苏格兰记者笔记本:史蒂夫·克拉克斯(Steve Clarkes)的男子在田野惨淡的一年中提供了希望

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When, at some point in the distant future, the Scottish public look back on 2020, it is unlikely to be with any fondness


The devastating effects of Covid-19 have overshadowed every aspect of life; yet as the year draws to a close, Scotland"s men"s football team are offering a glimmer of hope for the months ahead


Steve Clarke"s side stand on the brink of a first major finals since the 1998 World Cup平遥古城天气

自1998年世界杯以来,史蒂夫·克拉克(Steve Clarke)的侧场站在第一次重大决赛的边缘平遥古城天气

A showdown in Serbia is the final obstacle between Scotland and Euro 2020; the prize of two group games at Hampden Park next June and a third against England at Wembley mean the stakes could not be any higher on November 12


An eight-match unbeaten run - the longest in 32 years - has coincided with a change of shape, to leave Scotland suddenly on the threshold of something very special


Yet they have reached this point purely by design, rather than accidentally


平遥古城天气2020 has also been the year of the "staycation"; with foreign holidays off the agenda, tent sales have gone through the roof


As every savvy camper knows, the priority when pitching a tent is to make sure the pegs are well hammered into the ground


Scotland 1-0 Czech Republic - Match report and highlightsAre things starting to turn for Scotland?This analogy wouldn"t be lost on Clarke, who used lockdown to decide he wouldn"t get very far if he didn"t solidify the foundations of his side平遥古城天气


Scotland conceded 14 goals in his first five matches, albeit two of those games were against the world"s number one team Belgium


It became clear that Scotland were a liability at the back; not only had they run out of tent pegs, they also had water gushing through holes in the roof


Time was against Clarke in how he could resolve the problem


He has often discussed his preference for playing a back four, which he utilised with success at West Brom, Reading and Kilmarnock, who he guided to third place in the Scottish Premiership


This was the system he used in his first eight games with Scotland, and it"s likely he would have used it in the playoff semi-final if the match had gone ahead as scheduled in the spring - before the pandemic hit


The hiatus bought Clarke time


September"s Nations League fixtures, and the return to fitness of Kieran Tierney, offered an opportunity to try out a defensive three

9月份的国家联盟比赛装备,以及基兰·蒂尔尼(Kieran Tierney)的身体恢复,为他们提供了尝试防守三分的机会

This increased protection at the back, while allowing Tierney and captain Andy Robertson to play together with neither unduly affected by a change of position

这样可以增加后排的保护,同时允许蒂尔尼和队长安迪·罗伯逊(Andy Robertson)一起比赛,而不会受到位置变化的过度影响

Last month"s games were uncomfortable watches


With little time to bed the new system in during training, Scotland at times appeared tentative, with Scott McTominay looking somewhat lost at right centre-back

在训练期间,没有时间去训练新系统,苏格兰有时显得有些尝试,斯科特·麦克托米奈(Scott McTominay)看上去在右中后卫有些失落

Doubts remained about whether Clarke would persist with the system in the play-off, but he was content with what he had seen


The game with Israel should have carried a health warning for those watching


Scotland were composed in defence, but struggled to create, leading to a nerve-shredding penalty shootout


Against Slovakia, they began to express themselves; Lyndon Dykes" winner was a delightful goal, and they largely dominated the game

他们反对斯洛伐克,开始表达自己的看法。林登·戴克斯(Lyndon Dykes)的获胜者是一个令人愉悦的目标,他们在游戏中占据主导

The Czech Republic were a step up, and put Scotland under constant pressure, but they rode their luck and Ryan Fraser"s early goal proved enough

捷克共和国向前迈进了一步,使苏格兰承受了不断的压力,但他们运气不错,莱恩·弗雷泽(Ryan Fraser)的早期目标就足够了

Clarke consistently had faith that the back three would work


"There"s always a process of evolution when you make a change to the system," he said on Tuesday ahead of the Czech Republic game


It has provided the biggest talking point of his tenure, and there is no doubt initial criticism of it has irked him, as has the focus on certain individuals within it - specifically McTominay


The Manchester United midfielder had arguably his best game for Scotland against Slovakia, and has clearly benefited from time on the training pitch with Clarke


At 6ft 3ins, he is a physically imposing presence, but possesses a composed demeanour and ability on the ball that could serve him well at centre-half


Given his club side"s recent struggles at the back, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would be wise to consider the 23-year-old as a viable defensive option

考虑到他的球队最近在后卫方面的挣扎,奥莱·冈纳·索尔斯克亚尔(Ole Gunnar Solskjaer)认为23岁是一个可行的防守选择是明智的。

Get to watch Serbia vs Scotland Euro 2020 play-offLive football on Clarke had the foresight to see McTominay as a solution to his own problems, despite the fears of the sceptics


Tierney"s return, coupled with the excellence of Liam Cooper and Declan Gallagher"s improvement, mean there are now options in a historical area of weakness; the injured Scott McKenna and latecomer Andy Considine will add further to the depth

蒂尔尼(Tierney)的回归,再加上利亚姆·库珀(Liam Cooper)的出色表现和德克兰·加拉格尔(Declan Gallagher)的进步,都意味着在历史上薄弱的地区现在可以选择;受伤的斯科特·麦肯纳(Scott McKenna)和后来的安迪·康西丁(Andy Considine)将进一步加深

The back four hasn"t been consigned to the dustbin, but it is hard to see Clarke straying from it against Serbia


Scotland have had three shutouts in a week, and those who"ve succeeded are now in line to start in the playoff final


The formation switch has influenced change further up the pitch, where Scotland are now playing with two strikers


