伯恩利中场球员阿什利·韦斯特伍德(Ashley Westwood)为尼克·波普(Nick Pope)的《金手套》(Golden Glove)赞助埃德森

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"We will all work our socks off to ensure Popey gets his clean sheet for the Golden Glove." That"s the "main goal" for Burnley when they host Brighton on Sunday, according to Ashley Westwood

“我们将全力以赴,以确保Popey拿到干净的床单来存放Golden Glove。”根据Ashley Westwood的说法,那是伯恩利在周日举办布赖顿比赛时的“主要目标”

Speaking exclusively to , the midfielder revealed his side are rallying behind their in-form stopper Nick Pope to scoop the prestigious award, who is currently locked with Manchester City"s Ederson on 15 clean sheets

独家讲话,这名中场球员透露,他的球队正在集齐制止的尼克·波普(Nick Pope)身后,夺取这一声望很高的奖项,后者目前与曼城的埃德森(Ederson)被锁定在15张干净的床单上

"It"s not going to be easy, but to be up there as a goalkeeper, I"m sure it will be among his greatest achievements


"We will do our best to help him achieve that


A clean sheet is a terrific start for any team, you only have to "nick" one goal and we"re one of the best at doing that


It"s for him, personally, and, as a team, we take great pride in it as well." Get What"s left to play for on PL final day?Westwood believes Pope"s hunt for the Golden Glove is also the gateway to a regular starting berth with England


"He"s going about that the right way


Jordan Pickford"s been brilliant, but all Popey has got to do is keep pushing and doing what he does best." But that"s not the only target for Burnley on Sunday

乔丹·皮克福德(Jordan Pickford)的表现出色,但波佩要做的就是继续努力并尽自己最大的努力。”但这并不是伯恩利周日的唯一目标

The Clarets have collected 54 points to equal the club"s Premier League record, achieved two years ago


"Even going into the game last week, that was the talk: we want to break that record, too


"We were pushing for Europe but didn"t quite get there


We achieved it last season but didn"t progress, so we wanted another crack at that, but, unfortunately, we just fell short


But it would be phenomenal for the club if we could break the record points tally." As if those two incentives weren"t enough, there is still the challenge of finishing eighth in the league - potentially above Arsenal - and a personal assist battle with team-mate Dwight McNeil


高尔夫赌场足球比分"Hopefully I can pip him to that," he jokes


It "would be some season" if the records are smashed and the targets met on Sunday


"If you consider we were three points off the bottom three in January and now we"ve lost one in 15


We"ve gone under the radar - but that"s the way we like it at Burnley!" The Dyche wayThe entire Burnley squad has cost under the 30-year-old has also notched six assists and created 53 chances

我们已经不为所动了-但这就是我们在伯恩利喜欢的方式!” Dyche方式整个伯恩利队在30岁以下的身价都得到了六次助攻,创造了53次机会

So is he primarily a destroyer or a creator? "I"m a bit of everything," he replies with a grin

那他是驱逐舰还是造物主? “我什么都有,”他咧嘴一笑。

"When I first came to Burnley I was just neat and tidy, give it five yards and sit screening the back four


But the gaffer has changed that


I"m more of a dynamic box-to-box player now


I"m putting the ball at risk much more." But Westwood doesn"t forget former allegiances and will be rooting for Villa to avoid the drop this weekend after Dean Smith"s side pulled clear of the relegation zone高尔夫赌场足球比分

我要把球置于更大的风险。”但是韦斯特伍德不会忘记前效忠者,在迪安·史密斯(Dean Smith)的球队撤离降级区后,他将为维拉加油以避免下降。高尔夫赌场足球比分

"There a lot of good people at Villa, behind the scenes


I don"t know many of the players there anymore


Jack [Grealish] is still there and he"s a phenomenal talent


"But I"m still in touch with a lot of people at the club and fingers crossed they can get over the line


They"ve put themselves in a great position." Promise of youthFor all the positives, one concern is Burnley"s average starting XI age of 28.4 before the restart - only Crystal Palace and Watford are older - and the squad is small, not helped with the recent departures

对于青年人的所有积极方面,一个令人担忧的问题是伯恩利在重新开始比赛之前的平均XI起始发球年龄为28.4-只有Crystal Palace和Watford年龄较大,并且球队很小,无助于最近出发

"It"s tough


It"s going to be a massive summer for us


We"ve lost a few great lads


If we"re going to stay in the top half, we"ve got to get some help


If we get that, who knows where we can go." But youth is waiting in the wings


The Clarets have named unused substitutes with an average age of 21 or under for three games running now - most of whom have not made a single Premier League appearance to date


"Us old boys aren"t doing too badly, we"re still keeping fit and keeping up with the young guns! But the youngsters are doing great and getting experience from training with us, day in and day out, and being involved with the matchday squad


"There"s a young lad, Max Thompson, he"s looked sharp in training

“有个小伙子马克斯·汤普森(Max Thompson),他在训练中看起来很敏锐

There"s also a young kid, Rico - he"s been out injured but was back with us today - and he looks like he"s going to be a special player


They"re in the best environment with us, but we keep them grounded, like we have with Dwight [McNeil] and who knows where they can go." So the future looks bright for Burnley, but, for now, the focus remains on the season finale with Brighton at Turf Moor, live on Arena this Sunday, with Pope"s Golden Glove, the club"s record points total, a potential finish above Arsenal and a certain assist battle between team-mates on the line



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