Mikel Arteta在阿森纳取得进展,面对埃弗顿,一月份的转会窗口,以及赛季目标

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Ahead of Saturday"s trip to Goodison, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta sat down for an exclusive chat with to discuss his first 12 months in charge of the club, facing in-form Everton, why results have nosedived of late, and whether he plans to enter the January transfer window

在周六的古迪森之行之前,阿森纳主教练米克尔·阿特塔(Mikel Arteta)坐下来与他进行了独家交谈,讨论了面对俱乐部的前12个月,面对正式的埃弗顿,为什么结果差强人意,以及他是否计划进入 一月转会窗口

By an odd coincidence, Arteta takes his struggling Arsenal side to Everton, in a match you can see live on , almost exactly a year to the day he was in the stands at Goodison having just been named Unai Emery"s successor

碰巧的是,阿尔塔塔将他苦苦挣扎的阿森纳球队带到了埃弗顿,在一场比赛中,您可以看到现场直播,距他在古迪逊(Goodison)的看台上被任命为Unai Emery的继任者几乎一天

"I want people to take responsibility for their jobs and I want people who deliver passion and energy in the football club


Anyone who doesn"t buy into this, or that has a negative effect or whatever, is not good enough for this environment or this culture," said the Basque at his unveiling last December


Listen to the Pitch to Post Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox Fast forward 12 months, though, and Arenal find themselves languishing in an unfamiliar position of 15th in the Premier League, just five points above the relegation zone, after their worst start to a top-flight campaign in almost half a century

收听音高以在以下位置播客:Spotify | 苹果| Castbox快进了12个月,而阿雷纳尔(Arenal)在英超联赛中排名第15位,在降级区最差的五分之差之后,却陷入了一个陌生的境地,他们经历了将近半个世纪以来最艰难的顶级战役

All of which is a far cry from the start of the campaign, which Arsenal entered with great optimism after victories over Man City and Chelsea en route to winning last season"s FA Cup as Arteta became the first man to win the competition as both captain and manager of the club

所有这些都与竞选之初相去甚远。阿森纳在赢得曼城和切尔西的胜利之后赢得了上个赛季的足总杯,而阿泰塔成为首位赢得比赛的队长和经理,阿森纳对此充满乐观 俱乐部的

Not only that, but the 38-year-old also became the first Arsenal manager to win a major trophy in his first season in charge of the north London club since George Graham in 1986-87, with a second piece of silverware soon following in August after a penalty shootout win over champions Liverpool in the FA Community Shield

不仅如此,这位38岁的球员还成为了自1986-87年乔治·格雷厄姆(George Graham)以来第一个在北伦敦俱乐部负责的第一个赛季就夺得大满贯奖杯的阿森纳主教练,并在紧随其后的第二块银器 八月点球大战在足总社区盾中击败冠军利物浦

One year of Arteta: No quick fixes for ArsenalLeno: Blame Arsenal players, not ArtetaPremier League table | Fixtures | ResultsGet PL 18 a monthHowever, the Gunners head to Merseyside this weekend with faith in Arteta waning after a demoralising recent run that has seen them win only one, and lose six, of their last nine league games

阿泰塔的一年:阿森纳没有快速解决方案莱诺:怪阿森纳的球员,而不是阿泰塔总理联赛桌 治具| 结果每月可获得18波兰兹罗提,但枪手本周末对阿泰塔的信心下降,对阿泰塔的信心下降,最近一场令人沮丧的比赛让他们在最近九场联赛中仅赢了一场,输了六场

Previously, the former Arsenal skipper"s position at the club seemed secure as a result of those impressive one-off cup wins over rivals City, Chelsea and Liverpool


But such morale-boosting displays only remain in fans" and owners" memory banks for so long


This is football and it is a results business



And Arteta has not been getting those for some time now


In fact, Wednesday night"s 1-1 draw with Southampton at the Emirates was Arteta"s 50th game in charge of the club in all competitions, with Arsenal having won more cup ties (14 of 17) than league encounters (13 of 33) under him in that time

实际上,周三晚上在阿联酋与南安普敦的1-1平局是阿泰塔在所有比赛中执教俱乐部的第50场比赛,阿森纳赢得的杯赛领带(17中的14)比他在联赛中的联赛遭遇(33中的13)多。 那时

So, much to discuss then with the Arsenal boss as he prepares his side for a tough-looking trip to Merseyside this weekend..


It is almost exactly 12 months to the day you were appointed Arsenal manager, so how do you assess the progress your side has made in that time? Are you a better team now than the one you inherited? We have faced one of the most challenging and difficult years in our history

从您被任命为阿森纳经理的那一天到现在差不多整整12个月了,那么您如何评估自己那段时间取得的进展? 您现在的团队比继承的团队更好吗? 我们面临着历史上最具挑战性和最困难的一年之一

We have made a lot of progress and implemented a lot of things that are working really well


The biggest highlights are the two trophies we won in this period, but at the same time, these last results in the Premier League have taken the gloss off the progress and all the work that we have done


And we know that it is not good enough


You must have been delighted with the fighting spirit your players - many of them young and relatively inexperienced - showed against Southampton, especially in the second half when it could have been easy for them to hide? Absolutely, and I have zero doubts what the players are trying to do

您一定对您的球员(其中许多是年轻球员和相对没有经验的球员)表现出的战斗精神感到高兴,他们对阵南安普敦时表现得特别好,特别是在下半场,当他们本来可以轻松躲藏的时候? 绝对,我对玩家正在尝试做的事情毫无疑问

