杰克·格雷里什(Jack Grealish)为英格兰? Gareth Southgate不能忽略独特的才能

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“What a footballer,” says Jurgen Klopp

“真是足球运动员,”于尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)说

“One of the best in the league,” according to Pep Guardiola


For Jose Mourinho, it"s his creativity


For Mikel Arteta, his personality

对于Mikel Arteta来说,他的个性

Brendan Rodgers and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer point to his ability to drag opponents out of position

布伦丹·罗杰斯(Brendan Rodgers)和奥莱·冈纳·索尔斯克亚(Ole Gunnar Solskjaer)指出了他将对手拖出位置的能力

What every Premier League manager can agree on is that Jack Grealish is a bit special

每个英超联赛经理都可以同意的是,杰克·格雷利什(Jack Grealish)有点特别

As he links up with the England squad this week, the relative merits of the Aston Villa captain are being assessed once more


Grealish was named man of the match in his only international start so far - the 3-0 friendly win over Wales at Wembley - but did not make it off the bench for the subsequent competitive games against Belgium and Denmark


England manager Gareth Southgate already appears sick of answering questions about why the in-form Grealish is being made to wait, but the noise is not going to stop

英格兰经理加雷斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)似乎已经厌倦了回答有关为何要让正式的Grealish等待的问题,但这种声音不会停止

Not when he is the most creative English player in the Premier League


Not when he joins up on the back of another masterful performance in helping Villa beat Arsenal 3-0 at the Emirates Stadium


Paul Merson played for both clubs as well as alongside Southgate for Villa and England

保罗·梅森(Paul Merson)为两家具乐部效力,并与索斯盖特(Southgate)一起效力于比利亚和英格兰

He is at a loss to explain why there would be any reluctance to trust in Grealish"s talent


"The lad is just unreal," Merson tells


"He is one of the only players I just love watching play


Against Arsenal, the goalkeeper throws him the ball and he run the length of the pitch


Hector Bellerin comes over and he just bodies him off and he still has the composure to put the ball through

赫克托·贝勒林(Hector Bellerin)过去了,他只是把他踢开了,但他仍然镇定下来

"How is he not playing at the top level? I don"t really know what I am missing下载金山打字游戏


When I watch him, am I seeing something different that no one else is seeing and I haven"t got a clue?" Southgate has made it clear that he does not consider Grealish as a candidate for one of the deeper roles in midfield

当我看着他时,我看到的是其他人看不到的东西吗?我没有头绪?” Southgate明确表示,他不认为Grealish是中场中较深职位之一的候选人

In the current system, that means he is competing with the wide forwards, where Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho are established

在目前的体系中,这意味着他正在与广泛的前锋竞争,在那里建立了拉希姆·斯特林(Raheem Sterling),马库斯·拉什福德(Marcus Rashford)和贾顿·桑乔(Jadon Sancho)

Even among the next in line, Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood remain in the frame, while Mason Mount appears to have won Southgate"s favour as a result of his off-the-ball work下载金山打字游戏

甚至在下一个排行榜中,Phil Foden和Mason Greenwood仍然留在框架中,而Mason Mount似乎由于他出色的表现而赢得了Southgate的青睐。下载金山打字游戏

"I don"t know whether Southgate may just look at it and wonder what his position is," says Merson


"He is a bit of a free spirit


下载金山打字游戏He plays over on the left but it is definitely a free role


"He"s got his certain players that look like they are going to play every week as long as they remember their boots


But in terms of talent, I said it a long time ago, I think he is the most talented English player we have got


He is the nearest thing to Paul Gascoigne we have had." Southgate himself was quick to brush off that particular comparison but the irony is that one of Gascoigne"s most notable traits - his ball-carrying from midfield - has become one of the characteristics of Grealish"s game that seems to so divide opinion


He is routinely accused of holding onto the ball too long


The focus is on what Villa might have gained had he released it quicker rather than what they have gained from his ability to retain it for so long


The statistics clearly highlight his positive impact as a ball-carrier


No Premier League player has progressed the ball so far upfield this season, with Grealish ranking well ahead of any other midfielder or forward for what Opta calls progressive ball-carries


There has been an end product too


Nine of these ball-carries have resulted in a shot


Again, that is the most of any player in the Premier League this season


It has been vital for Villa with the solo run that set up Ollie Watkins to score against Arsenal just the latest example

对于Villa来说,至关重要的是他的单人比赛让Ollie Watkins成为对阵阿森纳的最新例子

Merson believes that even if the accusation did once have some substance to it, that no longer applies


"I don"t think Grealish holds onto the ball too long now," he explains


"Last season, towards the end of the campaign, I think he had become a bit of a school-team captain


