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Hojbjerg at the heart of Spurs" success under Mourinho Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg must be one of the first names on the teamsheet for Jose Mourinho right now


The Spurs midfielder encapsulates just what the manager wants from his team - and against Arsenal on Sunday his commitment and class were key elements in another north London derby triumph


Hojbjerg covered the most ground of any Spurs player - no surprise given he was thundering a shot at Bernd Leno or driving a dribble into the Arsenal box one moment and then back making interceptions or clearing from inside his own area the next边峰游戏下载

Hojbjerg覆盖了马刺队中任何球员的最大优势,这并不奇怪,因为他在对Bernd Leno的投篮中打出一记雷霆,或者一瞬间将球运入Arsenal禁区,然后在下一次回到自己的区域内进行拦截或清理 边峰游戏下载

Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal - Report and free match highlightsGet | Get a NOW TV day pass Live football on Gary Neville podcast: What now for Tottenham and Arsenal?With the ball at his feet Hojbjerg was precise - no Spurs starter topped his 79.5 per cent passing accuracy

托特纳姆热刺2-0阿森纳-报告和免费比赛精选 立即获得电视直播通行证加里·内维尔播客直播足球:热刺和阿森纳现在要做什么?霍伊比约的脚步非常精准,马刺首发球员的传球准确率最高,达到79.5%

Without it he was relentless in his pressing and energy


If this Spurs side are a blend of the brilliant, high-speed attacking movements of Kane and Son, and the backs-to-the-walls defence marshalled by Toby Alderweireld, Hojbjerg is the engine room in between making it all work together so impressively.Peter Smith What now for Arsenal"s toothless attack? Arsenal had 70 per cent of the ball against Tottenham

如果马刺这边融合了凯恩和儿子出色的高速进攻动作以及托比·奥尔德韦雷德(Toby Alderweireld)精心策划的背对墙防守,霍伊比约格就是两者之间的引擎室 彼得·史密斯(Peter Smith)现在如何应对阿森纳的无牙进攻? 阿森纳对托特纳姆热刺的球占70%

They were camped in their rivals" half for most of the derby


Yet they failed to fashion any real clear-cut chance


Arsenal"s inability in attack right now is alarming - and so costly


Against Tottenham there were 44 crosses lobbed in towards forwards who have no history of being strong in the air


边峰游戏下载Alexandre Lacazette was deployed behind Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, yet the latter looked just as isolated as he has been since his shift to centre forward

边峰游戏下载亚历山大·拉卡泽特(Alexandre Lacazette)被部署在皮埃尔·埃默里克·奥巴梅扬(Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang)的身后,但后者看起来像他从转移到中锋位置以来一样孤立

Premier League table | Top scorers | Fixtures | ResultsDecember PL picks: All the games on SkyDownload the Scores App: Apple | AndroidThe UK"s No 1 scores app: Find out moreThe calls for Mesut Ozil might have started out as tongue-in-cheek but it is now almost ridiculous Arsenal have him sat at home and unavailable when their current alternatives can"t find the decisive pass

英超联赛表| 最佳射手| 治具| 结果12月PL精选:Sky上的所有游戏下载Scores应用程序:Apple | 英国排名第一的应用程序:了解更多关于Mesut Ozil的呼吁可能始于嘲讽,但现在荒谬的是阿森纳让他坐在家里,当他们目前的替代方案找不到决定性的通行证时无法使用

There have been just two goals in their last seven Premier League games and only one of those was from open play


Jose Mourinho knew there was no threat and was happy sit back

穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)知道没有威胁,很高兴坐下来

Mikel Arteta"s team simply have no fear factor with their toothless attack right now.Peter Smith A special Anfield night as Liverpool march on Anfield doesn"t need much encouragement when it comes to special nights! However, despite only 2,000 lucky fans being inside the ground, it was another of those special occasions as Liverpool emphatically swept aside Wolves to move back level on points with Spurs

Mikel Arteta的团队现在没有打断牙齿的恐惧,不必担心。彼得·史密斯利物浦在安菲尔德进行特殊的夜晚,在特殊的夜晚不需要太多的鼓励! 然而,尽管只有2000名幸运的球迷在场,但那是又一次特殊的场合,利物浦着重将狼队甩在身后,将马刺队的得分提高到了一个水平。

"Wasn"t it the perfect night?" Jurgen Klopp said after the game

“这不是一个完美的夜晚吗?” 于尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)赛后说

"Imagine 10 months ago people would have told us we would have a game and 2,000 people would turn up


When we came out, we all had goosebumps


I had no idea how it would feel


It was perfect


The game, the atmosphere, it was so nice


I had goosebumps


They started "You"ll Never Walk Alone" - really nice


I never knew it could feel that good


The noise, what the people did, they were on their toes you could see and feel and smell


They had waited so long for it." Liverpool 4-0 Wolves - Match report and highlights From the moment You"ll Never Walk Alone rang round Anfield for the first time since before the Reds were crowned Premier League champions in July, you could sense something in the air

他们已经为此等待了很长时间。”利物浦4-0狼队-比赛报道和要点从七月红军获得英超冠军以来,您永远不会独自走过安菲尔德的那一刻起,您就可以感觉到 空气中的东西

And, after a big win, it all ended in familiar fashion with Klopp punching the air in celebration with the returning Liverpool fans


