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As a central figure behind Accrington"s rise from the Northern Premier League to Sky Bet League One across the last two decades, John Coleman had no doubt experienced, dealt with and come through a multitude of football"s trickiest situations梅州游戏

在过去的二十年中,作为Accrington从北部英超联赛升至Sky Bet League One背后的核心人物,John Coleman无疑经历了很多足球最棘手的情况,进行了处理和应对 梅州游戏

But, two months ago, there was a new one to add to the list


On October 22, the club announced that, due to eight players and staff having contracted coronavirus, the clash with Bristol Rovers would be postponed


Five days later, that figure had increased to 19 and three more matches were called off


"It was really difficult and it came on us all of a sudden," Coleman tells


"We lost 17 players in a week and I made the decision quite early to shut the club down for two weeks


"We all had to isolate and when it was time to get the players back in, it was difficult because we came back to play in the FA Cup with only two days of preparation after being off for 14 days


A lot of the lads had been quite sick and a couple of them were in bed for six or seven days


"We tried to give them individual programmes via Zoom, but a lot of them weren"t well enough to participate


We couldn"t be prepared for it, we just had to get on with it as best we could and thankfully we"ve got good staff here who are attentive


The players all bought into what they could do, when they could do it." With Stanley on the cusp of the play-off places after four wins from their opening seven, the momentum they had generated was, understandably, under threat and they were ousted from the FA Cup first round by League Two side Tranmere when they returned to action on November 7

当斯坦利在开场七战四胜之后,斯坦利就进入了季后赛的风口浪尖,可以理解,他们所产生的动力正处于威胁之中,并且 当他们11月7日恢复行动时,由联赛第二侧特兰米尔从足总杯首轮淘汰

Any fears were soon proved unfounded, as Coleman"s side took 10 points from the 12 on offer in November and did so without conceding a single goal


Having shipped the fifth-highest amount of goals in the league last season, the defensive aspect alone was noteworthy


League One table | Fixtures | HighlightsGet "We have got a good set of lads who are working hard for the team and a great set of staff here who are very conscientious," he adds "I think a lot of the time people think we do well just because of our spirit, but the staff work ever so hard in preparing for all the games and that shouldn"t go unnoticed

联赛一桌| 治具| 他补充说:“我们有一群为团队而努力的小伙子,还有一群非常尽职的员工,”他补充说:“我认为很多时候人们认为我们做得很好只是因为我们的精神 ,但是工作人员为准备所有比赛而付出了如此艰苦的努力,这不应该被忽视

They"ve been doing that for years and it"s come to the forefront more when we"ve needed those fine margins


"It was good to have our defence come out on top in some difficult battles but we"re striving to be better


We want to score more goals and have more possession of the ball and we"re working hard at that but we still think we"re a work in progress


"It [improving defensively] was something that we discussed among the staff and it was very much in the forefront of our minds for recruitment as well


But you"ve got to improve all over the park and conceding goals doesn"t always equate to having a better defence


"You attack as a team and defend as a team and if you can keep the ball at the other end, you can handle the ball better and have less defending to do


It"s very much a team approach." In a separate interview with earlier this year, Coleman made the bold claim that Accrington had "one more promotion in us, believe it or not"


And now, having seen a club of similar stature in Wycombe achieve the unachievable and reach the Championship for the first time in their history last season, the longest-serving manager in the third tier has fresh impetus


Sky Bet EFL November award winners named"We spoke about that to the players on the first day of pre-season," he continues

他继续说“ Sky Bet EFL 11月”奖项的获奖者“我们在季前赛第一天向球员们谈到了这一点”。

"What we are trying to get over to our lads is that a couple of years ago we were fancied for relegation and we won League Two, quite comfortably in the end


The three teams who went up with us, Luton, Wycombe and Coventry, are all in the Championship


"We finished above all of them and they haven"t had that great a turnover in players so there"s no reason we can"t replicate them as well." Ahead of Saturday"s visit of Wigan to the Wham Stadium, Accrington sit seventh in the League One table, a point outside the play-off places, six behind the top two and with three games in hand over several of their competitors

“我们完成了所有这些比赛,他们在球员方面的营业额还没有那么大,所以没有理由我们也不能复制他们。” 在上周六威根(Wigan)参观Wham体育场之前,阿克灵顿(Acrington)在联赛第1桌排名第7,在附加赛之外排名第6,在前两名之后落后第六名,并且交出了三场比赛

With his years of experience, though, Coleman knows this story is far from told


"We always try and do our best because we"ve been underdogs for years," he says


"People think games in hand equate to points and that always makes me smile


That"s not the case


A lot of the time, games in hands can just damage your goal difference


"We"re weren"t the only club who"ve been involved in this Covid situation, though we probably got hit the hardest and I think it might take its toll on us towards the end of the season when we"re playing catch-up on the games

“我们并不是唯一一个参与过这种Covid情况的俱乐部,尽管我们可能受到的打击最大,而且我认为到本赛季结束时我们在追赶比赛中可能会给我们带来损失, 在游戏上

"We just take each game as we play it and we"re not bothered if we"ve got games in hand or if teams have got games in hand over us, we just want to put as many points on the board as we can


"A lot of new players have come in and they are still getting to know each other but we"ve played 13 games so we"re only a quarter of the way through


We"re still learning each other"s ways but we"re certainly striving to get better."



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