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On October 15 2010, the ownership of Liverpool Football Club changed hands


On their way out were American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett, with supporters organising protest marches against them as the club"s debts began to pile up

美国老板汤姆·希克斯(Tom Hicks)和乔治·吉列(George Gillett)走出困境时,随着俱乐部债务的堆积,支持者组织了针对他们的抗议游行。

Their controlling interest sold to New England Sports Ventures, another United States-based group who would later become known as Fenway Sports Group


It brought to an end a period in the history of the club described as "harrowing" by one party, with the sale descending into a bitter courtroom battle in London"s High Court and the 160th District Court in Dallas, Texas


heard from four people for whom the deal resonates strongly on its 10th anniversary - journalists Alan Myers and Bryan Swanson, Spirit of Shankly fans" group member Joe Blott, and former chief executive Ian Ayre, who picks up the story Ian Ayre: "The banks, RBS in particular and others, were ready to call default on the loans that the owners had

听到这笔交易在其成立10周年时引起强烈共鸣的四个人-记者Alan Myers和Bryan Swanson,Shankly粉丝小组成员Joe Blott的精神以及前首席执行官Ian Ayre的故事,他们追随Ian Ayre的故事:“银行,尤其是苏格兰皇家银行(RBS)和其他银行,已经准备好追回所有者的贷款违约

yy注册"Eventually the banks came in to myself and the two other independent directors Christian (Purslow) and (Sir) Martin Broughton and made it clear if we didn"t work with them to find a buyer then they would foreclose and that would have meant administration


"How serious that threat was it is hard to know but they certainly had the power to do that and it made it difficult for everyone involved." Joe Blott: "They were difficult and dark times for Liverpool fans

“很难知道这种威胁有多严重,但他们当然有能力做到这一点,这给参与其中的每个人都带来了困难。”乔·布洛特(Joe Blott):“对于利物浦球迷来说,这是艰难而黑暗的时期

I was on the ground then rather than being in the (Spirit of Shankly) steering group and I"ve got massive admiration for the men and women who took the challenge to Hicks and Gillett and organised the marches and leaflet drops


"It showed that football fans can"t be taken for granted and fortunately they"re not so much now


I can"t give enough praise to what my predecessors did because they brought sense to Liverpool Football Club


"When supporters get together they can actually be a force for good


It hadn"t been at that level before


Manchester United did a lot of work against the Glazers and set up an alternative club so there were certain precedents but this was the biggest because it was nearly the end of Liverpool


"It was a seminal moment in football history." Ian Ayre: "We all had a pretty difficult time personally - we were all sued individually for a billion dollars by the owners

“这是足球历史上的开创性时刻。”伊恩·艾尔(Ian Ayre):“我们个人都度过了一段艰难的时光-所有人都被所有人单独起诉,要求赔偿10亿美元

It was harrowing and difficult but we all at least felt we were doing the right thing


"In their own right they were successful businessmen but this was a crown jewel of a football club which is so important to the city and people around the world


"Once you start messing with that and start causing issues that could damage you, you get in really hot water


"It wasn"t all bad but it was certainly very ugly at the end and they were fighting for the money they would lose so it was always going to be a bit of a scrap


Let"s say the best team won." Alan Myers: "I"d always got on really well with Tom Hicks, even though I had suggested he do an early interview with me by the roaring fire at his house, for which he got some stick for making himself look like this big rich man

比方说,最好的球队获胜。”艾伦·迈尔斯(Alan Myers):“尽管汤姆·希克斯(Tom Hicks)一直很喜欢我,尽管我曾建议他通过他家大吼大叫对我进行早期采访,但他为此得到了一些坚持使自己看起来像这个大富翁

"So I went to Dallas to get an interview with him at the time of the court case and we had to keep waiting to do it because the case was going on every day


"There was always a delay and then on the Friday the court was convened for an emergency hearing at 7am


We managed to get in there and there were four Liverpool fans in replica shirts with the big Texan hats and they tried to get a chant going about Tom Hicks, a very famous chant that was being sung at the time

