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When Brentford lost to Fulham in last season"s play-off final, it was not only a west London derby defeat in front of the eyes of the world but the ninth time the Bees had tried and failed in the end-of-season lottery


To compound their misery at a hauntingly empty Wembley Stadium, missing out on promotion in the richest game in football meant it was just a matter of time before prized assets Ollie Watkins and Said Benrahma - two thirds of the fabled "BMW" - would move on to pastures new in the Premier League

为了使他们在一个空无一人的温布利球场陷入困境,错过了在足球最富有的比赛中晋升的机会,这意味着珍贵的资产奥利·沃特金斯(Ollie Watkins)和赛义德·本拉玛(Said Benrahma)(寓言中的“宝马”的三分之二)继续前进只是时间问题前往英超联赛中的新牧场

There was a feeling that, with arguably their best squad in a generation, promotion had slipped through their fingers and another chance might not be as forthcoming


Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet There is no denying they are yet to hit top gear but, having chalked up 20 points from the opening 13 Sky Bet Championship fixtures, Thomas Frank"s team have, in fact, collected two more points than they did at the same stage last season

冠军赛器材|桌子|毋庸置疑,他们还没有达到顶峰,但是托马斯·弗兰克(Thomas Frank)的团队在开幕式的13个“天空赌注”锦标赛赛场上获得了20分,实际上比上赛季同期多获得了2分。

Nonetheless, Brentford captain Pontus Jansson has only one thing on his mind


"We know that because of how last season ended, how intense it was and with no pre-season and short rest [between games] as well, that the only thing we need to take care of is the gap between us and the top two teams," he tells


"With the experience that I have and some of the other players have in this league, we are so calm about it


At the moment it"s only a six-point gap and we have something like 250 games to play! "There are a lot of points to play for and so we"ve been calm about it the whole season

目前只有六分差距,我们还有250多种游戏可供玩! “有很多要争取的方面,所以我们整个赛季都对此保持冷静。

We are on a run and have started playing better football and the defensive solidity is back again, so we just need to build from that." A strong backline was one of the key factors in the club"s rise through the table to the top six last season; their tally of 38 goals conceded in 46 league games was bettered only by champions Leeds (35)


With the same personnel lining up in front of goalkeeper David Raya in September, there was, no doubt, disappointment when they shipped 11 in the opening eight

九月份,在门将大卫·拉亚(David Raya)面前排着同样的队伍的情况下,毫无疑问,他们在开幕式八场比赛中输了11场

With the hectic schedule giving them a chance to put things right quickly, they have now conceded just one goal in five games, with a clean sheet against Barnsley their third in succession


Things are starting to move in the right directionpsd免费素材下载


"It"s always nice to play games," the Swede continues


"From the first game, we just accepted it [the schedule] and tried not to talk about it too much instead of talking after games and complaining that we are tired


It"s the same for everyone


Instead, we have to do things to be ready for the next one that"s coming


Of course, it"s easier if you win and you play good because the results are key in the recovery part


Winning games is the best way of recovering


"I think that [not being able to train] has been the problem for the last six months


The only thing we are doing is playing games and the only time we have to train is during the international break, when we have eight or nine players away on international duty, which is a lot compared to other teams in this league


"When I was injured, I was back and we had around eight players in training


That"s always hard for Thomas and the staff to run a good training session when you only have eight players


The good thing is that there"s no international football until March, so we can focus on playing games and recovering." A stumbling block in the Bees" promotion challenge last term was their inability to seize upon West Brom"s late slip and sneak ahead of the Baggies and into the automatic promotion places


They stumbled to a 1-0 defeat in a cagey encounter at Stoke on July 18 when a win would have sent them second and a final day defeat to Barnsley sent them down the familiar play-off path


psd免费素材下载 Jansson is certain that experience will stand them in good stead should they finish in a similar position in May


psd免费素材下载"If you look back, the last two games of last season were very special


For the Stoke game, we had everything in our own hands and, on a normal day, we would come away with a point or maybe a win and then everyone would be talking about Brentford in the Premier League


That"s football


"Some of the younger players were actually quite honest after the games against Stoke and Barnsley, saying they couldn"t perform the way they wanted and I understand itpsd免费素材下载


That"s normal when you have a chance to go to the Premier League when you are only 19 or 20-years-old


If we end up in the same position, we have more experience and calmer heads


"I think everyone learned a lot last year


We have quite a young team but everyone is now one season older and I think it"s easier then to know what it"s about


I think everyone has that determination to go up this season


It"s a long way until that but hopefully we can make it a little bit easier for ourselves this season


I believe a lot in this team and we"re only going to get better." On Friday, Brentford will welcome fierce rivals QPR to the Brentford Community Stadium for the first west London derby since they left Griffin Park in July


This week"s news supporters will be permitted to attend events in stadiums in England when the national lockdown ends on December 2 means it is likely to be the last behind closed doors


As a player who thrives on crowd support, Jansson has taken unorthodox measures to prepare himself


"You play football for the fans


That"s how I am," he adds


"I"ve been a fan since I was a kid myself and I always go to games


I love the atmosphere


Now it"s starting to be normality to play football without fans and I don"t want it to be like that


"Even if it"s only 2,000 or 4,000, it"s going to be so nice to have fans back and that"s the first step to going back to a normal football life


I search on YouTube every day for football chants and atmosphere because I miss it so much! "When you prepare for the game, everyone around talks about it being a big derby but when there are no fans you don"t get that feeling

我每天都在YouTube上搜索足球歌声和气氛,因为我非常想念它! “当你为比赛做准备时,周围的人都在谈论这是一场大德比,但是当没有球迷的时候,你不会有那种感觉。

It"s a game where we"re competing for three points - like every other game - but it"s easier to prepare for a derby when there are fans because they make it more real for you


"We just have to accept it


We know it"s a derby and it"s going to be a great game."



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