维吉尔·范·迪克(Virgil van Dijk)是否会像艾美·拉波特斯(Aymeric Laportes)那样结束冠军争夺战?

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Aymeric Laporte"s injury last season put Man City out of the title race by Christmas

艾梅·拉波特(Aymeric Laporte)上赛季的受伤使曼城(Man City)在圣诞节前退出了冠军争夺战

The Pitch to Post podcast asks: could the same happen to Liverpool without Virgil van Dijk? DOWNLOAD THE SKY SPORTS PITCH TO POST REVIEW PODCAST ON APPLE - or listen on Spotify above..

Pitch to Post播客问:如果没有维吉尔·范·迪克(Virgil van Dijk),利物浦会发生同样的事情吗?在苹果机上下载天空运动场以发布评论播客-或在上方的Spotify上收听。

Liverpool defender Van Dijk will undergo surgery following a challenge by Jordan Pickford in Saturday"s Merseyside derby, suffering a suspected ACL tear, and could be out until the spring

利物浦后卫范·迪克(Van Dijk)将接受手术,此前乔丹·皮克福德(Jordan Pickford)在周六的默西塞德郡(Merseyside)德比挑战赛中,遭受了可能的前交叉韧带撕裂,可能要等到春季

City suffered a similar blow in their defence in August last year, with Laporte spending a total of 30 games on the sidelines through injury, as Pep Guardiola"s side struggled to plug the gap, finishing 18 points behind Liverpool in the title race

去年八月,曼城在防守上遭受了类似的打击,拉波特在受伤期间总共花了30场比赛,瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)的球队努力缩小差距,在冠军争夺战中落后利物浦18分

Will Liverpool"s season go a similar way? Or are they better set up to cope with the absence of their talisman, who played every single minute of their historic title-winning season in 2019/20? On the latest Pitch to Post Review podcast, Jasper Taylor is joined by Gerard Brand and Ben Ransom to analyse exactly what this means for Liverpool

利物浦的赛季会走类似的路吗?还是他们更好地准备好应对他们的护身符的缺席?护身符在2019/20赛季历史上夺冠赛季的每一分钟都发挥着作用?在最新的Pitch to Post Review播客中,Jasper Taylor和Gerard Brand和Ben Ransom一起分析了这对利物浦的意义

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The timescale: April earliest? News" Ben Ransom: "Look at the injury, we know it"s an ACL injury

时间范围:最早在四月?新闻”本·兰索姆(Ben Ransom):“看一下伤病,我们知道这是ACL伤病

To me, that"s six to nine months from what we"ve seen with other professionals糖果派对下载


Best case scenario, he could be back by Gameweek 32, in April


Even if he"s back in training though, will he be match fit? You"d imagine not


"If it"s seven months out, that could be Gameweek 37


But again, by that point in the season, who knows whether they"d want to throw him back in? It"s a long road, and you"ve got to remember match fitness


"Aymeric Laporte"s injury last year was, to me, an absolute mirror image of this

“去年,艾美·拉波特(Aymeric Laporte)受伤是我的绝对镜像

He was the most important defensive player they had, they were one centre-back short in the squad, and they lost him for almost the entire season


"Laporte"s injury was not quite as bad as Van Dijk"s; and it took him five months to get back to playing


He started playing again at the end of January having been injured on the final day of August


"He broke down again, we didn"t see him for another month, then he came back, broke down again a couple games later, and he"s only just getting back to fitness


Clearly it"s not as simple as saying: "It"s six months."" Get Carra: Title race blown wide openVan Dijk set to undergo knee surgeryVan Dijk blows leaves Liverpool stepping into unknownThe loss of an orchestrator, but hope for Liverpool? " Gerard Brand: "It"s huge

显然,这并不像说“六个月”那样简单。”卡拉:冠军争夺战全面展开范迪克将接受膝关节手术范迪克的打击使利物浦步入未知之地失去了一位指挥家,但是希望利物浦吗? “很大

The reaction has been "title blown wide open" and that this changes everything for Liverpool - I"d argue separately the title was rather open before Van Dijk"s injury - but nevertheless we may well be looking back this news in seven months and marking it as the most defining moment of the season


"He"s their orchestrator, and in a team that play risky, high line football, you need a cool head and he is very much that


And clearly he"s their leader alongside Jordan Henderson


So it"s a massive blow for Klopp


You could just tell after the game he almost looked shell shocked


"But I think the one thing Liverpool fans can cling onto is that their midfield is probably not your typical title-winning midfield in that they are all focused on energy, and particularly defensive energy; winning the ball back and snuffing out chances before the ball even reaches their defence


They do a lot of their defending before the likes of Van Dijk get near the ball

他们在范迪克(Van Dijk)之类的球走近之前就做了很多防守

"This might be controversial but I don"t believe this is as bad as City losing Laporte last season


Of course, that ended terribly, they couldn"t find a partnership, they lost the influence Fernandinho in midfield and put him into defence, a move that still baffles me really, and they were never the same." Download the Pitch to Post Podcast on Apple - or listen on Spotify above..


糖果派对下载Fabinho to slot in? " Gerard Brand: "I"m interested to see what Klopp does here - you might have Joe Gomez and Joel Matip to line up together, but there are concerns there, particularly over Gomez"s form

糖果派对下载Fabinho可以参加吗?杰拉德·布兰德(Gerard Brand):“我很想看看克洛普(Klopp)在这里的所作所为-您可能让乔·戈麦斯(Joe Gomez)和乔尔·马蒂普(Joel Matip)在一起,但那里存在一些担忧,尤其是对戈麦斯的形式

I do wonder whether Fabinho drops into defence


He"s tried him there twice already this season, once in the win over Chelsea, where he impressed


"He also played Fabinho at centre-half against Bayern Munich in the first leg of their Champions League last 16 in 2018/19 and he helped earn a clean sheet, when Van Dijk was out


That set Liverpool up to progress and then win the tournament, so there"s obviously trust there." News" Ben Ransom: "Like Fernandinho, bringing Fabinho into defence and losing him midfield could be a blow for Liverpool


"But I think Fabinho will be the natural replacement, certainly going into next season


He can talk to everyone, he"s the one player, like Van Dijk, who can get Gomez or Matip alongside him, and tell the full-backs to tuck in." Download the Pitch to Post Podcast on Apple - or listen on Spotify above..

他可以与所有人交谈,他是Van Dijk这样的球员,可以让Gomez或Matip陪在他身边,并告诉后卫加入。”在Apple上下载Pitch以发布Podcast或在上方的Spotify上收听。 。


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