詹姆斯·沃德·普劳斯(James Ward-Prowse)展示了他在南安普敦对阵曼联的比赛

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Edinson Cavani"s second-half super sub performance helped Manchester United pull off a stunning comeback win at Southampton

爱丁森·卡瓦尼(Edinson Cavani)下半场超级子表现帮助曼联在南安普敦取得令人惊叹的复出胜利

But before the Uruguayan"s cameo, James Ward-Prowse underlined his status as one of the Premier League"s top set-piece specialists

但是在乌拉圭客串之前,詹姆斯·沃德·普劳斯(James Ward-Prowse)强调了他作为英超顶级成套专家之一的地位

First there was the wonderfully whipped corner into United"s six-yard box, which made it oh so easy for Jan Bednarek to glance the ball past David de Gea


"His delivery is just so good," purred pundit Jimmy Floyd-Hasselbaink at half-time


"He does it game after game after game


His consistency is second to none." Then there was Ward-Prowse"s latest fantastic free-kick


He"s had six attempts and scored with three of them so far this term - a remarkable strike rate - and the latest bent over the United wall, sped towards the near corner, and was too forceful for De Gea to keep out with one hand

本学期到目前为止,他已经进行了6次尝试,并得分3次-极高的命中率-以及最近一次弯过曼联的弯道,向近角急转直下,对于De Gea来说太强大了,他无法伸出一只手

"The pace he gets on it, the accuracy, he"s certainly one of the best in Europe at the moment with that type of ability," said former United captain Roy Keane on

前美国队长罗伊·基恩(Roy Keane)在接受采访时说:“他的步伐,准确性,他无疑是目前欧洲此类能力中最好的之一。”

"From Southampton"s point of view it"s fantastic, it"s like giving away a penalty." From dead ball situations, few can match Ward-Prowse"s quality in the Premier League right now


超级玛丽游戏下载He"s scored nine direct free-kicks since his first appearance in the Premier League in the 2012/13 season and that"s more than any other player in that time, ahead of former Tottenham star Christian Eriksen and Manchester United"s Juan Mata


In terms of the all-time standings, David Beckham is now the only Englishman ahead of Ward-Prowse in Premier League history


Beckham scored 18 direct free-kicks, so there is still a long way to go for the Southampton 26-year-old - although he did pull level with Frank Lampard and Jamie Redknapp in the standings on Sunday


And when it comes to chance creation from these set-piece situations, Everton"s Gylfi Sigurdsson - who has fashioned 204 openings from free-kicks and corners - is the only man who tops Ward-Prowse (171, level with Eriksen) since 2012/13

而从这些固定情况创造机会的机会上,埃弗顿的吉尔菲·西古德森(Gylfi Sigurdsson)从2012/13赛季以来就成为唯一突破沃德·普劳斯(171,与埃里克森并列)的单身汉,他在任意球和角球处创造了204个空位。

Ultimately, Ward-Prowse"s double dead ball impact wasn"t enough for Southampton against Manchester United but his display at St Mary"s was another reminder of his excellence in these situations


Southampton 2-3 Man Utd - Match reportGet | Get a NOW TV passLive football on Jamie Redknapp"s verdict " Jamie Redknapp was a master from set-pieces himself during his playing days and earlier in November he explained why Ward-Prowse"s much-practised technique is so impressive "Fantastic technique

南安普敦2-3曼联-比赛报告立即获得电视通行证,了解杰米·雷德克纳普(Jamie Redknapp)的现场足球比赛:杰米·雷德克纳普(Jamie Redknapp)自己是比赛现场的大师级球员,而在11月初,他解释了为何沃德-普劳斯(Ward-Prowse)的多才多艺如此令人印象深刻。

He"s the best I"ve seen since David Beckham in terms of technique that he has


We see it all different ways, Cristiano Ronaldo goes straight onto the ball


James has that one where he gets onto the side, he wants to get his left foot out of the way and get that ball dipping as fast as he can超级玛丽游戏下载


"It"s a brilliant technique and you can see it"s one he"s worked on so much after training


Hours and hours and hours of practice


That"s why he"s had the success rate he has


超级玛丽游戏下载An amazing ability to get it up and down, dipping into the corner with so much pace."



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