我们设法到达那里,当时有四名利物浦球迷穿着大德克萨斯帽,他们试图引起人们对汤姆·希克斯(Tom Hicks)的歌颂,这是当时非常著名的歌谣。

yy注册"The judge quickly put a stop to that and quietened them down and then he said about how there was a dispute involving K-O-P Holdings which showed you the distance there was because obviously it should just have been Kop Holdings

yy注册“法官迅速制止了这一点,让他们安静下来,然后他说到涉及K-O-P Holdings的纠纷是如何发生的,它向您显示了距离,因为显然应该是Kop Holdings

"Hicks and (George) Gillett were trying to stop the deal but the judge didn"t allow them and it went through." Ian Ayre: "We were all probably more aware than anyone else just how important the selection of the new buyer was in terms of all of the things which had just gone before

“希克斯和(乔治)吉列特正试图阻止这笔交易,但法官不允许他们这样做,它还是通过了。”伊恩·艾尔(Ian Ayre):“我们可能比其他任何人都更了解选择新买家对之前发生的所有事情的重要性

"There were some very good organisations like Fenway and some not so pretty organisations on the face of it so it became really important we asked all the right questions of the intent of those people


"It was one thing to find a buyer who would take on the debt of the club but it is also important to have people who understood it


That was a fraught situation


"(FSG) are good people who know their stuff and are seasoned sports owners and had a great track record not just in sports and for me they seemed to be an ideal owner for Liverpool." Alan Myers: "I called Tom Hicks after the court case and asked if he would do an interview and he said he wasn"t in the mood for it

“(FSG)是知道他们的东西的好人,并且是经验丰富的体育运动老板,不仅在体育运动方面都有出色的往绩,对我而言,他们似乎是利物浦的理想老板。”艾伦·迈尔斯(Alan Myers):“在庭审之后,我打电话给汤姆·希克斯(Tom Hicks),问他是否愿意接受采访,他说他不愿意这么做。

I was devastated because we"d been there a week and I was going to come back empty-handed


"But he calmed down and called me back to say he would do an interview - that was the famous interview where he referred to the Liverpool fans as "internet terrorists"


"Even then it was clear he was still very passionate about the club but because of the financial crash there was no way they could continue


"After we finished the interview you could tell he was really devastated to have lost the club


He really wanted to do well with the club and without the crash he"d probably still be the owner today." Bryan Swanson: "There was a sense of covering a historic moment in Liverpool"s rich history - the media scrum outside the High Court in London was one of the biggest and most chaotic I"ve ever been involved in

他真的很想与俱乐部保持良好的关系,没有崩溃,他今天可能仍然会是老板。”布莱恩·斯旺森(Bryan Swanson):“有一种掩盖利物浦悠久历史的历史时刻的感觉-媒体争执不下。伦敦是我参与过的最大,最混乱的城市之一

"After getting off my knees on the pavement outside court, my arm ached after it was stretched out for so long to hold the microphone towards Martin Broughton, Ian Ayre and Christian Purslow


It was extraordinary as TV crews jostled with photographers, fans and bemused members of the public watching from the street


"We received a tip-off that the takeover was being completed at a law firm called Slaughter and May, about two miles away

“我们收到的提示是,收购已在约两英里外的一家名为Slaughter and May的律师事务所完成。

It was outside those law offices where a photographer captured me trying to "doorstep" John W Henry on his way in as he firmly, but politely, put his hand up to me

在那些律师事务所外面,一位摄影师抓住了我,试图在约翰·亨利(John W Henry)的路上“踩门”,他坚定而礼貌地举起了我的手

Later on, it was all smiles as he stood alongside club chiefs and answered all our questions


"In journalism, you live for moments of covering these big unpredictable stories and that takeover story had it all." Joe Blott: "The engagement is much more positive now - people who work at the club now are focused on engaging with us now and we hold the club to account

“在新闻界,你活着的时候会报道这些重大的不可预测的故事,而收购故事则拥有了一切。”乔·布洛特(Joe Blott):“现在的参与度要积极得多-现在在俱乐部工作的人们现在都专注于与我们互动,我们让俱乐部负责

"You can"t knock their achievement in terms of success on the pitch


Anyone who can bring Jurgen Klopp to our club has to be praised because he"s the next best thing to Bill Shankly in terms of his philosophy, his values and his principles."

任何能够将Jurgen Klopp带入我们俱乐部的人都必​​须受到称赞,因为就他的哲学,价值观和原则而言,他是Bill Shankly的第二要务。”


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