曼联VAR:Ole Gunnar Solskjaer承认大卫(David Coote)的决定

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitted Man Utd may have been "a tad lucky" as VAR played a major role in their 1-0 win over West Brom at Old Trafford

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer承认曼联可能是“有点幸运”,因为VAR在老特拉福德1-0战胜西布朗的比赛中发挥了重要作用

Referee David Coote overturned his own decision to award the visitors a penalty with the scores goalless after VAR official Peter Banks instructed him to view the pitchside review monitor

在VAR官员彼得·班克斯(Peter Banks)指示他查看沥青边坡检查显示器后,裁判大卫·库特(David Coote)推翻了自己的决定,以不加任何分数的方式判罚来访者

Minutes later, VAR was again involved to order a retake of Bruno Fernandes" saved spot-kick after it noticed Sam Johnstone had encroached off his line to keep it out

几分钟后,VAR再次发现它重获布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandes)的点球后,再次下令介入

Manchester United 1-0 West Brom - Match report and highlightsHow Man Utd and West Brom lined up | Match statsGet | Get a NOW TV passLive football on Solskjaer, referencing Aston Villa"s similarly overturned last-minute spot-kick in their 2-1 home defeat to Brighton earlier on Saturday, told BT Sport he thought both penalties should have been awarded

曼联1-0西布朗-比赛报道并重点介绍曼联和西布朗如何排队|比赛统计数据立即获得电视通行证,在周六早些时候阿斯顿维拉在2-1主场击败布莱顿的比赛中,同样被推翻的阿斯顿维拉在最后时刻的点球大战中获胜,他告诉BT Sport他认为应该同时判罚

He said: "I looked at the penalty this afternoon at Villa-Brighton, and there"s contact on the ball and the man


In my head, it might be a penalty, and there as well


"We"re a tad lucky maybe, but none of them are given so maybe the rules are different to how I interpret them


"Bruno wants to [take a retake] - we had the same with David (De Gea) earlier in the season when he"s an inch off the line


"It"s unfortunate for young Sam (Johnstone), he"s had a fantastic game again, but it was hard to beat him today and that was the only way we could do it." Solskjaer also defended the manner of Manchester United"s unconvincing performance against their bottom-three visitors, coming only days after most of his squad had returned from a hectic international break


"After the international break, we said it in the dressing room after, it"s difficult," he said


"We"ve not worked together, we"ve waited until this morning to get the prep for this game done, and that"s never easy when everyone"s been away for 10 days


"I"m delighted with the points, we know we can do better, but three points are three points, and we got a clean sheet


"There"s going to be ups and downs, inconsistencies, you see that in some results today as well人气最高的网页游戏


The league is not really settling; I saw Jose Mourinho saying one win moves you up, one defeat takes you closer to the bottom

联盟并没有真正安定下来。我看到穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)说,一场胜利使您上扬,一次失败使您更接近谷底

人气最高的网页游戏It"s very tight, it"s very early on, so points are more important than performances." Bilic: "Crucial decisions went against us" West Brom manager Slaven Bilic was left heartened by the performance of his players - but the Baggies have now won none of their opening nine games and remain inside the bottom three after another narrow defeat to a side with Champions League ambitions

人气最高的网页游戏这很紧,还很早,所以积分比表现更重要。” Bilic:“关键决定不利于我们”西布朗队主教练Slaven Bilic的球员表现令他感到振奋,但巴基队现在却一无所获他们开局的九场比赛并在冠军联赛雄心勃勃的一败涂地中继续保持在前三名之内

Reacting to losing out on the opportunity to go ahead from the spot because of Coote"s VAR decision, he told BT Sport: "I"m very disappointed with the decision

由于库特(Coote)的VAR决定,对于失去机会继续前进的想法做出了反应,他告诉BT Sport:“我对该决定感到非常失望

Throughout the whole second half, I felt like "small West Brom", all those crucial decisions went against us


"I"ve watched it a few times now, for me it"s a penalty on Conor Gallagher, it"s a clear penalty

“我已经看过几次了,对我来说,对康纳·加拉格尔(Conor Gallagher)是个惩罚,这显然是个惩罚

I don"t understand why he overturned it


In the new rules, it"s a handball, it"s a bit unlucky from Darnell (Furlong), but before that, it was a clear foul on Gallagher


"We are talking about instead of 1-0 for us, 1-0 for them and that makes, especially against Manchester United away, that"s a huge difference, crucial, game over


"We were in the game, we had some chances to score in the first half and the second half


We needed the goalkeeper, of course when you play against Man Utd away, you need him


"I told the guys, after the game, we are all very disappointed because we think we deserved something from the game, we deserved to go in front in the second half


I told them to stay positive and continue to play, fight and train like this and have a great atmosphere, and then we"re going to win games."



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