Nuno Espirito Santo独家:狼队老板解释了发展团队的计划

时间:2020-10-18 15:14:27

The Portuguese have a saying


Quem não arrisca não petisca


足球游戏排行榜Literally, those who do not risk, do not have a snack


In English parlance, nothing ventured, nothing gained


After consecutive seventh-place finishes in the Premier League, Wolves are enjoying their best period in 40 years


In August, they reached a first European quarter-final in almost 50


As a result, there was some surprise when two favourites departed in the summer


Diogo Jota, one of the central figures in that thrilling European campaign, was sold to Liverpool

激动人心的欧洲战役的主要人物之一迪奥戈·乔塔(Diogo Jota)被卖给了利物浦

Matt Doherty, the club"s longest-serving player, made a shock move to Tottenham

俱乐部效力时间最长的球员马特·多赫蒂(Matt Doherty)震惊地搬到了热刺

Wolves" counter-attacking expert and their wing-back turned poacher had unique roles in this Molineux success story


They will take some replacing but what is so intriguing is that head coach Nuno Espirito Santo is not looking for replacements

他们将需要一些替换,但令人着迷的是主教练Nuno Espirito Santo不在寻找替换

He wants something different


Nothing ventured, nothing gained


"We are looking to evolve our game," Nuno tells


"Some players went out, some players came in, and that changes the picture of the squad


By changing the picture of the squad, by changing some of the characteristics of our players, our options and our ideas are slightly different, and the game itself changes


"But it is not about changing our fundamentals, the foundation that we have


It is not about changing our philosophy


It is about making us more versatile in some moments


It is about adding things that can make us, at the end of the day, better, and not so predictable


"We have a lot of work to do and it will take time, patience and persistence


足球游戏排行榜"But I think this is the way." Nuno is speaking exclusively to before his press conference ahead of Wolves" game against Leeds at Elland Road, live on Monday Night Football

足球游戏排行榜“但是我认为这就是方法。”努诺(Nuno)在他的新闻发布会之前专门向狼队在埃兰路(Elland Road)对阵利兹(Leeds)的比赛前发表讲话

He has spent the international break doing what he does best - analysing football matches


"I watched all the games in which our players were involved," he says


When the matches were being played at the same time, he would watch one and then record the others


He will have seen reminders everywhere of just how far Wolves have come


Raul Jimenez scored Mexico"s winner against the Netherlands

劳尔·希门尼斯(Raul Jimenez)在与荷兰的比赛中获得墨西哥冠军

Five players were involved for Portugal as Rui Patricio kept three clean sheets

鲁·帕特里西奥(Rui Patricio)保留了三张干净的床单,五名球员参加了葡萄牙比赛

Most memorably, Conor Coady scored his first international goal and even briefly wore the captain"s armband for England

最令人难忘的是,科纳尔·科迪(Conor Coady)射进了自己的第一个国际进球,甚至短暂地戴上了队长对英格兰的臂章

Why the need to evolve, then, when things are going so well? "For numerous reasons," explains Nuno

那么,当事情进展顺利时,为什么需要发展? “出于多种原因,” Nuno解释道

"One is simple


Our opponents know us better, so we cannot be so predictable


That has to make us move forward but I do not see it as a risk


I see it as something that should give us more confidence to compete


Having more weapons only makes you better


"With how the game in the Premier League is going, we cannot just stay the same


We must evolve and change and do different things


It is about adding more and more new details." If there was a moment that crystallised the need for this Wolves team to take another step forward, perhaps it came in that quarter-final defeat to Sevilla in the Europa League


There was no shame in losing 1-0 to the eventual tournament winners, but the sight of his side having just 24 per cent of the ball in Duisburg caused Nuno to reflect afterwards


He spoke at the time of the need to "have more time with the ball" and his comments about his starting line-up being "the same as the first season" made explicit his desire for progress


It has informed his thinking in these early games


A more fluid Wolves is emerging


Daniel Podence"s run down the left flank set up Jimenez for the opening goal in the win over Sheffield United on the opening weekend, but his nutmeg on Kevin De Bruyne prior to assisting the same player for Wolves" goal against Manchester City came from the right

丹尼尔·庞登斯(Daniel Podence)的左路奔跑在开幕周末赢得谢菲尔德联队的比赛中为希门尼斯设定了首个进球,但在协助同一个球员为狼队对阵曼城的进球之前,他对凯文·德·布鲁因的肉豆蔻来自右侧

Pedro Neto"s winner against Fulham was scored from the left channel but he has been used on the right, as a withdrawn forward while Jimenez drifts wide, and even as a midfielder already this season

佩德罗·内托(Pedro Neto)对富勒姆(Fulham)的获胜者是从左路得分的,但他一直在右边使用,因为希门尼斯(Jimenez)漂移得很远时退赛了,甚至本赛季已经成为中场

What was once seen as a rigid formation is becoming more flexible


"Daniel is different, Pedro is different," says Nuno


"With Pedro"s game, if he drops a line, this gives us small pockets where we can try to look behind the opponent"s midfield


There are a lot of things that we are working on." Nelson Semedo and Fabio Silva were the most expensive new additions, but experienced Brazilian defender Fernando Marcal has come in and is expected to feature against Leeds, while there has been a Premier League debut for Portuguese youngster Vitinha too

我们正在做很多事情。”尼尔森·塞梅多(Nelson Semedo)和法比奥·席尔瓦(Fabio Silva)是最昂贵的新成员,但经验丰富的巴西后卫费尔南多·马尔卡尔(Fernando Marcal)进来了,有望在对阵利兹的比赛中亮相,而英超联赛已经首次亮相葡萄牙年轻人维蒂尼亚(Vitinha)

