遗憾的是,Sky Bet在休息时仅以0-0的正确比分提供13/8,这看起来像是一个下注,但价格足够紧

Nuno worried about Wolves" first-half blanksWolves vs Crystal Palace previewSo, I am assessing this as a second-half game


Palace have quietly gone about their business this season


Believe it or not, win on Friday and it will be their best-ever start to a Premier League season


However, Wolves are usually pretty reliable at beating mid-to-low ranked rivals at home: Palace, Norwich, Everton, West Ham, Bournemouth and Watford all were dispatched by Nuno"s side last season without conceding


And Newcastle were lucky not to be added to that list last weekend, nicking a 1-1 draw despite registering an xG of just 0.27


JONES KNOWS PREDICTS: 1-0 (9/2 with Sky Bet) Sheffield United vs Manchester City, Saturday - 12.30pmOpposing Manchester City has proven a controversial opinion it seems

琼斯知道预测:1-0(Sky Bet 9/2)谢菲尔德联队对曼彻斯特城,星期六-12.30pm反对曼彻斯特城似乎证明了一个有争议的观点

Plenty of flak was thrown my way across social media for tipping up West Ham win last weekend


And, although I couldn"t quite cup my ear in celebration at the 1-1 draw, my assessment of City remains unchanged


Pep Guardiola"s side are underperforming compared to their usual high standards


This is explained beautifully by their overall negative xG figures this season (6.26 for, 7.02 against) - that is a mid-table return


It is a world away from their +1.57 per game xG figure calculated when winning the league two seasons ago广州富力足球俱乐部

两个赛季前赢得联赛时,他们每场比赛获得的+1.57 xG值相差一个世界广州富力足球俱乐部

Pep plays down criticism and hails City responseBarca presidential front-runner wants Messi, Pep reunionThe return of the world"s best midfielder in Kevin De Bruyne could spark them back into life but with my betting analyst head fully engaged, there is no way I can advocate an away win at 2/7 odds


广州富力足球俱乐部I am happy to put my faith in Chris Wilder"s boys to get something


Yes, just one point after six games looks horrendous on paper but the performance data tells me they have deserved more in that period with some key, match-defining decisions, going against them and big chances being squandered


They remain a devilishly tough team to break down - something that Guardiola found out first hand last season with both games ending in narrow City wins with goals coming in the second half


A low-scoring draw looks the play


JONES KNOWS PREDICTS: 1-1 (9/1 with Sky Bet) Burnley vs Chelsea, Saturday - 3pm (Play Super 6 to win 18 p/m | All " offers for the new seasonLive on | 146 Premier League games to be shown live on The match odds have not tempted me to part with any of my cash but I will certainly be backing Bukayo Saka to score first at a very exciting 18/1 with Sky Bet

琼斯知道预测:1-1(Sky Bet 9/1)伯恩利vs切尔西,星期六-下午3点(玩Super 6以赢得18 p / m |所有"新赛季报价)|直播| 146场英超联赛现场直播比赛赔率并没有诱使我放弃我的现金,但是我肯定会支持Bukayo Saka以Sky Bet的非常令人兴奋的18/1得分

Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang takes up a fair chunk of this market but his numbers have taken a big nosedive since signing his bumper new contract, has he lost his edge? Saka"s position in a counter-attacking role down the left is a tricky one for opposition players to track with the youngster very clever with his movement into the box

皮埃尔·埃默里克·奥巴梅扬(Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang)占据了这个市场的很大一部分,但是自从签订了丰厚的新合同以来,他的数字大跌,他是否失去了优势?萨卡(Saka)在左路的反击角色中的位置对于对手球员来说很棘手,因为他的动作非常聪明

Since Aubameyang signed his deal, Saka is averaging the most shots per game than any Arsenal player (2.72) and did find the net against Sheffield United.JONES KNOWS PREDICTS: 1-1 (6/1 with Sky Bet) ALSO LOOK OUT FOR: Bukayo Saka to score first (18/1 with Sky Bet) Tottenham vs Brighton, Sunday - 7.15pm, live on Box OfficeI am happy to row against the tide here

自从奥巴梅扬签下他的合同以来,萨卡平均每场出手次数最多,是任何阿森纳球员(2.72),并且确实找到了对阵谢菲尔德联的球网。布卡约·萨卡(Bukayo Saka)排名第一(热火比分18/1)热刺vs布赖顿,周日-晚上7.15,在票房上直播我很高兴在这里与浪潮对抗

