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Millwall players had a discussion in the changing room before Tuesday night"s game against QPR where they agreed as a group that no one would take the knee prior to kick-off


A source inside the changing room has told News that - while the squad had been told of the club"s plans for a different show of solidarity - they are adamant there was no coercion from the club"s bosses, and that it was left to the players to make their own choice about whether to take a knee or not

更衣室内的一位消息人士告诉《新闻报》-尽管该队已被告知俱乐部计划进行另一次团结演出,但他们坚持认为俱乐部老板没有施加任何强制性,而是由球员自己决定。 他们自己是否要膝盖的选择

It has become part of matchday protocol for each team to inform the referee in the build-up to a game, whether they plan to take a knee


Millwall fans applaud as team stands while QPR take knee"Millwall feel arm-link stance right, we must support that"FA investigating crowd incidents at Millwall, ColchesterIt suggests a clear change of heart from earlier in the day, when News had been told most of the Millwall squad were planning to still take the knee

当QPR屈膝的时候,米尔沃尔的球迷为球队站立而鼓掌。米尔沃尔对手臂的立场表示正确,我们必须支持FA对科尔切斯特米尔沃尔的人群事件进行调查。这表明从当天早些时候开始,当新闻被告知 米尔沃尔(Millwall)球队打算仍然屈膝

Instead, after linking arms with the opposition and displaying an equality banner, the whole Millwall squad remained standing while Marlon Romeo raised his fist in a salute to black power


The whole QPR squad and match officials took a knee - but unlike before Saturday"s game against Derby - there was only applause from the home crowd rather than boos


Millwall are now planning to continue with their own campaign against racism and inequality before games, and will ask each opposing team to join them in linking arms and displaying an anti-racism banner


Millwall fans applaud as team stands while QPR take kneeMillwall fans applauded as their players remained standing and QPR players took a knee ahead of their Championship fixture at The Den on Tuesday night

米尔沃尔(Millwall)球迷为球队站立而鼓掌而QPR屈膝而米尔沃尔(Millwall)球迷为他们的球员保持站立而鼓掌,而QPR球员则在周二晚上在The Den的冠军赛前屈膝

In contrast to Saturday"s game against Derby, there were no boos heard as QPR players and match officials took a knee


Millwall"s Mahlon Romeo raised his fist but no players from the home side opted to take a knee

米尔沃尔的马隆·罗密欧(Mahlon Romeo)举起拳头,但本侧没有球员选择屈膝

Both sets of players also linked arms and held aloft a banner which said "Inequality" with the "In" crossed out, as a show of solidarity against racism and other social injustices


nba文字直播吧 Bhandari pleased with Millwall supportMillwall also wore Kick It Out"s logo on their matchday shirts in place of one of their main sponsors and Bhandari was pleased with the support shown by the Championship club

nba文字直播吧Bhandari对Millwall的支持感到满意Millwall在比赛日的球衣上也戴了Kick It Out的徽标,代替了主要赞助商之一,Bhandari对冠军俱乐部的支持感到满意

"Probably like the rest of the world we were all holding our breath and hoping that the fans would respect what was going on, on the pitch," he said


"I was pleased to see that there was applause and cheers


Ultimately what do we want to create with this? We want to create unity and cohesion

最终,我们要用它创建什么? 我们要创造团结与凝聚力

"It may be a different message to what other clubs are using, it may be different to taking the knee, but ultimately they"ve got all the club behind it


They"ve got the fans and the players, and it was really important that the players were part of this


"What we wanted to create was the ability for the players to protest in a way in which they felt comfortable and free from the risk of sanction." Bhandari added: "QPR haven"t been taking the knee but decided to last night

“我们想要创造的是让球员以一种使他们感到舒适并且不受制裁风险的方式进行抗议的能力。” Bhandari补充说:“ QPR尚未屈膝,但决定昨晚

That"s a free choice


What I would rather us focus on is, this created some cohesion and unity and that"s actually what we"re after." nba文字直播吧

我希望我们关注的是,这创造了一些凝聚力和统一性,而这实际上正是我们所追求的。” nba文字直播吧


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