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Pep Guardiola admits Manchester City’s need to find more goals is a new challenge he has not faced during his time at the club

瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)承认曼城需要寻找更多进球是他在俱乐部期间从未面临的新挑战

Despite dominating for the majority of Tuesday"s night"s game against strugglers West Bromwich Albion, City had to settle for a draw at the Etihad


The result cast further doubts over the side"s prowess in front of goal with City only seeing a measly return of 18 from their first 12 Premier League games


It is in marked contrast to their previous three campaigns where they recorded 40, 36 and 35 at the same stage of the season


Hits and misses: Where are City hallmarks?Fans frustrated as Manchester stays in Tier 3England"s Bronze best player in the world - officialAnd when asked if the current situation is a new one, Guardiola admitted it was not something he is used to but has full faith in his side, and his strikers, to turn it around

当曼彻斯特留在英格兰三级世界最佳球员-官方时,球迷们沮丧不已:当被问及当前情况是否是新情况时,瓜迪奥拉承认这不是他习惯的东西,但有充分的信心 在他的身边,以及他的前锋,以扭转局势

"Of course it is but we have to play better and some of the principles we"ve not been able to do perfectly lately," Guardiola said


"Comparing with the last three seasons of course we have to score more - this is the reality, everyone knows this


"But it"s not down to one specific player, everyone can score - it"s down to the mentality and desire to score them


Be positive, be aggressive


"The only chance we have to create more is insist, insist, insist - play better and not just leave it to the responsibility of the strikers


"Of course they know they have to score but everybody is involved in the way we play and in creating more chances in our game." Pep: Aguero, Jesus have incredible statsAnd although City"s problems have been hampered by Sergio Aguero"s persistent injury problems as well as Gabriel Jesus going six games without a goal, Guardiola is adamant both will play a big part in turning City"s fortunes around

“当然,他们知道自己必须得分,但是每个人都参与到我们的比赛方式中,并为我们的比赛创造更多机会。” Pep:Aguero,耶稣的数据令人难以置信,尽管Sergio Aguero的持续受伤问题以及加布里埃尔·耶稣在没有进球的情况下进行了六场比赛都阻碍了曼城的问题,但瓜迪奥拉坚持认为,两者都将在扭转曼城的命运方面发挥重要作用

"The last 32-33 games we have played Sergio (Aguero) could only play four or five or them," Guardiola added


"Gabriel (Jesus) has incredible numbers of minutes and goals in the Premier League and is one of the top three or four in history


"But it doesn"t just depend on his shoulders - of course the strikers have more responsibilities to try to win games but as I said, everyone can score goals


Are City facing existential crisis?by Jack Wilkinson At this stage of the season, despite having two wins from five Premier League games and sitting five points off the leaders Tottenham and champions Liverpool, Manchester City"s struggles with form, fatigue and consistency are understandable, after all, this is a campaign like no other

杰克·威尔金森(Jack Wilkinson)在本赛季的这一阶段,尽管曼城在五场英超联赛中取得了两场胜利,并且与托特纳姆热刺队和冠军利物浦的比赛相距五分,但曼城在形式,疲劳和稳定性方面的挣扎还是可以理解的。 所有,这是一场与众不同的运动

But there"s more to stuttering City than meets the eye, a trend that has gathered pace with each passing game this season that they may not be the formidable hurdle they once were, or at least one opposing teams now know how to confront


Almost all of the hallmarks of Pep Guardiola"s City remain; the relentless pressure, precise passing and dominance of possession and territory, but the most crucial one - goals - is missing

瓜迪奥拉城的几乎所有标志都保留着。 拥有权和领地的无情压力,精确传球和支配地位,但最关键的目标-目标-缺失了

The 1-1 draw with relegation-threatened West Brom, and the failure to convert a host of late, gilt-edge chances saw two more vital points dropped and left City with a measly return of 18 goals from their first 12 games

1-1被平局威胁的西布罗姆(West Brom)扳平了比分,而未能转换许多迟来的镀金边缘机会,又失去了两个关键点,使曼城在前12场比赛中仅有18个进球

Aston Villa, Everton, West Ham, Southampton and Leicester are among the 10 clubs to have scored more


With Gabriel Jesus firing a blank in his last five Premier League games and Sergio Aguero"s league goal drought stretching as far back as January - yes, January - Guardiola"s City project and philosophy may be facing an existential crisis


They can dominate as much as they want, but as long as their troubles in front of goal continue, the heights they hit not so long ago will continue to be agonisingly beyond reach



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