Liverpool haven"t needed much help at Anfield in recent months - they have won now won 31 of their last 32 home league games (D1), scoring 93 goals while conceding just 25 in this time


They are unbeaten at home in 65 league games and with the fans back, they will take some stopping.Oliver Yew Super Zaha shows his value It was a sensational return to the Crystal Palace XI for Zaha, who certainly had some energy to burn off after two weeks in self-isolation

他们在主场65场联赛中保持不败,球迷们回来了,他们会停下来。奥利夫·尤尤·超级扎哈(Oliver Yew Super Zaha)展示了他的价值对于扎哈来说,这是一次激动人心的重返水晶宫XI,在扎哈之后肯定有一些能量可以燃烧掉 两周的自我隔离

It is also no surprise that Crystal Palace won after going two games without their talisman, who is really starting to click with Eberechi Eze up front边峰游戏下载

同样令人惊讶的是,水晶宫在没有护身符的情况下进行了两场比赛后获胜,而护身符真的开始与Eberechi Eze争锋 边峰游戏下载

West Brom 1-5 Crystal Palace - Report and free match highlightsZaha flashed the warning signs early on, and claimed an assist for the opening goal which was poked home by Darnell Furlong

西布朗1-5水晶宫-报道和自由比赛要点扎哈很早就闪过警告标志,并要求协助达内尔·弗隆(Darnell Furlong)闯关的开幕球

There was then his own two strikes in the second half - the first was wonderfully taken and the second demonstrated why you need to be in the right place at the right time as he tapped home after some sensational work from Eze


It appears that Zaha is finding his form this season too, having now scored seven goals in nine Premier League games


His previous seven goals came over a period of 49 appearances, with a much-needed purple patch clearly emerging for the winger as Crystal Palace aim to build on last season


After the game, manager Roy Hodgson told : "I thought he was really, really good

赛后,经纪人罗伊·霍奇森(Roy Hodgson)说道:“我认为他真的非常非常

I apologised for not giving him the chance to get his hat-trick, which he was a little bit disappointed with, but I"m pleased he"s disappointed with that


I would have been less pleased if he said he wanted to come off so I"m pleased he wanted the hat-trick


"He scored two very good goals and was assisted on his second goal by some amazing play from Eze, who I thought had his best game in a Palace shirt for us so far." They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and Zaha certainly showed how valuable he is for Crystal Palace after a few weeks out

“他打进了两个非常好的进球,而埃兹(Eze)的出色表现为他的第二个进球助了一臂之力,我认为迄今为止他在皇宫球衣上的表现最为出色。” 他们说,缺席会使人变得心碎,扎哈(Zaha)肯定在出了几个礼拜后证明了自己对水晶宫的价值

Every transfer window, the club"s biggest task is to keep hold of Zaha and if he keeps playing as he did on Sunday, that could be even harder than ever come January.Charlotte Marsh Is it just one of those seasons for Sheffield United? Relegating a team in December is of course very premature

在每个转会窗口中,俱乐部的最大任务是保持扎哈,如果他继续像周日那样打球,那将比一月来更加困难。夏洛特·马什(Charlotte Marsh)这仅仅是谢菲尔德联队的其中一个赛季吗? 在十二月降级球队当然是不成熟的

There are points to play for


Miracles can happen


However, if you were writing a narrative to define what a relegation season looks like, then your first port of call would be to watch Sheffield United


Fresh from somehow failing to score at West Brom and creating an expected goal figure of 3.34 in the 1-0 defeat, the Blades slipped to another defeat this time at the hands of Jamie Vardy

刚从未能在西布朗(West Brom)得分失败并在1-0失利中创造了预期的目标人物3.34的角度来看,刀片队这次在杰米·瓦迪(Jamie Vardy)的手中滑向另一个失利

The xG figure was nowhere near the same but the heartbreak levels were


Sheffield United 1-2 Leicester - Report and free match highlightsChris Wilder"s side have made the worst ever start to a Premier League season and remain rooted to the bottom of the table with only one point from 11 matches


Even someone of Wilder"s ilk is going to struggle to turn this one around


The sight of Sheffield Wednesday fan Jamie Vardy wheeling away celebrating a last-minute winner at Bramall Lane will have intensified the misery for all concerned with the club watching from home

谢菲尔德周三的球迷杰米·瓦迪(Jamie Vardy)转眼庆祝在布拉莫里(Bramall Lane)的最后一刻获胜者的景象,将加剧所有与俱乐部在家看球有关的人们的痛苦

He"d hardly a kick for the previous 89 minutes - apart from smashing an effort against a post - but was ready for action when Maddison, who took advantage of a basic error from John Fleck, slotted him through on goal

在过去的89分钟里,他几乎没有踢脚步,除了在杆位上做出巨大的努力外,还准备采取行动,因为利用约翰·弗莱克(John Fleck)的一个基本失误的麦迪逊将他踢进了进球

"There"s no one to blame but ourselves," said Wilder


It was hard to argue.Lewis Jones



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