皮埃尔·埃默里克·奥巴梅扬(Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang)的挣扎和潜在的编队变化-迈克·阿尔塔塔(Mikel Arteta)需要在阿森纳解决的五个问题

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篮球火球魁It"s been a long international break for Arsenal following their 3-0 humbling at the hands of Aston Villa


Despite recent improvements at the Emirates Stadium there are still plenty of questions for manager Mikel Arteta, but can he find the answers? Victory at Old Trafford just over two weeks ago was seen as a turning point for Arsenal, but they were brought crashing back down to earth with a bump after Villa"s comprehensive win at the Emirates Stadium

尽管酋长球场最近有所改善,但经理Mikel Arteta仍然有很多问题,但他能找到答案吗?两周前在老特拉福德的胜利被视为阿森纳的转折点,但是在维拉在阿联酋球场获得全面胜利之后,他们被撞倒在地

While the Gunners - up until Sunday - looked reassured at the back, up front they have massively struggled to find the correct balance and it"s hard to know where the goals are going to come from


They now travel to Leeds United on Super Sunday, live on Premier League and Main Event, and Arteta, who has admitted his side are a long way from the desired level, has plenty of problems to solve, but does he have the answers? Here we look at five questions facing the Gunners manager ahead of their trip to Elland Road..

他们现在在超级星期日前往利兹联,参加英超联赛和主赛事,而阿泰塔(Arteta)坦白说,与理想水平差距还很远,还需要解决很多问题,但是他有答案吗?在这里,我们来看枪手经理在前往Elland Road之前面临的五个问题。

Arteta: Arsenal a "long way" from desired levelGet | Get a NOW TV passLive football on Three or four at the back? There"s no doubt Arsenal have become a team that is much more difficult to beat under Arteta


The Gunners were crying out for structure and stability when he joined the club in December last year and the Spaniard has provided it as victories against Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United at the end of last season and the start of the current campaign have shown


篮球火球魁They now have a plan when it comes to facing the top sides in the Premier League


Before the 3-0 defeat to Villa the Gunners, who have now conceded 10 goals in the league, had the best defensive record in the Premier League and much of their success and solidity under Arteta has been down to the 3-4-3 formation he favours


However, their creativity has suffered


It has led to calls to a switch in formation in a bid to release Arsenal"s attacking talent, especially at the Emirates Stadium where they have suffered defeats to Leicester and Aston Villa in their last two Premier League fixtures


"I think it"s time for a back four," former captain Tony Adams said

前船长托尼·亚当斯(Tony Adams)说:“我认为现在是后排四辆的时候了。”

"I"ve been saying it since the start of the season


It wins you cup games, it doesn"t win you league titles


If he wants to build for the future


"They"ve got Gabriel now, get him a partnership


They"ve been unlucky at the start with [Rob] Holding going down but get them into a back four

一开始他们很倒霉,[Rob] Holding下跌了,但让他们进入了后四个

They look like they have a holding midfielder now who has got a bit of presence and build for the future." One beneficiary of any switch of formation would be Bukayo Saka

他们看起来像现在有一个稳定的中场球员,他有一些存在并为未来而努力。”任何形式转换的受益者将是Bukayo Saka

Currently being asked to play in a wing-back role in Arteta"s favoured 3-4-3 formation, the England international could put his creative talents to more use on the left side of a front three, just as he did in the second half of Arsenal"s 2-1 win over Sheffield United


The tactical switch to a back four worked wonders that day for the Gunners, who looked much more of a threat going forward, scoring two quickfire goals to beat the Blades, and it"s something Arteta is sure to have been looking at over the last two weeks


Arteta: We weren"t a team vs Villa, I take full responsibilityPremier League table | Fixtures | Live on SkyGet - All channels 72m club-record signing has divided plenty of opinions since his arrival from Lille in the summer of 2019

阿泰塔:我们不是球队对维拉,我承担全部责任。治具| Live on SkyGet-自2019年夏天从里尔(Lille)加盟以来,所有频道的7200万俱乐部纪录签约都引起了众多分歧

It"s fair to say Arteta remains unconvinced with the Ivory Coast international, who has started just once in the Premier League this season


However, when called upon in the Europa League, the 25-year-old has scored twice in three games and provided two assists, but Arteta has called for more consistency篮球火球魁


"It"s nothing to do with his attitude," Arteta said following Arsenal"s recent win over Dundalk in the Europa League


"He"s a player who takes risks, a very creative player - that"s the most difficult thing in football, when the opposition know what you can do, how much they want to prevent the space, and creating situations from that is complicated


"But sometimes it"s the simple things, the deliveries, the amount of situations he is able to create or attract and then make the right decision to keep evolving that phase of play


For example, the finishing, the position inside the box, he has to be more consistent at it


We"re working on it, and hopefully he will be doing it much more efficiently." However, the players in front of him aren"t performing


Alexandre Lacazette and Willian"s struggles are well documented, while Aubameyang is going through somewhat of a barren spell by his own standards

亚历山大·拉卡泽特(Alexandre Lacazette)和威利安(Willian)的挣扎有据可查,而奥巴梅扬(Aubameyang)按照他自己的标准正在经历一些荒芜的经历

Now might just be the right time for Arteta to let Pepe off the leash in the Premier League


Arsenal"s Pepe unhappy with lack of playing timeElneny isolating in Egypt after positive Covid test Time for Joe to shine? Another player pushing hard for inclusion is midfielder Joe Willock


The 21-year-old, who has drawn comparisons to former Gunners midfielder Aaron Ramsey, has been excellent in the Europa League so far this season, producing two man-of-the-match displays in the wins over Dundalk and Molde

这位21岁的球员曾与前枪手中场球员亚伦·拉姆齐(Aaron Ramsey)进行过比较,本赛季迄今为止在欧罗巴联赛中表现出色,在击败邓多克和莫尔德时赢得了两场比赛

Full of energy and running, Willock continually popped up in goal scoring positions in both games and he showed a calmness in front of goal too, scoring in both games


So, what more does he have to do to force his way into Arteta"s plans? "Keep doing what he"s doing consistently, and his chance will arrive," was Arteta"s response following his impressive showing against Molde, but it hasn"t yet led to any game time in the Premier League


However, he"s done all the right things when called upon and following Arsenal"s dismal showing against Villa, Willock, who offers Arsenal something very different from midfield, could be rewarded when the Premier League resumes



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