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Rainbow flags will be allowed in stadiums at the 2022 World Cup after Qatar said it would comply with FIFA rules promoting tolerance and inclusion at matches, despite the Arab country"s strict anti-LGBT+ laws

卡塔尔表示将遵守国际足联关于在比赛中容忍和包容的规定,尽管阿拉伯国家有严格的反LGBT +法律,但在2022年世界杯的体育场内,彩虹旗将被允许使用

With less than two years until the tournament, though, concerns persist about the treatment facing LGBT+ fans in Qatar due to the conservative religious code prohibiting same-sex relations that conflict with FIFA"s stance against homophobia

然而,距比赛还有不到两年的时间,由于保守的宗教法规禁止同性关系与国际足联反对同性恋恐惧症的立场相冲突,卡塔尔的LGBT +球迷面临的待遇仍然令人担忧

FIFA said it was determined to push Qatar on staging a tournament that is inclusive when the World Cup heads to the Middle East for the first time


"I want to play football again after Henderson"s message"Meet the Paralympians who fell in love during lockdown"Cultural shift needed for gay footballers to feel supported""I"m an openly gay woman in football, so this is personally, to me, something I"m close to as well", FIFA chief social responsibility and education officer Joyce Cook said

“我要在亨德森发出讯息后再次踢足球,”遇见在锁定期间坠入爱河的残奥会选手”,需要让同性恋足球运动员感到文化支持的文化转变”。 我也很接近”,国际足联首席社会责任和教育官乔伊斯·库克(Joyce Cook)说

葫芦娃真人版"We will see a progressive change in all of those aspects and rainbow flags, t-shirts will all be welcome in the stadium that"s a given


They understand very well that is our stance." Qatar"s World Cup leadership has offered FIFA the assurances that displays promoting LGBT+ rights will not be removed

他们非常了解,这是我们的立场。”卡塔尔世界杯的领导人已向国际足联保证,宣传LGBT +权利的展示不会被取消。

"When it comes to the rainbow flags in the stadiums, FIFA have their own guidelines, they have their rules and regulations," 2022 World Cup chief executive Nasser Al-Khater said

2022年世界杯首席执行官纳赛尔·哈特(Nasser Al-Khater)表示:“谈到体育场上的彩虹旗,国际足联有自己的指导方针和规定。”

"Whatever they may be, we will respect them." Ahead of the staging of the Club World Cup last year, Qatar brought a member of Liverpool"s LGBT+ supporters group - Kop Outs - and his husband to the country to offer assurances that LGBT+ fans will be welcome

“无论他们是什么,我们都会尊重他们。” 去年俱乐部世界杯前夕,卡塔尔将利物浦的LGBT +支持者小组成员Kop Outs和他的丈夫带到了该国,以保证将欢迎LGBT +球迷

"We have a country that"s conservative, however, we are a welcoming country," Al-Khater said from Doha葫芦娃真人版

多哈Al-Khater说:“我们有一个保守的国家,但我们是一个热情的国家。” 葫芦娃真人版

"We are open and welcoming hospitable


葫芦娃真人版We understand the difference in people"s cultures


We understand the difference in people"s beliefs and so I think, again, everybody will be welcome and everybody will be treated with respect


"Just like our culture is a culture of this world, we also expect people to respect our culture


I think there"s a balance and there"s a feeling that people will respect people from everywhere." Anti-discrimination activists want Qatar to go further by changing the laws


"What it doesn"t do is help the LGBT+ Qatari community," Chris Paouros said, a member of the FA"s Inclusion Advisory Board

英足总包容性咨询委员会成员克里斯·包罗斯(Chris Paouros)表示:“这无助于LGBT +卡塔尔社区的发展。”

"It"s great for us to be able to go and put our flags up in the stadium, and that"s wonderful during a World Cup


You want it to be the festival of football


葫芦娃真人版"But ultimately we do this work because we want to make sure that everybody can be free to be who they are and if you"re a Qatari and you"re not able to, then it just feels like window dressing." Pressure will be intensified on Qatar ahead of the World Cup opening in November 2022

葫芦娃真人版“但是最终我们进行这项工作是因为我们要确保每个人都可以自由地成为他们的身份,如果您是卡塔尔人却没有能力,那么这就像在穿窗户一样。” 2022年11月世界杯开幕前,卡塔尔的压力将加剧

"What I hope is ..


there"s an actual dialogue with the Qatari LGBT+ community and that they are not criminalised or denigrated and that actually we can make real lasting social change for Qataris," Paouros said, wearing a face mask featuring a rainbow flag and the crest of Premier League leaders Tottenham

与卡塔尔LGBT +社区进行了真正的对话,他们没有被定罪或轻描淡写,实际上我们可以为卡塔尔人做出真正持久的社会变革,”帕乌罗斯说,戴着戴着彩虹旗和英超领导人热刺队徽的口罩

Paouros is co-chair of Proud Lilywhites, a LGBT+ supporters" group for the London club

Paouros是Proud Lilywhites的联合主席,Proud Lilywhites是伦敦俱乐部的LGBT +支持者团体

Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris was among the captains to wear armbands with a rainbow flag on over the weekend as part of the Premier League"s Rainbow Laces campaign

作为英超联赛彩虹花边运动的一部分,热刺守门员雨果·洛里斯(Hugo Lloris)是上周末佩戴带彩虹旗的臂章的队长之一

is a member of TeamPride which supports Stonewall"s Rainbow Laces campaign

是TeamPride的成员,该团队支持Stonewall的Rainbow Laces活动

If you"d like to help inspire others in sport by sharing your own story of being LGBT+ or an ally, please contact us here

如果您想通过分享自己成为LGBT +或同盟的故事来帮助激发他人的运动兴趣,请在此处与我们联系


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