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Liverpool defender and Scotland captain Andy Robertson has launched his own charity to give young people across the country an equal start in life through football-themed projects and provide opportunities to support socially-deprived and critically-ill children

利物浦的后卫和苏格兰队长安迪·罗伯逊(Andy Robertson)发起了自己的新浪塔罗牌在线占卜事业,通过以足球为主题的项目为全国各地的年轻人提供平等的生活起点,并提供了机会来帮助社会贫困和重病儿童

AR26 Charity, named after Robertson"s long-held shirt number from Dundee United, Hull City and Liverpool, will provide children with equal access to free football training, support and job opportunities to ensure children and young people starting out in life have an equal playing field, regardless of their gender, race or background


The 26-year-old Liverpool defender, who last week led Scotland to their first major tournament in 22 years, had been considering setting up his own charity with his partner Rachel for some time


Raheem Sterling launches charity foundationMata urges players to follow Rashford"s leadPremier League table | Fixtures | Live on SkyThe nationwide lockdown earlier this year gave the couple the time to be able to bring the idea to life, and they are now in a position to launch AR26 this weekend, starting with a 26-day countdown to Christmas that will bring some festive cheer to children and their families across Scotland at a time when they need it the most

拉希姆·斯特林(Raheem Sterling)创立新浪塔罗牌在线占卜基金会马塔(Mata)敦促球员们追随拉什福德的领先地位治具|今年早些时候在全国范围内的锁定使这对夫妇有时间将其付诸实践,现在他们可以在本周末推出AR26,从圣诞节倒计时26天开始,这将带来一些节日气氛。在最需要的时候为整个苏格兰的儿童及其家人欢呼

"Throughout my career, I have always tried to help support charities and good causes whenever I could, but I wanted to do more," he said


"There are many parts of my life that make me feel blessed and privileged, but without a doubt the most significant of all is the encouragement, help and support of a loving family, amazing friends and brilliant coaches


Without them - and without luck - my circumstances could have been so different


"It"s because of this that I am excited and honoured to be part of an incredible team launching a charity focused on helping young people in Scotland


AR26 will look to provide support and opportunities for those who, through no fault of their own, feel left behind and, in some cases, abandoned


"Opportunity should be a basic human right for everyone


To deny young people in Scotland equality of opportunity is to undermine our future


My own experiences have taught me that none of us can achieve anything on our own


We all need other people, we all need help, we all need support - and more than anything - we all need a chance." AR26 comprises of three pilot projects that aim to provide young people with a safe place to go and learn new skills, as well as providing once in a life-time experiences to seriously unwell children: Football for All: The AR26 Football Academy staff will provide children and young people across Scotland with free fun football sessions through community-run and afterschool lessons to help encourage them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.Hope for Youths: Helping provide young people with access to further education, training and job opportunities.Life Changing Experiences: Creating memories for sick children and their families through once in a life-time experiences.Robertson continued: "I am extremely proud to be Scottish because of the values our country is built on

我们大家都需要其他人,我们都需要帮助,我们都需要支持-最重要的是,我们都需要机会。” AR26包含三个试点项目,旨在为年轻人提供一个安全的学习新技能的地方,以及为一生中严重不适的孩子提供终生难忘的体验:全民足球:AR26足球学院的工作人员将通过社区运营和课后课程为苏格兰各地的儿童和年轻人提供免费的有趣的足球课,以鼓励他们引领人们健康,积极地生活。青年希望:帮助年轻人获得继续接受教育,培训和工作的机会。生活改变的经验:一生一次的经历为患病的儿童及其家人创造回忆。罗伯逊继续:“我为成为苏格兰人感到非常自豪,因为我们的国家立足于价值观

At our best, we are about solidarity, fighting for what"s right and looking after each other


AR26 has been set up based on those ideals - we want nothing more than to create a long-lasting positive impact on children and young people across Scotland


"There"s an amazing team here at AR26, and I hope many more will join us in our journey

“ AR26有一支很棒的团队,希望更多的人加入我们的旅程

By coming together, we can make a difference to those who need it the most - especially at this time of the year." For more information or to donate to AR26, please visit www.ar26.org.uk, or follow @AR26Charity on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

通过聚在一起,我们可以为最需要的人有所作为-特别是在每年的这个时候。”有关更多信息或向AR26捐款,请访问www.ar26.org.uk或关注@ AR26Charity Instagram,Twitter和Facebook


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