达伦·弗格森(Darren Ferguson)采访:彼得伯勒(Peterborough)老板错过了场均得分附加赛

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Everything was going to plan for Darren Ferguson and Peterborough last season天下足球的片尾曲


From mid-October they almost exclusively occupied a top six berth in Sky Bet League One and, after a considerably rough festive period, had got back on track towards the end of January, when they began a near-faultless streak of six straight wins

从10月中旬起,他们几乎完全占据了Sky Bet League One的前六名,并且在一个相当艰难的节日之后,他们回到了1月底的轨道上,当时他们开始了六连胜的近乎完美的连胜

With 68 goals scored, they boasted the division"s most deadly frontline and in Ivan Toney they had a marksman who would give any defender nightmares

他们打进了68个进球,拥有该部门最致命的前线,在伊凡·托尼(Ivan Toney),他们有一个射手将给任何后卫做噩梦

The chance of a return to the second tier for the first time since 2012/13 was picking up traction


League One results | table | highlightsA 2-0 win over fellow promotion-chasing side Portsmouth on March 7 moved Ferguson"s side into the play-off places when professional football was suspended, with chairman Darragh MacAnthony a vocal advocate of continuing the season when safe to do so

联赛结果|桌子|亮点3月7日,朴茨茅斯以2比0击败了追逐追随者朴茨茅斯,职业足球暂停后,弗格森进入了季后赛席位,董事长达拉格·麦克安东尼(Darragh MacAnthony)主张在安全的情况下继续本赛季

Yet on June 9, 18 clubs voted to curtail the season, with the final table subsequently decided on an unweighted points-per-game basis


Peterborough"s hopes were dashed in an instant, as they were leapfrogged by eventual play-off final winners Wycombe


It only illustrates Ferguson"s maturity and winning mentality that not even a smidgen of bitterness remains


Putting right any wrongs and ensuring his side are in a significantly healthier position to challenge is the clear priority


"We all felt very confident we"d end up in the top two," he tells


"We"d beaten the teams around us comfortably


We"d beaten Wycombe 4-0, we"d beaten Rotherham, we"d beaten Oxford 4-0


To do that at that stage of the season filled us with a lot of confidence and belief


"I think we"ve just carried that on this season


We"ve learned to cope with certain set-backs and we"ll need to do that again


I think the recruitment was important because, of the 10 players that played against Portsmouth, 10 of them are still playing in the team at the moment, the only change is Jonson Clarke-Harris for Toney天下足球的片尾曲

我认为招募很重要,因为在与朴次茅斯对战的10名球员中,目前有10名仍在球队中比赛,唯一的变化是乔尼·克拉克·哈里斯(Tom Toney)天下足球的片尾曲

"They are enjoying their football and, even with the ones who haven"t been playing, there"s a real togetherness among them and a real good team spirit


Winning games brings confidence, belief and makes this easier


The players are fully aware it"s just the start and what I"ve been really impressed with is, even when we went to Oxford in the FA Cup and I made some changes, we had that mentality of just winning the game." With the way things are going on the pitch, it"s easy to see how a sense of unity is building in Cambridgeshire


Ahead of Saturday"s trip to Gresty Road to face Crewe, Peterborough sit three points clear of second-placed Ipswich and are on an eight-game unbeaten run in the league

彼得伯勒(Peterborough)在周六前往格雷斯蒂路(Gresty Road)面对克鲁(Crewe)之前,比第二名伊普斯维奇(Ipswich)落后3分,并且在联赛中八连败

Between October 3 and November 10 - a 39-day period - Ferguson"s men played 11 games in all competitions and didn"t lose a single one


Organisation, he says, is key to navigating this unique, truncated campaign


"It"s a big challenge


天下足球的片尾曲We have to be prepared and organised


We had a meeting before the big run of games in October and between myself and my staff, we"ve managed it well


The medical staff and sports science have to manage the players between games


天下足球的片尾曲We didn"t know at the start of October that we"d go on such a run, which has meant most of the players have played regularly


"We"ve done it very well and we"ve now got another busy schedule coming up - we"ve got nine games in 28 days, which is incredible


We"ve got one league game every four days


I"m looking for little triggers that players are fatigued, looking at the data


It"s all got to be done, even more carefully now


"This is a one-off season, I hope, and we have to keep reminding players to stick to the protocols


They are excellent at the training ground but we have to remind them not to go to other houses and seeing family members


It"s just a different world and we have to be super careful


"We used the Oxford game and the game in midweek [EFL Trophy fixture against Cambridge] as a rest for some of the players but the worry there is that you"ve broken that cycle and there might be a bit of rustiness during the first game back


"Not that I think there will be but I have to do it


I"ve got no choice because there"s no way I can ask them to play another nine games in 28 days


It"s impossible


I have to use the whole squad, which is why we recruited the squad we have


My job over the last few weeks has been managing the players who haven"t been playing


I have to make sure I keep them going


There are challenges to any season, but particularly this one." With the trajectory the club is on, there was no surprise when Peterborough co-owner Dr Jason Neale recently stated that Ferguson has "one of the safest jobs" in the cut-throat industry that is football management

任何一个赛季都面临着挑战,但尤其是这个赛季。”随着俱乐部的发展轨迹,当彼得伯勒的共同拥有者贾森·尼尔(Jason Neale)博士最近表示弗格森是“最安全的工作之一”时,毫不奇怪。足球管理行业

In January, the 48-year-old will reach the second anniversary of his third spell in charge at the Weston Homes Stadium

今年1月,这位48岁的老人将在韦斯顿故居体育馆(Weston Homes Stadium)掌管他的第三个咒语,以庆祝其成立二周年

It"s a compliment of the highest order, but one Ferguson isn"t getting too carried away with


It"s all about striking a balance


"If we lose five games on the bounce, we"ll see if they say it then!" he quips


"I"ve been in the game long enough to know there are ups and downs and you have to not get too excited when you are winning games and don"t get too down when you are losing them


"Every season you have a run of games where things don"t go great


I have a great relationship with the owners; I"ve got a fantastic relationship with Darragh and we"ve known each other for 14 years now


I have to say the club is in a really healthy position


We"re going to be going into a new stadium and the training ground is constantly getting improved, but we need to get in that Championship to really cap everything." Last season, Ferguson told how he "hadn"t managed in the Championship for long enough"


If Posh continue to build momentum at the rate they are currently, inside the next six months, he could be set for a return



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