兰帕德(Frank Lampard)在塞维利亚(Sevilla)冲突之前捍卫切尔西(Chelseas)的防守记录

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Frank Lampard has defended Chelsea"s defensive record this season ahead of Tuesday"s Champions League tie against Sevilla

弗兰克·兰帕德(Frank Lampard)在本周欧冠对塞维利亚的比赛前为切尔西的防守纪录辩护

Chelsea kick off their Champions League campaign off against the Europa League winners at Stamford Bridge having conceded nine goals in five Premier League games

切尔西(Chelsea)在斯坦福桥(Stanford Bridge)对阵欧罗巴联赛冠军的比赛中开始了自己的冠军联赛战役

Why can"t Lampard fix Chelsea"s defence?Chelsea 3-3 Southampton highlightsThey twice surrendered leads in the 3-3 draw against Southampton on Saturday


Lampard accepts there is an issue at the back but says his side are conceding in high numbers despite allowing a relatively low amount of shots


"I keep talking about the need for work and how things can take time


We"re playing with new players and it"s understandable to have moments where I talk about game management," he said


"It has to be worked on with time


It"s a lesson to be learnt


I"m aware of the stats and the other stat is we"ve conceded second least shots


"It helps to narrow down the issue ..


We want to concede less, as do all teams at the moment." Azpilicueta: Whole team needs confidence from defence Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta says it is the responsibility of the defence to instil confidence into the rest of the team

我们希望像现在所有球队一样减少让步。” Azpilicueta:整个球队都需要防守切尔西队长塞萨尔·阿斯皮里库塔(Cesar Azpilicueta)的信任,他说防守是将信任灌输给球队其他成员的责任。

"When you have solidity defensively it gives confidence to the whole team


When you are weak defensively you feel you have to score three or four goals each game," he explained


"I always see football as a collective


We have to improve


We have to take decisions to defend together


It doesn"t matter our position手机街机游戏


手机街机游戏You cannot play beautiful football every day but when you do not that you have to get the results


We have to improve that." "I know Kepa, he won"t give up" Spaniard Azpilicueta is a long-term friend of goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga and says he has been using his position as a friend and a captain to help the 26-year-old deal with the criticism he has been receiving

我们必须改善这一点。”“我知道凯帕,他不会放弃。”西班牙人Azpilicueta是守门员凯帕·阿里扎巴拉加(Kepa Arrizabalaga)的长期朋友,他说他一直在利用自己的朋友和队长的身份帮助26-一岁的老人面对他的批评

"We have difficult times


In my position as captain and I know Kepa a long time


I always try to help him


We have to have the character and personality to face it, work hard


手机街机游戏"I have no doubt he will keep working hard and give everything to revert the situation


The whole squad is fighting like a collective


When you are a goalkeeper it is a different situation but I have no doubt he will keep working hard and giving his best."



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