蒂莫·沃纳(Timo Werner)为切尔西(Chelsea)赢得了布莱顿的新面貌

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There were only a couple of minutes on the clock at the Amex Stadium when Timo Werner, Chelsea"s £45m signing from RB Leipzig, provided the first glimpse of what he can bring to Frank Lampard"s attack

在Amex体育场只有几分钟的时间,切尔西从RB莱比锡签下的4500万英镑的蒂莫·沃纳(Timo Werner)提供了他可以带给弗兰克·兰帕德(Frank Lampard)进攻的第一印象。

With an explosive diagonal run from left to right, the 24-year-old latched onto a long pass over the top from Reece James, dragging Ben White out of position as he did so, before firing a dangerous cross into the box which only narrowly missed the onrushing Mason Mount

这位24岁的年轻人用爆炸性的对角线从左向右奔跑,从里斯·詹姆斯(Reece James)的顶上锁上了长传,将本·怀特(Ben White)拖出了位置,然后将危险的十字架射入了箱子错过了茂盛的梅森山

Brighton 1-3 Chelsea - Match report and highlightsFrank Lampard "very happy" with Kepa Arrizabalaga | Gary Neville: No top "keeper, no titlePremier League Table | Fixtures | Live on SkyHow to watch 207 live PL games this seasonThe assistant belatedly raised his flag for offside, meaning it wouldn"t have counted anyway, but the combination of speed, anticipation and awareness still made for a neat encapsulation of the qualities that persuaded Lampard to place Werner at the top of his summer wish list

布莱顿1-3切尔西-比赛报道和亮点弗兰克·兰帕德(Kamp Arrizabalaga)感到“非常高兴” |加里·内维尔(Gary Neville):没有顶级“门将”,没有头衔治具|在本赛季直播如何观看207场本赛季的现场PL比赛,助理迟来升起了旗帜,这意味着无论如何他都不会算在内,但是速度,前瞻性和意识的结合仍然使兰帕德的品质得到了很好的概括将Werner置于他的夏季愿望清单的首位

He arrives in the Premier League with a stellar reputation having scored 95 goals in 159 games for RB Leipzig


pptv英超直播His pedigree is such that, even before kick-off at the Amex, pundit Gary Neville said he would be "absolutely amazed" if he doesn"t hit at least 20 goals for Chelsea this season

pptv英超直播他的血统书是这样的,即使是在美国运通车开赛之前,专家加里·内维尔(Gary Neville)表示,如果他本赛季不为切尔西打入至少20个进球,他将“感到非常惊讶”。

But Werner hasn"t just been signed for his goals


He is also seen as someone who can give Chelsea something different to Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud up front, someone with the pace and acceleration to stretch defences and the intelligent movement to get in behind them


It could be seen in those early stages at the Amex


Abraham and Giroud were caught offside less than once per game on average last season, but Werner had been flagged twice inside eight minutes


He was making the kind of runs Chelsea didn"t previously make often enough


It was his speed and alertness that led to the opening goal


Werner was ready and waiting for Jorginho"s through ball after Steven Alzate had lost possession, and even though the pass was over-hit, he was still quick enough to get there before the advancing Mat Ryan to win the penalty

史蒂芬·阿尔扎特(Steven Alzate)失去控球权后,维尔纳(Werner)准备就绪,正在等待乔尔吉尼奥(Jorginho)的传球,即使传球被击中,他仍然足够快地到达那儿,而前进的马特·瑞恩(Mat Ryan)赢得了点球。

"He was onto that in a flash," said pundit Jamie Carragher

专家杰米·卡拉格(Jamie Carragher)说:“他转瞬即逝。

There were more eye-catching moments


Shortly before half-time, Werner launched a counter-attack deep in Chelsea territory before sprinting forward to join Ruben Loftus-Cheek, who should have done better with his return pass

半场结束前不久,维尔纳(Werner)在切尔西(Chelsea)领土深处发起了一次反击,然后冲刺加入鲁本·洛夫图斯·希克(Ruben Loftus-Cheek),后者本该在回传球方面做得更好

"Werner is absolutely razor sharp and lightning quick," observed Alan Smith on co-commentary

艾伦·史密斯(Alan Smith)在共同评论中说:“维尔纳绝对剃须刀锋利且闪电般快。”

Werner would have been in had Loftus-Cheek been able to find him on that occasion, but he created a shooting chance for himself not long afterwards, accelerating away from Adam Webster on the left-hand side of the Brighton box and unleashing a vicious drive from close to the byline which forced a panicked near-post save from Ryan

如果Loftus-Cheek能够找到他,Werner本来会在其中,但是不久之后他为自己创造了一次射击机会,加速离开了Brighton盒子左侧的Adam Webster,释放了一个恶性驱动从近线被迫从Ryan慌张的近门将球扑出

Werner finished the evening without a goal, but that diagonal effort was one of five shots he attempted over the course of the 90 minutes


He was denied by a heroic block from White in the closing stages and there was a backheeled effort which cannoned into a Brighton defender too


Chelsea will be encouraged by Werner"s sharpness in and around the Brighton box - "he has a real hunger to score goals and be ruthless in that area," Lampard told afterwards - but it"s his willingness to drop into midfield and pull to the flanks which is most intriguing


"I love the way Timo pops up in different areas," added Lampard


"He"s not a frontman who attaches to centre-backs so much


Sometimes he can start from a little bit deeper, but when he goes, he goes." Werner"s movement caused Brighton problems throughout


Rather than being a static target up front, he was constantly on the move, often charging towards the box from the left-hand side


He made dangerous runs whenever Chelsea had possession and chased down Brighton players whenever they didn"t


His work-rate was impressive, and perhaps explains why Lampard was happy to leave him on until the final whistle despite having Abraham and Giroud in reserve


According to Premier League tracking data, Werner made more sprints than anyone else on the pitch


Only the famously industrious N"Golo Kante covered more ground

只有着名的勤劳的N"Golo Kante覆盖了更多领域

Werner was pictured with an ice pack attached to his knee after the game, revealing in his post-match interview with that his collision with Ryan for the penalty had hindered him for the remainder of the encounter


But it certainly didn"t look that way out on the pitch


Quite the opposite, in fact


Kai Havertz was far quieter on his debut, suggesting he may need time to adapt to the Premier League, but Werner took to it without any problems

凯·哈维兹(Kai Havertz)处子秀时安静得多,这暗示他可能需要时间来适应英超联赛,但沃纳(Werner)却毫不犹豫地接受了比赛。

It seems he has already added a new dimension to Chelsea"s attack



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