莱昂内尔·梅西(Lionel Messi)创造新纪录-冠军联赛总结

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Lionel Messi became the first player to score in 16 consecutive Champions League seasons as he guided 10-man Barcelona to a 5-1 victory over Hungarian side Ferencvaros in their Group G opener at the Camp Nou on Tuesday

莱昂内尔·梅西(Lionel Messi)成为10年来巴塞罗那联赛连续第一个得分的球员,他周二在诺坎普(Camp Nou)的G组揭幕战中带领10人的巴塞罗那队以5-1击败匈牙利队费伦茨瓦罗斯(Ferencvaros)

Messi netted from the penalty spot in the first half for his 116th career goal in the competition, before the lively Ansu Fati added a second


Philippe Coutinho grabbed another goal early in the second half but Barca defender Gerard Pique was dismissed for impeding Tokmac Nguen, leading to a penalty for the visitors that was converted by Igor Kharatin

菲利普·库蒂尼奥(Philippe Coutinho)在下半场早些时候又攻入一球,但恒大球赛后卫杰拉德·皮克(Gerard Pique)因阻碍托克马克·阮(Tokmac Nguen)而被解雇,导致对访客的处罚,由伊戈尔·卡拉廷(Igor Kharatin)转换

Any thoughts of a dramatic comeback were quashed though as 17-year-old Pedri netted his first Barca goal after arriving from second-tier Las Palmas at the start of the season, and Ousmane Dembele added the fifth late on

尽管当17岁的佩德里在本赛季初从二线拉斯帕尔马斯到达后获得了他的第一个恒大球赛进球,但是任何关于戏剧性卷土重来的想法都被扑灭了,而奥斯曼·登贝莱(Ousmane Dembele)在第二节末段补充了第五个进球

The Catalan side move above Juventus on goal difference at the top of the group after the Italian champions won 2-0 away at Dynamo Kyiv earlier on Tuesday thanks to a pair of classic poacher"s goals from Alvaro Morata


Will English sides seize CL chance?Champions League news | Fixtures | TablesBritish Champions League and Europa League squadsGet Juve coach Andrea Pirlo enjoyed his first win as a manager in Europe"s elite club competition, which he won twice with AC Milan during his playing days as a midfielder

英格兰方面会抓住CL的机会吗?治具|英国冠军联赛和欧罗巴联赛阵容让尤文图斯教练安德里亚·皮尔洛(Andrea Pirlo)首次获得欧洲精英俱乐部比赛经理的胜利,在中场比赛期间他与AC米兰两次获胜

A clever backheel by Aaron Ramsey set up Dejan Kulusevski and although the Swedish winger"s shot was saved, Morata was on hand to fire home the rebound and the Spaniard then stole in front of his marker to head home from close range in the 84th minute

亚伦·拉姆齐(Aaron Ramsey)巧妙的后脚架建立了德扬·库卢舍夫斯基(Dejan Kulusevski),尽管瑞典边锋的射门得以挽救,但莫拉塔(Morata)仍可将篮板送回家,西班牙人随后在第84分钟偷走了他的记号笔,从近距离射向

Meanwhile, Lazio"s Ciro Immobile scored against his former club Borussia Dortmund in a 3-1 home victory marking their return to the Champions League group phase after a 13-year absence on Tuesday

同时,拉齐奥的西罗·伊莫比尔(Ciro Immobile)以3-1的主场胜利击败了他的前俱乐部多特蒙德(Borussia Dortmund),标志着他们在周二缺席13年后重返欧冠小组赛阶段

Their second was credited as an own goal by keeper Marwin Hitz while substitute Jean-Daniel Akpa-Akpro got the third as the Italians shrugged off their poor form in the new Serie A season to secure a winning start to their Group F campaign

他们的第二个进球被门将马文·希茨(Marwin Hitz)认为是自己的进球,而替补球员让·丹尼尔·阿克帕·阿克普罗(Jean-Daniel Akpa-Akpro)则获得了第三个,因为意大利人在新的意甲赛季中摆脱了糟糕的状态,从而确保了他们F组战役的胜利

Dortmund"s Norway striker Erling Haaland kept up his prolific Champions League scoring form with a second-half goal to make it 2-1 but that was to be the German club"s consolation

多特蒙德的挪威前锋埃林·哈兰德(Erling Haaland)下半场进球保持了欧冠联赛得分王的佳绩,将比分改写为2-1,但这是德国俱乐部的安慰

Earlier in Group F, Club Brugge made a perfect start as a stoppage-time goal by Charles De Ketelaere gave them a 2-1 win at Zenit St Petersburg

在小组F的早期,布鲁日俱乐部(Club Brugge)取得了一个完美的开端,因为查尔斯·德·凯特莱尔(Charles De Ketelaere)的补时阶段进球使他们在圣彼得堡泽尼特(Zenit St Petersburg)2-1获胜。

After a drab first half, Emmanuel Bonaventure fired the visitors ahead in the 63rd minute when he swept in a rebound from two metres after Yaroslav Rakitskyy twice cleared close-range efforts by De Ketelaere off the line

上半场单调乏味后,第63分钟,伊曼纽尔·博纳旺蒂尔(Emmanuel Bonaventure)在亚洛斯拉夫·拉基茨基(Yaroslav Rakitskyy)两次清除德凯特拉雷(De Ketelaere)的近距离努力后从两米处反弹时向前方开火

Sebastian Driussi missed a gilt-edged opportunity to equalise when he blazed a shot over the bar from 10 metres before the home side levelled thanks to a freakish own goal by visiting goalkeeper Ethan Horvath in the 74th minute

塞巴斯蒂安·德留西(Sebastian Driussi)在第74分钟拜访守门员伊森·霍瓦斯(Ethan Horvath)时,由于自己的奇异进球,在主队冲平球门前10米处直射球门时,错过了镀金边缘的扳平机会

Leipzig keep pace with Man Utd In Manchester United"s Group H, Angelino struck twice in four minutes to give RB Leipzig a 2-0 victory over Istanbul Basaksehir


The 23-year-old, on loan from Manchester City since January, turned into an accomplished centre-forward when he beautifully controlled a Kevin Kampl cross into the box with a fine first touch, pivoted on the spot and fired in for the lead after 16 minutes

这位23岁的球员自1月份以来从曼城借来的球,成为了一位出色的中锋,他出色地将凯文·坎普尔(Kevin Kampl)的传中传到了禁区里,当场就很好地旋转了球,随后开了球16分钟

He then completed a quick counter-attack four minutes later after the visiting Turks lost possession in their own half


Paris Saint-Germain 1-2 Man Utd - Match reportChelsea 0-0 Sevilla - Match reportRennes marked their Champions League group-stage debut with a disappointing 1-1 draw at home to Russian side Krasnodar, conceding an equaliser just moments after scoring


The long-awaited first Rennes goal in Europe"s elite competition arrived in the 56th minute of this Group E encounter when striker Serhou Guirassy netted from the penalty spot after centre-half Yegor Sorokin fouled winger Martin Terrier


But the depleted Russian side equalised three minutes later when left-back Cristian Ramirez"s long-distance strike beat Alfred Gomis at the near post

但是,三分钟后,当左手克里斯蒂安·拉米雷斯(Cristian Ramirez)的长途罢工击败了近端哨兵阿尔弗雷德·戈米斯(Alfred Gomis)时,耗尽的俄罗斯一方平平


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