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Steve Bruce has revealed two Newcastle players are "not well at all" after contracting coronavirus and warned the disease is not to be underestimated

史蒂夫·布鲁斯(Steve Bruce)在感染冠状病毒后透露了两名纽卡斯尔球员“状况不佳”,并警告不要低估这种疾病

Bruce was taken aback by how quickly the virus swept through the club earlier this month, leading to a closure of their training ground for more than a week and the postponement of their match against Aston Villa on December 4


足球防守技巧Defender Federico Fernandez was one of a number of players infected but he is in contention to face Leeds on Wednesday night after his latest negative test and Bruce is hopeful Newcastle are through the worst of the crisis

足球防守技巧捍卫者费德里科·费尔南德斯(Federico Fernandez)是众多被感染球员之一,但他在与利兹队的最新负面测试后周三晚上将面对利兹。

Newcastle focus - takeover, January and morePL predictions: Wolves to leave Chelsea feeling blue?Quick-fire Almiron, sub Gayle see Newcastle edge West BromHe once again refused to reveal the identities of the players still dealing with the effects of the virus but admitted his worries for them and two members of his backroom staff, who also remain ill

纽卡斯尔的焦点-接管,一月及更多球员的预测:狼队离开切尔西感到沮丧吗? 让他们和他的两名幕后工作人员感到不安,他们也仍然生病

"One (of the players who had coronavirus) is back - that"s Fernandez," Bruce said


"He"s tested negative and I can say that because he himself revealed that he"s had the virus


But he"s OK now


"(Players and staff have had) had three negative tests in the past six days so it does look as if we"ve overcome it


But we"ve got two players in particular who are not well at all and two members of staff who are still poorly


"We"re relieved that nobody else has got it but we"re also concerned about the members of staff and two players who it"s having a bad effect on


"If you ever underestimated this thing then don"t, because you"re talking about elite professionals here and the way it got a hold of everybody was quite scary stuff


"For everybody out there, for goodness" sake stay safe


I know it"s Christmas but after what we"ve just witnessed then you"ve got to be careful." Ryan Fraser is also available for the trip to Elland Road, having been absent since the start of last month because of a hamstring injury while Bruce anticipates making changes to the side that defeated West Brom at the weekend

我知道是圣诞节,但是经过我们的亲历之后,您必须要小心。”瑞安·弗雷泽(Ryan Fraser)也可以去艾兰道(Elland Road)旅行,自上个月初以来因为布鲁斯ham绳肌受伤而缺席 预计将在周末改变击败西布朗的球队

足球防守技巧Having welcomed back a number of individuals who had recovered from coronavirus on Saturday afternoon, Bruce is keen to inspect their levels of fitness ahead of a busy festive period


"The one thing I"m looking at is the three or four who played on Saturday, how it"s left them," Bruce added


"The big things we"re seeing is probably fatigue more than anything else


We"ll see how we are again but with that in mind I"m probably going to change two or three, just for the after-effects and the games coming up."



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