I didn"t think he trusted in the other players, so he tried to do it all on his own


"But now, he has got a fit John McGinn


He has got Matt Target with him on the left, who is comfortable on the ball and good going forward

他的左边是Matt Target,他的控球很舒服,而且前进的很好

He has got trust in him and he has also now got Ross Barkley, who he looks like he loves playing with, and then there is the pace of Ollie Watkins

他赢得了他的信任,现在又有了罗斯·巴克利(Ross Barkley),看起来像他喜欢和他玩耍,然后有Ollie Watkins的步伐

I don"t think he keeps it that much anymore." Having better players feeding the ball to him has made a big difference this season - and they are undoubtedly feeding it him


下载金山打字游戏The pass to Grealish has been Watkins" most frequent in every single game this season


In three of the five matches in which they have all started, Watkins, Targett, Barkley and McGinn have all passed more to Grealish than to anyone else


The result is that he is receiving the ball in much more dangerous positions


Grealish has gone from averaging four touches in the opposition box per 90 minutes last season, to averaging ten touches in the opposition box per 90 minutes this season


A huge change


When he has possession in that area of the pitch as often as he now does, something is going to happen


That is why he is, statistically, the most creative player in the Premier League this season, with the highest expected-assists tally of anyone around


With four goals and five assists, his effectiveness is not in doubt


Rodgers, whose Leicester side are top of the table but were beaten at home by Grealish"s Villa, explains why


"He"s got a real in-built brain for football," says Rodgers


"When he carries the ball, his awareness of his space really shows me the talent he is


He understands where space is, he gets tackled a lot, he stays on the ball a bit longer than other people and draws fouls, but also draws people out of position


His weight of pass is exceptional." This is a key point regarding Grealish"s willingness to hold the ball that little bit longer than others


It moves opponents around


Later in his career, Paul Scholes, the master passer, reflected on his performances, and took the view that he played too many needless passes


Rather than looking to make something happen he recycled possession instead


He even cited this as the reason for his initial decision to retire in 2011, before being coaxed back by Sir Alex Ferguson


Premier League table | Fixtures | ResultsGet - All channels 23 a monthGrealish prefers not to play the needless pass to a player who is not in a better position


Instead, he waits


"Whether he is off the left, middle or right, he attracts players to him," says Solskjaer


A player vacates their defensive zone to close him down


A space opens up


If that results in a foul, and it often does, then this does not necessarily mean that the opportunity has passed


In fact, it can open up another avenue from the resulting set piece


It is just another reason why Grealish could be an important weapon for England


England may have to forfeit Iceland Nations League matchMarcus Rashford: Rahee, Sterling an inspirationPhil Foden recalled by England, Mason Greenwood left outFor now, despite the fact that set-piece goals were the basis of the team"s run to the semi-finals of the World Cup under Southgate in 2018, that weapon is not being deployed


"They played Denmark and needed to make something happen," says Merson


"They were down to 10 men and they had to try to win a free-kick or a corner because that was the only way they were going to score


And you have got the most fouled player in the Premier League, the best dribbler of the ball in the league by a million miles, and he never got on


"We were going nowhere, and the team never looked like scoring


He beats players for fun and if you are doing that, you are going to get free-kicks and corners, and that is what they were virtually playing for


For me, that tells you everything you need to know


If you are not getting on in a game which is crying out for your skillset, you are struggling." Grealish"s skillset is unique

如果您没有在技能水平高的游戏中继续前进,那说明您正在苦苦挣扎。” Grealish的技能水平是独一无二的

But perhaps that is the problem


There is no player in the team for which he is an obvious upgrade


Instead, he brings something different entirely


Something that does not necessarily fit with Southgate"s principles of pressing when out of possession but could yet turn a game England"s way because of his quality in possession


"It is dangerous [for Southgate] because he was man of the match in the Wales game and then he doesn"t get on again," adds Merson


"If you play him against Republic of Ireland and he rips them to shreds, then all of a sudden, he has got to be in the team


"The fervour for Southgate to pick him builds and builds, but I don"t think he gets in the team at the moment


Not because I do not think he should be, but Southgate just does not see it


He has got his way of playing and his players, and that is it." Southgate does have his way of playing and given that Grealish is a one-off talent, who makes different decisions in possession to anyone else, it should be no surprise that he does not fit the system


But perhaps it is time to flip the thinking


Because if Jack Grealish does not fit the system, then surely, when he is this good, the system that you are playing must be wrong

因为如果杰克·格雷里什(Jack Grealish)不适合该系统,那么,当他如此出色时,肯定您所玩的系统一定是错误的


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