乔治·维纳达尔姆(Georginio Wijnaldum):于尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)称赞中场,并表示合同不确定性不影响表现

时间:2020-12-12 10:58:57

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp insists Georginio Wijnaldum"s ongoing contract issue has had no impact on their relationship, and he remains optimistic aboutthe midfielder"s future

利物浦主教练尤尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)坚持认为,维吉纳尔杜姆(Georginio Wijnaldum)的续约对他们的关系没有影响,他对中场的未来仍然保持乐观

The Holland international is out of contract next summer, which means he can begin negotiating with overseas clubs from January 1, and talks about extending his stay at Anfield have hit an impasse despite Klopp clearly wanting him to stay


Wijnaldum was heavily linked with Barcelona in the last transfer window but there will be plenty of other clubs interested in a player who has been a key part of Liverpool"s success over the last three years


He made his 201st appearance - only 28 of which were as a substitute - in just over four seasons in Wednesday"s Champions League defeat to Atalanta


"I cannot really say a lot about that


I would be happy if he would stay here金鳟


I am pretty happy with Gini as you can see when you look at most of the line-ups," said Klopp ahead of the trip to Brighton


"He played always good, that"s why he"s played the amount of games he has


I cannot remember a lot of bad games to be honest


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Long may it continue


"I don"t know how many games he"s played since I"ve been here, it"s good and there"s nothing else to say about it


"As long as nothing is decided everything is possible


I am positive." Last month Wijnaldum played down reports he was close to a summer exit to Barcelona, but added "we will see what happens" when his deal ends next summer


Klopp has been here before, of course, as he faced a similar situation with Emre Can in 2017/18

当然,克洛普以前也曾来过这里,因为他在2017/18赛季与埃姆雷·坎(Emre Can)面临着类似的情况

The Germany international made 38 appearances during that campaign but declined the offer of a new contract and left for Juventus on a free contract in the summer


Klopp"s experience of that means his opinion of Wijnaldum will not change


"It is no problem


We"ve had situations like this before - with Emre Can for example," he added

我们以前有过这样的情况-例如,以埃姆雷·坎(Emre Can)为例,”

"He played and he gave his absolute everything until the last day of his contract and Gini will do the same, no doubt about that


"No harm to our relationship forever


Gini is one of the best people I have ever met and he is one of the best players I"ve ever trained and he is an outstanding person so there is no issue, no issue at all


"We are professionals


金鳟Our relationship didn"t change at all over the years - it improved obviously


"We"ve won one or two things together, we know each other better


I"m interested in his life, he"s interested in my life, that is how it is, mine is not so spectacular really - but that is the truth."



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