Sky Bet锦标赛,本月的第一联赛和第二联赛进球

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Voting for Sky Bet Championship, League One and League Two Goals of the Month is open until Monday, December 14 at 3pm

投票参加Sky Bet冠军赛,本月的联赛一和联赛二的目标开放至12月14日星期一下午3点

Sky Bet ChampionshipLewis Cook - BOURNEMOUTH vs Reading - November 21 Pace, swerve, dip at the last moment, Cook"s shot from just outside the area had everything as it screamed right into the very top corner

Sky Bet Championship刘易斯·库克-伯恩摩斯vs雷丁-11月21日,步伐,转弯,倾角在最后一刻,库克从该区域外的射门立即传到了最高角

He knew it, too, judging by his cheeky smile


三元牛奶官网Bright Osayi-Samuel - QUEENS PARK RANGERS vs Rotherham United - November 24 A run for the ages as Osayi-Samuel played a one-two, skipped around his marker, danced his way into the area and mesmerised two Rotherham defenders before firing low into the net

三元牛奶官网Bright Osayi-Samuel-QUEENS PARK RANGERS VS Rotherham United-11月24日,Osayi-Samuel发挥了1-2岁的年龄,跳过了他的标志物,跳入该区域,并迷住了两个Rotherham防守者,然后向低处开火 净

Jed Wallace - MILLWALL vs Reading - November 25 Reading "keeper Rafael Cabral knew what was coming, but when a free-kick is struck with the curl, accuracy and raw power that Wallace generated here, prior knowledge has little use

杰德·华莱士(Jed Wallace)-米尔沃尔vs雷丁-11月25日,雷丁"门将拉斐尔·卡布拉尔(Rafael Cabral)知道发生了什么,但是当华莱士在这里产生的卷曲度,准确性和原始力量打击任意球时,先验知识几乎没有用

Head here to vote on Twitter! Sky Bet League One Dan Butler - Bristol Rovers vs PETERBOROUGH UNITED - November 3 As he took a pass near the angle of the penalty area, Butler considered his options

前往这里在Twitter上投票! 天空投注联盟一号丹·巴特勒-布里斯托·罗弗斯vs彼得堡大学-11月3日当他在禁区角附近通过时,巴特勒考虑了他的选择

The one he chose was to drive his left foot through the ball and send it arrowing into the far corner


Conor Grant - PLYMOUTH ARGYLE vs Swindon Town - November 3 What a way to return from self-isolation after testing positive for Covid-19

科纳·格兰特(Conor Grant)-普利默特·阿格莱(PLYMOUTH ARGYLE)vs斯温顿镇(Swindon Town)-11月3日在Covid-19测试呈阳性后,如何从自我隔离中恢复

On as a substitute, Grant showed that the time off had not dulled his ability to curl home a pinpoint free-kick


Grant Leadbitter - Doncaster Rovers vs SUNDERLAND - November 21 Most of Leadbitter"s 61 career goals have come from the penalty spot

格兰特·利德比特(Grant Leadbitter)-唐卡斯特·罗弗斯(Doncaster Rovers)对桑德兰(SUNDERLAND)-11月21日,利德比特(61)的职业生涯多数目标来自罚球点

Has he ever struck a shot as sweetly as this, a stunning piledriver that seemed to speed up on its way to the net? Head here to vote on Twitter! Sky Bet League Two Danny Rowe - Exeter City vs OLDHAM ATHLETIC - November 21 Rowe"s thunderous free-kick from 35 yards out might still have been rising and travelling now had the netting of the Exeter goal not intervened

他是否曾经有过如此甜蜜的投篮机会,一个惊人的打桩机,似乎在加速打入网中? 前往这里在Twitter上投票! Sky Bet League 2 Danny Rowe-埃克塞特城vs OLDHAM竞技-11月21日Rowe在35码外的雷霆任意球可能仍在上升,并且如果不干预埃克塞特球网,现在可以旅行

Certainly, no "keeper could have stopped it


Ash Hunter - SALFORD CITY vs Morecambe - November 24 When the ball was rolled back to him just outside the box, Hunter saw five Morecambe defenders in his way

Ash Hunter-萨尔福德城(SALFORD CITY)vs莫克姆比(Morecambe)-11月24日当球传到禁区外时,亨特看到了五名莫克姆的防守者

三元牛奶官网His solution? Lift a curling shot over them and dip it just under the bar

三元牛奶官网他的解决方案? 将卷曲的镜头抬到他们身上,然后将其浸入酒吧下

Cristian Montano - PORT VALE vs Leyton Orient - November 28 Galloping forward after collected a free-kick played square to him, Montano lengthened his stride, drove towards the Orient area and powered his right-foot shot into the top corner

克里斯蒂安·蒙塔诺(Cristian Montano)-维尔纽斯与莱顿·东方(11月28日)

Head here to vote on Twitter!



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