We are all united, we are all ready to fight against the cause


Things have been difficult, many different circumstances have put us in this situation - the amount of suspensions we are getting, the injuries, some of the chances, and the way we have lost football matches


But this is the reality and what you cannot fault is the spirit, the fight, and the togetherness around the team


I suppose it is in these types of difficult situations where as a manager, you really learn about your players? Without a doubt

我想在这种困难的情况下,作为经理,您真的了解球员吗? 毫无疑问

Normally in difficult moments is when you see the real people, personal and professional, and it is a necessary thing to go through for a team, as well as a club


I"m saying as a club as well, because in these moments is when you really see who we are


When things are going well, it is really easy to be supportive and being in the photograph


But when things are not going well, then that is when you have got to be prepared to do that - first of all, to defend our players as much as possible and give them confidence, and as I"ve said, they have to take on responsibility on the pitch and get the results that we need

但是当事情进展不顺利时,那就是您必须准备这样做的时候-首先,尽可能地捍卫我们的球员并给他们信心,正如我已经说过的,他们必须 在球场上承担责任并获得我们需要的结果

What are you going to have to do to win at Everton, as Carlo Ancelotti has made Goodison a fortress since taking over? What do you think Everton"s main strengths are? They have different ways of adapting, they play in different formations, and it depends on the players they pick on the day, which changes the danger areas and where they produce the situations to attack, be vertical, and attack your box, which is the main threat that they have with the attacking areas

卡洛·安切洛蒂(Carlo Ancelotti)自接任以来使古迪森(Goodison)成为堡垒,您将如何在埃弗顿夺冠? 您认为埃弗顿的主要优势是什么? 他们有不同的适应方式,使用不同的阵型,这取决于他们当天所选择的球员,这会改变危险区域以及在何处产生攻击,垂直攻击和进攻的局面,这就是 他们对进攻地区的主要威胁

And then the confidence - I think their last two results are going to give them a boost of confidence and we have to be aware of that


And the fans, they are going to have 2,000 fans, they are going to be right behind the team and we are going to need to go to Goodison to prepare for that and to win the game圣元优博系列

粉丝们,他们将有2,000名粉丝,他们将紧随团队之后,我们将需要前往Goodison进行准备,并赢得比赛 圣元优博系列

You switched from a back four to a back three against Southampton on Wednesday - why did you make the change and how do you think it went? And could that be something you employ on Saturday? We have the option, depending on the players we have available and what the opponents are doing, but we can change and we are used to both systems, so that is not the issue

您在周三对阵南安普敦的比赛中从后四改为后三-为什么要进行更改,您认为变化如何? 那可能是您周六雇用的东西吗? 我们可以选择,这取决于我们有空的球员和对手的所作所为,但是我们可以改变,并且习惯于两种系统,所以这不是问题

After Everton, you have home games with Man City in the League Cup last eight and Chelsea in the top flight on Boxing Day - a great chance for the players to turn things? For us, every game in the Premier League is exciting because we need the results and we want to be playing as often as possible

在埃弗顿之后,您有主场比赛与曼城队在联赛八强中进行比赛,而切尔西在节礼日达到头等舱比赛-球员们有很大的机会改变现状吗? 对于我们来说,英超联赛中的每一场比赛都是令人兴奋的,因为我们需要结果,并且希望尽可能多地参加比赛

The players are in that mood and we have some big games coming up


But as well, big games give you big opportunities to turn things around quickly


Consistency seems to be a real problem, with you going from a 1-0 win at Man Utd on November 1 to having not won a domestic game since - is this understandable, though, with a young team and a new manager trying to get his new ideas across? It is something that has been lacking for many months, the consistency in the league

一致性似乎是一个真正的问题,从11月1日在曼联(Man Utd)取得1-0胜利到此后再也没有赢得国内比赛-这是可以理解的,但是,年轻的球队和新的经理试图让他的球队 有新想法吗? 这是很多个月以来一直缺乏的东西,联盟的一致性

There are a lot of factors, some of them that you have already mentioned, and others as well that in this league, sometimes you do not always get the results that you deserve


There are a lot of games where we have deserved much more, we should have many more points, but at the end of the day, we did not get them


The transfer window opens soon - could that be something you will look to enter, as your technical director Edu recently suggested, or would you prefer to fix the issues on the training pitch with the players you have? Our main focus at the moment is to get the best out of our players, they are the players that are here and they are trying to help us achieve our objectives, and then we will see what becomes available in the transfer window and what we can do to help the team

传输窗口很快打开-是您希望输入的内容,就像您的技术总监Edu最近建议的那样,还是您希望与所拥有的球员一起解决训练场上的问题? 目前,我们的主要重点是充分利用我们的参与者,他们是在这里的参与者,他们正在努力帮助我们实现目标,然后我们将在转移窗口中看到可用的东西,以及我们可以 尽力帮助团队

What were your aims at the start of the season - a top-four finish? We have talked about short term, medium and long term, what the objectives are, where we are, and we are all very clear what we should be doing, accepting that the last Premier League results have not been good enough, but knowing the direction we are taking

您在本赛季开始时的目标是-进入前四名吗? 我们已经讨论了短期,中期和长期,目标是什么,我们在哪里,我们都非常清楚我们应该做的事情,因为他们接受了上次英超联赛的成绩还不够好,但是知道了方向 我们正在

What would now constitute a successful season in your eyes? Win tomorrow...!

在您看来,现在成功的季节是什么? 明天赢...!


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