吉米·弗洛伊德·哈塞尔拜因克(Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink)关于鲁尼统治以及黑人经理人和球员缺乏机会

时间:2020-12-12 10:44:08

Speaking on Monday Night Football, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink discussed the effectiveness of the Rooney Rule and the lack of opportunity for black managers and players


The former Chelsea and Leeds striker has previously managed at Royal Antwerp, Burton, Northampton and QPR but has questioned if the Rooney Rule is the best way to encourage more black players into coaching


Hasselbaink also highlighted how black managers and former players are not afforded the same opportunities as their white counterparts


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I want to become a manager because a chairman or an owner of a club believes I am the right person for that job


"If I am not the right person, I don"t want that job


But also, don"t get me in because I am black and it ticks a box, just to make them look good


I have had that feeling before


"These owners have eight to 10 black players playing for them so why not put a black manager in the process without the Rooney Rule? It is not easy to get in front of people and get the opportunity


"I am not attacking the person and I like to see him where he is now but if you look at Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard, in their first jobs what they get


很太把游戏That is an opportunity that has been given to them


"They should take it


很太把游戏Don"t get me wrong


They should take it


But those opportunities are just not being given to a Sol Campbell or somebody else who is black and wants to be a manager

但是,这些机会只是没有提供给Sol Campbell或其他黑人但想当经理的人

"There are a lot who have their qualifications


I was told, "Jimmy, go to League Two, get yourself in there and show what you can do"


I did that


I was lucky enough to get a great chairman at Burton [winning the title] and I loved it


But those opportunities are really small


"Other black managers have got that same problem


"I think we all need to be a little bit more open-minded


Maybe the Rooney Rule is the right idea for now just to get black managers through the door so that owners can see that in an interview they are actually alright to speak to


"Maybe they don"t get the job but it puts something in their head for the next time and so on until it becomes the normality


"Everyone needs to chip in because there are so many black footballers who can give back in that area but I know a lot of black footballers don"t want to go down that route because they don"t believe they will get the opportunity


That"s a pity."



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