Super 6 Extra:一场比赛,六个问题,有机会赢得£5,000!

时间:2020-10-22 23:01:04

You can win £5,000 with Super 6 Extra by predicting what will happen when Wolves host Newcastle in their Super Sunday clash

通过预测狼队在超级星期日冲突中主场纽卡斯尔会发生什么,您可以通过Super 6 Extra赢得5,000英镑

Super 6 Extra does draw on some similarities to the game we all know and love, but the beauty of this game on a Sunday lies with having to correctly predict six questions to scoop the jackpot

Super 6 Extra确实与我们都知道和喜欢的游戏有一些相似之处,但周日该游戏的优点在于必须正确预测六个问题才能中奖

These are as follows: What will be the full-time score?What will be the half-time score?Who will score the first goal?Who will receive the first card?How many corners will be taken?Who will be the Man of the Match?There is, as with Super 6, a tiebreaker to split the winners if there is more than one on any occasion


This will be a possession slider, so you simply slide it to what you think the possession stat will be at the end of the game, and that could be the difference between coming away empty handed or with a sweet 5,000 jackpot


Do not miss your free chance to play and enter your predictions before the 4.30pm deadline on Sunday!



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