Do Wolves have even more potential now? "We cannot measure that, it will be something for the end

狼现在有更大的潜力吗? “我们无法衡量这一点,最终将是一件事情

But what I feel we must do now is not rely on the players that came into the squad


The core of the squad must keep growing


This is our process


It is not just about who comes in making us change and evolve, no


It is the ones that are here - with the help of those who came in - who must grow." Get - All channels 23 a monthLive on | Find out more about Get a Now TV Day PassAs well as asking for more from Neto, this season has already seen Adama Traore used at wing-back and in subtly different ways further forward

这是在这里-在来者的帮助下-必须成长。” Get-所有频道每月23直播|查找有关“立即获得电视日通行证”的更多信息以及向Neto要求更多,本赛季已经看到阿达玛·特拉奥雷(Adama Traore)被用于后卫,并且以更微妙的方式向前发展

"It is different when you have Adama in a three or a two." Romain Saiss was at wing-back against Fulham, but also took up positions infield to help form a three-man midfield and block the counter-attack

“当你把阿达玛放在三到两个的时候,情况就不同了。”罗曼·塞斯(Romain Saiss)在对富勒姆(Fulham)的边后卫中表现出色,但同时也在内场占据了位置,以帮助形成三人制中场并阻止反击

After a long period in which every movement by a Wolves player had come to feel automatic, Nuno is giving his players new tasks, adding complexity in the hope that, ultimately, it will make winning football matches easier for his team


The Wolves head coach can feel like a closed book when talking to the media, with fans now familiar with his repetitive lines about improvement and the importance of the next game


When he does open up and go into more detail, there are the occasional pauses


"It is very hard to explain," he says with a sigh


"I would do it better with a paper or a board, for sure." But then, just like that, he is off again, giving a tantalising glimpse into the depth of thought that has gone into the adjustments to Wolves" shape and his vision for the future


"It is not just always about the counter-attack and I do not consider that we were not a team of possession," he said


"We have always been able to manage large spells of possession of the ball


But it is now about trying to create a possession that is more clinical


"Risk has to be something that we are willing to take in some parts of the pitch


It is about having the confidence to persist even when there is a mistake


That can give us not only different lines but different reactions to the loss of the ball and when we recover it


"It is all about pieces, individual situations




It is not about changing one player, it is about creating societies with different movements and different lines


Creating versatile, dynamic situations where players appear in different parts of the pitch


"It also has to do with the role of our full-backs


Our game relies a lot on the influence of our full-backs


For example, Doherty gave us a lot of penetrations inside


On the other side, now we don"t have Jonny [because of injury] so this brings different things to the team too


"I cannot share with you all of these things but what we are looking at is if we had these lines before, we must now search for different lines because the players are different and the better solutions for them to take advantage of their talent are in different spaces." The highly-rated young French left-back Rayan Ait-Nouri is expected to make his debut soon, while Semedo has been deployed on the right

“我无法与大家分享所有这些事情,但是我们正在寻找的是,如果我们以前有这些路线,我们现在必须寻找不同的路线,因为球员不同,并且他们可以利用自己的才能找到更好的解决方案不同的空间。”受到高度评价的年轻法国左后卫Rayan Ait-Nouri有望很快出道,而Semedo已部署在右边

The former Barcelona player has taken Doherty"s place in the team but not necessarily, as Nuno makes clear, his role in the team


"I believe that you cannot ask the same things of different players


What you must create is a base and then let the strong points of the player show themselves in those moments


You cannot ask others to do the same things, I totally don"t agree with that


"By changing the players, naturally things will change and you have to take advantage of those things that the player does better when you provide them with freedom


That normally comes in the offensive part of the game but it also applies to our defensive shape


"It is different now." The hope, it seems, is with Semedo staying wider, coupled with the presence of a left footer on the other flank, this will create more space for the forwards inside to exploit


But these tweaks have not come without an impact at the other end, where wide-open Wolves were exposed in the 4-0 defeat at West Ham - the biggest reverse of Nuno"s reign


"We made mistakes that we cannot repeat," he admits


"That was a useful step


A painful one but it makes you react


Fortunately, we were able to sustain a clean sheet in the next game


Now it is about consistency


Sustaining those levels


"It is going to take a lot of work


We need more time and we need to take advantage of the time that we do have


The game is always the best moment to test ourselves." The next test comes at Leeds and what the Wolves boss describes as the "peculiar" challenge of Marcelo Bielsa"s side

这场比赛永远是测试自我的最佳时机。”下一次测试将在利兹进行,而森林狼老板形容马塞尔洛·比尔萨(Marcelo Bielsa)方面的“奇特”挑战

"The way that they defend and their aggressiveness in the way that they react to the loss of the ball, it is almost unique in our day," says Nuno


"To compare it to what we do, it is different, for sure


But you cannot change your idea based on who you are going to face


It is a confrontation of ideas on the pitch." As for Nuno"s own idea, does it excite him as much ever? "Of course it excites me


I would be even more excited but to compete without fans is not the same


More than being excited, it is that we are aware of what we have to do." Perhaps the changes could even include allowing Coady to go up for set pieces now he has demonstrated his potency in the opposition penalty box for England? Nuno smiles


"I don"t know


Let"s see


It"s an option


"But when we do it, let"s try to surprise our opponents." This need for surprise is typical of the thinking that is underpinning Nuno"s plans for the evolution of his Wolves team


It will be some time before anyone knows for sure whether it will work, but..


Nothing ventured, nothing gained



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