凯尔特人vs游骑兵:尼尔·列侬,如果瑞安·克里斯蒂(Ryan Christie)退出旧公司比赛

时间:2020-12-12 10:42:26

Neil Lennon says Celtic will want answers if Ryan Christie is absent from Saturday"s Old Firm match while fellow self isolator Kieran Tierney plays for Arsenalgg对战平台官方下载

尼尔·列侬(Neil Lennon)表示,如果瑞恩·克里斯蒂(Ryan Christie)缺席周六的旧公司比赛,而凯尔特·蒂尔尼(Kieran Tierney)则为阿森纳效力,凯尔特人将寻求答案gg对战平台官方下载

The Celtic midfielder and the Gunners defender missed Scotland"s recent three internationals after being in close contact with Stuart Armstrong, who tested positive for Covid-19

凯尔特人的中场球员和枪手后卫在与斯图尔特·阿姆斯特朗(Stuart Armstrong)密切接触后错过了苏格兰最近的三名国际球员,后者为Covid-19测试呈阳性

gg对战平台官方下载Ahead of the visit of Rangers - live on - the Celtic boss claimed the club were told Tierney, also advised to self-isolate for 14 days, will be available to face Manchester City on Saturday


Lennon also revealed Odsonne Edouard will be assessed after recovering from Covid-19, which was confirmed while on international duty with France U21s, and Switzerland striker Albian Ajeti has trained after shrugging off a hamstring injury

列侬还透露,从Covid-19中恢复后,将对Odsonne Edouard进行评估,这在法国U21的国际任务中得到确认,瑞士前锋Albian Ajeti在摆脱了ham绳肌损伤后接受了训练

Neil Lennon expects Old Firm derby like no otherAndy Walker: "Old Firm clashes will decide the title"Andy Walker"s Scottish Premiership predictions"Our medical department have spoken to the [Arsenal] club doctor and they have been given the all-clear for Kieran to go ahead," Lennon said

尼尔·列侬(Neil Lennon)期望老公司德比与众不同。安迪·沃克(Andy Walker):“老公司的冲突将决定冠军头衔。”安迪·沃克(Andy Walker)的苏格兰超级联赛预测”“我们的医疗部门已经与[阿森纳]俱乐部医生进行了交谈,他们已获基兰的明确认可。继续吧,”列侬说

"Everything is devolved up here and what we have been told is that in this jurisdiction, Ryan can"t be available to play, which we find strange


"Peter (Lawwell, chief executive) and the board have been pushing this since day one and we have had no clarification, if anything we have just been met with complete resistance so far


"Ryan was devastated


They felt they followed procedures properly and he is probably guilty by association but he has had two tests with us, both negative, and has been for the last week, 10 days


"So we have a fit and able player not being allowed to play which we find, if this scenario pans out that Kieran can play, we find that very confusing and we would want answers


"Our preparations have been without Ryan


It would probably be folly to change that now but we would like to have him available for the squad if possible and what we are asking is, if it is OK for one, why is it not okay for the other? "And I think our supporters would like to know that as well." While Nir Bitton and Hatem Elhamed are missing after testing positive for Covid-19 while on international duty with Israel, Edouard has returned following his period of self-isolation

现在改变这种说法可能是愚蠢的,但如果可能的话,我们希望让他能入选该队,而我们要问的是,如果一个人还可以,为什么另一个人就不可以呢? “而且我认为我们的支持者也希望知道这一点。”尼尔·比顿(Nir Bitton)和哈特姆(Hatem Elhamed)在对Covid-19的国际测试中呈阳性后失踪了,而在与以色列的国际任务中,爱德华(Edouard)在经历了自我隔离之后又返回

Lennon said: "He [Edouard] will be assessed today - we are going through that procedure at the minute, so we will know more later on this afternoon


"He has been a bit tired and isolated but we will through the tests and we will see how he is." Scottish Football Podcast: Old Firm specialHost Ian Crocker is joined by guests Kris Boyd and Andy Walker on the latest Scottish Football Podcast for a look back on an encouraging international break for Scotland, and a look ahead to the return of the Old Firm match as Celtic prepare to host Rangers

“他有点疲惫和孤独,但我们将通过测试,我们将看到他的状态。”苏格兰足球播客:老公司特别节目主持人伊恩·克罗克(Ian Crocker)和嘉宾克里斯·博伊德(Kris Boyd)和安迪·沃克(Andy Walker)一起参加了最新的苏格兰足球播客,回顾了苏格兰令人鼓舞的国际突破,并期待老公司比赛以凯尔特人的身份回归准备接待游骑兵

For the first time in 2020, the two biggest clubs in Glasgow renew their age-old rivalry as champions Celtic host league-leaders Rangers in a mouth-watering clash on Saturday, live on


Former Celtic striker Walker and ex-Rangers striker Boyd look ahead to what will be an Old Firm game with a difference, reflect on their stand-out appearances in the fixture, and offer their Scottish Premiership predictions ahead of the return of top-flight football in Scotlandgg对战平台官方下载



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