Brighton possess the style of football to trouble Tottenham


But, as with most Brighton performances, it is whether their domination of the ball can equate to big chances being created and taken


EL hits and misses: Bale yet to fire, Arsenal unconvincingEric Dier and Toby Alderweireld do not like getting pulled out of their comfort zone by zippy attackers and you can certainly expose the Spurs full-backs, who look vulnerable to pace in behind and in one-on-one situations


Spurs may have won this corresponding fixture 2-1 last season but were thumped 3-0 at The Amex and an overall look at the xG numbers from both encounters shows Brighton coming out clearly on top 3.4 vs 1.2

马刺可能在上赛季以2-1赢得了相应的比赛,但在美国运通卡上以3-0击败,而从两次遭遇的xG数据来看,布莱顿显然排在3.4 vs 1.2榜首。

I am happy to keep Graham Potter"s team onside in this one广州富力足球俱乐部


JONES KNOWS PREDICTS: 2-2 (12/1 with Sky Bet) Fulham vs West Brom, Monday - 5.30pm, live on Box OfficeAs a famous predictor of this parish once said: this is a big football match

琼斯知道预测:2-2(Sky Bet 12/1)富勒姆vs西布朗,星期一-下午5.30,在票房上直播这个教区的著名预测者曾经说过:这是一场大型足球比赛

If you were trying to construct a final Premier League table then these two would fill the bottom two places for the majority


I would tend to agree with that but it is far too early to be writing both of them off just yet - there have been signs of life in forward areas for both


Fulham have utilised the market well in terms of improving their attacking prowess - since Deadline Day, Fulham"s xG return of 2.56 is the sixth best in the Premier League


However, no player has missed more big chances - defined by Opta - as Aleksandar Mitrovic (3) in that period

但是,在那个时期,没有球员错过任何更大的机会-由Opta定义-Aleksandar Mitrovic(3)

His sloppiness in front of goal is holding Fulham back


Keep feeding him though, and he will score eventually


Meanwhile, West Brom also looked a creative force in the final half hour at Brighton when removing Jake Livermore from the equation, deservedly pulling level

同时,西布朗(Bromon)在布莱顿(Brighton)的最后半小时也表现出了创造力,当时他从方程式中删除了杰克·利弗莫尔(Jake Livermore),值得一提

广州富力足球俱乐部I do hope Slaven Bilic starts this game with the team that finished at Brighton

广州富力足球俱乐部我希望Slaven Bilic与在布莱顿完成的团队一起开始这场比赛

We could be in for a cracker if so as both defences cannot be trusted


JONES KNOWS PREDICTS: 2-2 (12/1 with Sky Bet) Leeds vs Leicester, Monday - 8.00pm, live on One thing we learnt from the Thursday round of midweek Europa League fixtures is that Leicester City are taking their venture into Europe very seriously

琼斯知道预测:2-2(Sky Bet的12/1)利兹vs莱斯特,星期一-8.00pm,现场直播我们从周四欧罗巴联赛赛程中获悉的一件事是,莱斯特城正在非常冒险地进入欧洲认真地

Youri Tielemans, James Maddison and Jamie Vardy all started as they came away from Athens with maximum points

Youri Tielemans,James Maddison和Jamie Vardy都以远离雅典的最高积分开始比赛

A great result, certainly, but such an arduous trip is not exactly ideal preparation for a trip to Leeds, whose intense style is a demanding experience for the opposition


Leeds top the Premier League for average distance covered this season with 114km per game - some 10km more than the likes of Fulham or Wolves


Any heavy legs in the Leicester camp will be found out at Elland Road

莱斯特难民营的任何沉重腿都将在艾兰路(Elland Road)被发现

Get | Get NOW TV - save more than 25%Brendan Rodgers will have a plan to stop them, probably in the same defensive shape that saw them rip through Manchester City

取得|立即获取电视节目-节省超过25%的布兰登·罗杰斯(Brendan Rodgers)将有一个制止他们的计划,其防御方式可能与他们穿越曼彻斯特城时一样

However, Marcelo Bielsa, whose powers have turned Patrick Bamford into Dennis Bergkamp, is taken to keep Leeds rolling at their relentless level for a few weeks more yet

然而,马塞洛·比尔萨(Marcelo Bielsa)的权力已将帕特里克·班福德(Patrick Bamford)转变为丹尼斯·伯格坎普(Dennis Bergkamp),他被迫将利兹保持无情的状态持续几周

JONES KNOWS PREDICTS: 2-1 (8/1 with Sky Bet)

琼斯知道预测:2-1(Sky Bet的8/1)


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