反种族主义团体Kick It Out与Sky建立了三年的合作伙伴关系

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Kick It Out has launched a three-year partnership with Sky which will see Sky become its key broadcast media partner in the drive for inclusion in football and the battle against discrimination in all its forms

Kick It Out与Sky建立了为期三年的合作伙伴关系,这将使Sky成为其重要的广播媒体合作伙伴,以推动其融入足球运动以及与各种形式的歧视作斗争

Sky will commit 3m over the next three years, in a mix of cash and value in kind support


Sky will also commit to using its powerful voice, extensive reach and established channels to support the organisation that has been at the forefront of the fight against racism and discrimination in football for over 27 years


No Room for Racism: PL launches new phase of campaignYan Dhanda: Racist abuse drives me on even moreRaheem Sterling: More black people need to hold positions of power in footballAs well as committing to use its editorial reach, voice and platforms to campaign for change, Sky will work on a series of initiatives with Kick It Out

没有种族主义的余地:PL发起了新的运动阶段Yan Dhanda:种族主义的虐待使我更加沮丧Raheem Sterling:越来越多的黑人需要在足球领域保持权力,以及致力于利用其编辑才能,声音和平台来推动变革, 天空将与“踢出去”一起开展一系列计划

These will include partnering on educational initiatives, making it easier to report instances of discrimination online and inside football stadia, and developing annual transparency and insight reports on a range of issues including tracking progress on football"s promises to diversify its workforce


partnered with Kick It Out on their recent #takeastand initiative launched during England"s match against Belgium at Wembley in October, and was a proud supporter in 2018 when Kick It Out celebrated 25 years of tackling discrimination

与Kick It Out合作,开展了他们最近的#takeastand计划,该计划是在10月的英格兰对阵比利时温布利的比赛中发起的,并在2018年成为Kick It Out庆祝25年的解决歧视运动的骄傲支持者

Kick It Out chair Sanjay Bhandari said: "We are absolutely delighted to have Sky onboard as the first new strategic partner, as part of our new vision to be a galvanising hub for inclusive change in football

踢出去主席桑杰·班达里(Sanjay Bhandari)表示:“我们非常高兴能将Sky纳入第一个新的战略合作伙伴,这是我们新的愿景的一部分,它将成为推动足球包容性变革的推动中心

Eni Aluko: Football can lead fight against racismPSG and Basaksehir unite against racismQuinton Fortune: Team-mate"s racist abuse was lowest point of my life"We share the same ambition to bring football together and make it a game where everyone feels that they belong

埃尼·阿卢科(Eni Aluko):足球可以领导反对种族主义的战斗PSG和巴萨克谢希尔团结起来反对种族主义奎因财富:队友的种族主义虐待是我一生的最低点。

This is an enormously exciting partnership


We look forward to working together to deliver real change in the game we all love." Stephen van Rooyen, EVP & CEO UK & Europe Sky said: "Our view at Sky is that there is absolutely no place for any kind of discrimination or racism in sport

我们期待着共同努力,在我们都喜欢的游戏中实现真正的改变。” Sky&UK执行副总裁兼首席执行官Stephen van Rooyen说道:“我们对Sky的看法是,绝对没有任何歧视或种族主义的余地 在运动中

As football"s biggest partner in the UK, we want to drive change and make the national game more inclusive and truly representative of the whole country


It"s time for us to do more - and we will


We are all in - to kick it out." Lewis praises Sky for "taking a lead"Daily Mirror assistant editor Darren Lewis feels the new partnership between Kick It Out and Sky illustrates how the broadcaster is "taking a lead" in providing vital capital for a campaign which has historically been underfunded

我们全力以赴—踢出去。”刘易斯赞扬Sky的“带头作用”。 对于历史上资金不足的运动

"It"s fantastic news for Kick It Out and the players it serves," he said


"For far too long such a hardworking body has been underfunded, criminally so in the eyes of many


For Sky to grab the bull by the horns is a wonderful things


A lot of the people who do such great work will be delighted


"We"ve seen in 2020 how crucial their role is, not just for incidents that involve A-list footballers but are as equally as important


We need a strong anti-racism watchdog in this sport


"When we talk about education, what does it consist of? When we talk about committing money or resource towards the fight against racism, what does it consist of? Where is it going? This is something substantive that is happening


You could say other footballing authorities should have done this a long time ago, Sky is taking a lead." Morrison: Partnership will provide vital grassroots educationClinton Morrison accepts it will take time for the benefits of the campaign"s grassroots education to be seen but that the partnership between Kick It Out and Sky represents a major step in the right direction

您可以说其他足球主管部门早就应该做到这一点,而Sky正在发挥带头作用。”莫里森(Morrison):伙伴关系将提供至关重要的基层教育克林顿·莫里森(Clinton Morrison)承认,要看到竞选基层教育的好处还需要时间,但是 Kick It Out和Sky之间的合作伙伴关系是朝着正确方向迈出的重要一步

"Kick It Out have been brilliant for years, getting this investment will only help the players


It"s superb to team up together," he said


"Social media is massive, fans within the ground as well


How do you deal with racism in the terraces? It can help with grassroots education, going into schools and teaching what is right and wrong

您如何应对梯田中的种族主义? 它可以帮助基层教育,上学和教授对与错

When I was growing up it was different, we used to accept things that we now know need changing


"We are taking baby steps, it will take time


It might be for my kids, or grandkids, but things like this are positive


Sky has a huge platform and everyone is pushing for the right direction


好友娱乐登陆This partnership will help make change


I can only give huge credit to Sky."



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