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Watford moved back into the play-off positions thanks to a 2-0 victory at home to Rotherham which featured Christian Kabasele"s first goal in three years

沃特福德由于在主场2-0击败罗瑟勒姆的情况下重回季后赛位置,克里斯蒂安·卡巴塞尔(Christian Kabasele)三年来首个进球

Troy Deeney added to the centre-back"s early opener to lift the Hornets up to third place

特洛伊·迪尼(Troy Deeney)加入了中后卫的早期揭幕战,将黄蜂队提升至第三名

Rotherham, who were much improved in the second half after a lacklustre opening 45 minutes, remain two points off the drop zone联众游戏马

罗瑟勒姆(Rotherham)在开场45分钟后表现欠佳,下半场得到了很大的改善,但距离下降区还有2分 联众游戏马

Watford required just four minutes to take the lead


Rotherham goalkeeper Jamal Blackman had made a good block to deny Stipe Perica but the Millers could not cope with the corner

罗瑟勒姆的门将贾马尔·布莱克曼(Jamal Blackman)做出了很好的阻击,否认了佩蒂卡·佩里卡(Stipe Perica),但米勒斯无法应付这个角落

Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet Deeney flicked on Ken Sema"s delivery and centre-back Kabasele stuck out a long leg to net from five yards

冠军赛器材| 桌子| 让Deeney轻拍Ken Sema的投篮动作,中后卫Kabasele在5码外的长距离球网命中

It took a further 11 minutes for the Hornets to double their lead from even closer range, with Millers defender Wes Harding providing an unwitting assist by slicing Kiko Femenia"s cross towards his own goal


The ball would have dropped the other side of Blackman"s left-hand post but Deeney had anticipated and pounced from two yards for his second goal of the season


Tom Cleverley fired two chances from the edge of the box over the Rotherham bar before Ben Wiles appeared to trip Ismaila Sarr in the box but the Watford man had already been flagged for offside

汤姆•克利弗利(Tom Cleverley)在本·威尔斯(Ben Wiles)出现在箱子内绊倒伊斯梅拉·萨尔(Ismaila Sarr)的情况下,从罗瑟勒姆酒吧的箱子边缘开了两次机会,但沃特福德男子已被标记越位

Paul Warne"s visitors were struggling to create anything meaningful at the other end but Blackman was able to claim Jeremy Ngakia"s cross after Watford unhinged their defence down the right flank and Kabasele could not hit the target with a header from Cleverley"s free-kick

保罗·沃恩(Paul Warne)的访客竭尽全力在另一端创造有意义的东西,但在沃特福德取消右路后防线的防守,而卡巴斯勒(Kabasele)未能利用克雷弗利(任意球)的头球击中目标后,布莱克曼(Blackman)可以要求杰里米·恩加基亚(Jeremy Ngakia)的十字架

Watford"s next attack wasn"t long in coming as Sema sprinted into space on the left but Angus MacDonald was in the way of Deeney"s shot and Nathaniel Chalobah fired the rebound wide

沃特福德的下一次进攻很快就结束了,因为塞马(Sema)冲向左边进入太空,但安格斯·麦克唐纳(Angus MacDonald)挡住了德尼(Deeney)的射门,纳撒尼尔(Nathaniel Chalobah)抢到篮板

Michael Ihiekwe did well to stop Sarr setting Perica up for the third but the half-time whistle must have come as a relief for the over-worked Millers defence

迈克尔·伊希奎(Michael Ihiekwe)出色地阻止了萨尔(Sarr)将佩里卡(Perica)排在第三位,但是半场哨声一定可以缓解米勒斯(Millers)防守过度

Rotherham replaced Jamie Lindsay with Matt Olosunde during the break and immediately looked more dangerous, with Kyle Vassell forcing Ben Foster into what was to be his only save of the evening with an angled drive

休息期间,罗瑟勒姆(Rotherham)用马特·奥洛桑德(Matt Olosunde)替换了杰米·林赛(Jamie Lindsay),立即看上去更加危险,凯尔·瓦塞尔(Kyle Vassell)迫使本·福斯特(Ben Foster)弯腰驶向他今晚唯一的救球

联众游戏马Kabasele was in the way of Michael Smith"s shot after Cleverley had been robbed of possession by Matt Crooks and within a minute MacDonald had headed narrowly wide from Daniel Barlaser"s free-kick

联众游戏马在Cleverley被Matt Crooks抢回财产之后,Kabasele阻碍了Michael Smith的射门,而在一分钟之内,MacDonald从Daniel Barlaser的任意球险些领先

The speedy Sarr was the only Watford man causing problems at the other end and Billy Jones was booked for fouling him and immediately subbed

迅速的萨尔(Sarr)是唯一在另一端造成问题的沃特福德人,比利·琼斯(Billy Jones)被判犯规,并立即被制服

Crooks fired over as Rotherham searched once more for a way back into the game and Perica could have ended the contest in the 84th minute but shot across goal and wide from Sarr"s pass


What the managers said...Watford"s Vladimir Ivic: "We need to be serious from the first to the last minute


We spoke during half-time and asked them to start the second half like the first one


Why we started the second half like that is a big question


We need to be able to play for 95, 97, 98 minutes


If you just want to play for 65 minutes we have players on the bench


"We need to speak and we need to work


We need to speak for a lot of time every day


I understand that sometimes players relax but I am not someone who likes that联众游戏马

我知道有时候玩家会放松,但我不是一个喜欢的人 联众游戏马

But I don"t speak against them


We are happy with three points and I am happy with our performance in the first 45 minutes


We created a lot of chances and we need to continue that and use it in the next games." Rotherham"s Paul Warne: "Maybe we showed them a little too much respect

我们创造了很多机会,我们需要继续创造机会,并在接下来的比赛中使用它。”罗瑟勒姆(Rotherham)的保罗·沃恩(Paul Warne):“也许我们向他们展示了太多的尊重

We changed our system but it was more about encouraging them to be a bit braver


Our wing-backs pressed higher up the pitch, which allowed us to cause them more problems


联众游戏马But for them to score so early, one from a set-piece and then a mistake, probably winded our lads" confidence a little bit


"We were playing 3-5-2 but then we went into a 4-5-1 because we were getting murdered down our left side


Both our left-backs are out with long-term injuries so I"ve got a centre mid playing left-back, bless him


They had pace all over the pitch so we had to change our system


The players went out and performed really well in the second half so I couldn"t be prouder."



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