Lyndon Dykes has become Clarke"s first pick, with two goals and an assist in five games, and his ability to hold the ball up and feed those around him has been missing at international level since Steven Fletcher was at his peak

林登·戴克斯(Lyndon Dykes)成为克拉克(Clarke)的首选,拥有两个进球和五场比赛的助攻,而且自从史蒂文·弗莱彻(Steven Fletcher)达到巅峰之时以来,他的举起球和为周围的人供球的能力就一直处于国际水平。

Dykes has a natural knack for finding the net, and both his goals have been classic poacher"s finishes


Scotland have struggled to unearth a consistent striker since Kenny Miller retired a decade ago

自肯尼·米勒(Kenny Miller)十年前退役以来,苏格兰一直在努力发掘稳定的前锋

Since Gordon Strachan"s departure in 2017, the only forward to score more than once has been Steven Naismith, with three

自2017年戈登·斯特拉坎(Gordon Strachan)离开以来,唯一获得得分超过一次的前锋是史蒂文·奈史密斯(Steven Naismith),其中三名

Clarke is too long in the tooth to be swayed by those baying for the immediate return of the mercurial Leigh Griffiths, but the Celtic striker offers a different option if he stays fit until November

克拉克的牙齿太长了,无法被那些急于求助的轻快的利·格里菲斯(Leigh Griffiths)立即归还的人所打动,但凯尔特人的前锋如果能保持健康直到11月,则可以选择另一种选择。

He also flourished in a front two alongside Odsonne Edouard at club level before lockdown

在禁赛前,他还在俱乐部级别与Odsonne Edouard并列前两名。

The prospect of Griffiths, Fraser or Ryan Christie buzzing around Dykes is a tempting one

格里菲斯(Griffiths),弗雷泽(Fraser)或瑞安·克里斯蒂(Ryan Christie)在堤堤周围嗡嗡作响的前景诱人

All this positive evolution has come about due to Clarke"s willingness to embrace change and trust his instincts


Sound defensive resilience has been gradually married to increased confidence in attack; Scotland are now an awkward proposition for anyone they meet


Serbia will be favourites to win the playoff next month, and rightly so


They disposed of Erling Haaland and Norway in their semi-final, and possess some top-class players of their own, but Clarke will fancy his team"s chances


A year ago, many would have considered Scotland to be cannon fodder in this tie


Not so now - the tent is no longer in danger of being blown away


Analysis: Can Dykes solve Scotland"s scoring problem? " Ben Grounds: It is fair to say Scotland have been clinical in front of goal

分析:戴克斯能否解决苏格兰的得分问题? "本·格林斯(Ben Grounds):可以说苏格兰在目标面前是临床的

Lyndon Dykes has found the back of the net in two of Scotland"s last three UEFA Nations League games, with the QPR forward"s goals coming from just two shots on target in total

林登·戴克斯(Lyndon Dykes)在苏格兰的最近三场欧足联国家联赛比赛中找到了篮网,QPR前锋的进球总共只有两次射门

"As the game went on we started creating more chances and started having a bit more belief," Dykes said following the Slovakia win


"We played a long game the other night, 120 minutes, but still kept pushing towards the end and had a few more chances


As the game went on we kept getting better


"When the goal went in I definitely thought everyone"s shoulders dropped and relaxed a bit more and that"s when we started getting a few more chances


"It was all positive but we are going to focus on the next game to make sure we are still top of the group


Hopefully we get the three points and I get a hat-trick." Dykes has quickly shone in international football, having just moved from Livingston to QPR


The 25-year-old has brought Scotland a presence and a physique up front with midfielders able to run beyond his hold-up play


"I"ve been really enjoying coming in the Scotland camp with the boys," he added


"I feel at home and I enjoy getting away with them and learning


They are a great bunch of lads


I am sure we have a great future ahead of us


Since I have come in I think we are only getting better


"Everyone knows when you go away for internationals, you don"t get a lot of time to work on things and what the manager wants


But each time I have come in, training-wise, we are just getting better, getting more understanding


The squad is getting better and I think we are gelling well." As it stands, Dykes is the man in possession of Scotland"s No 9 jersey and the team as a whole are thriving off his many attributes


"Winning football all that matters" Former Scotland international Kris Boyd told : "We"ve got loads of talented players but it"s been about trying to find a formation that"s going to work for us

“赢得足球至关重要”,前苏格兰国脚克里斯·博伊德(Kris Boyd)表示:“我们有很多才华横溢的球员,但是这是要设法找到一个对我们有用的球队

I"ve heard it all before about the demand to play exciting football under Gordon Strachan, but we still didn"t qualify

我以前听说过有关在戈登·斯特拉坎(Gordon Strachan)下打令人兴奋的足球的需求,但我们仍然没有资格

Fletcher: Scottish influence growing in PL"If you go back to my time under Walter Smith as well, we were very lucky


Alex McLeish came in after that and we had periods under George Burley and Craig Levein where it didn"t really work out

亚历克斯·麦克利什(Alex McLeish)进来之后,我们在乔治·伯利(George Burley)和克雷格·莱文(Craig Levein)的领导下工作了一段时间

"All we keep hearing is that "we"ve got better players but we"re still not getting results"


The most important thing right now is that we"re winning games of football


We"re into the final of the European Championship play-offs, we"ve got the chance of qualifying for a major tournament


"I keep hearing people talking about football being played the right way, especially in the Premier League last season


No disrespect to Norwich, but people were saying they were playing football the right way


But they got relegated


There is only one way to play football and that"s winning games of football


That"s exactly what Scotland are doing at this moment in time."



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