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St Johnstone were unable to build on their recent impressive scoring rate as they were held to a goalless draw at home by Dundee United


Saints had netted 12 times in their last two games, scoring seven without reply in their Betfred Cup victory over Brechin City and seeing off Hamilton 5-3 last weekend


However, despite dominating at McDiarmid Park, they could not find a way to break down a resolute United defence


Marc McNulty, making his first start since joining on loan from Reading, came close to an early opener for United

马克·麦克纳尔蒂(Marc McNulty)自从雷丁(Reading)租借加盟以来首次创业,他接近曼联的早期揭幕战

The striker, part of a three-man forward line for the visitors, initially mis-kicked a cross from Lawrence Shankland but recovered quickly to fire in a fierce shot that slipped just over the bar

这名前锋是为观众提供的三人前进线的一部分,最初是从劳伦斯·尚克兰(Lawrence Shankland)的传中失误,但很快就被猛烈射门打了回去,就滑到了酒吧上方

United enjoyed brief periods of possession thereafter, but all the chances fell for Saints


In the 11th minute, a ball over the top found Stevie May on the run but the marksman, with five goals in his previous two outings, could not squeeze his shot past Benjamin Siegrist at the near post

在第11分钟,一个高位上的皮球让Stevie May失控,但神射手在前两次郊游中有5个进球,无法将射门压过近距离的本杰明·西格里斯特

Scottish Premiership - latest news and featuresScottish Premiership fixtures | results | tableGet | Get a Now TV Day PassJason Kerr then headed a Craig Conway corner wide in the 28th minute before Murray Davidson was freed from his defensive midfield role to drill in an effort that slipped just wide of the upright

苏格兰英超-最新新闻和功能结果tableGet |马上获取电视日通行证,杰森·科尔在第28分钟带领克雷格·康威转角弯

Then four minutes from the interval, the Perth outfit again came close to the breakthrough


McNulty was guilty of a loose pass at the edge of his own box and Craig Bryson whistled a drive inches past

麦克纳尔蒂(McNulty)犯规,因为自己的禁区边缘传球不顺,克雷格·布赖森(Craig Bryson)吹了几口气

The pattern was repeated after the break as Saints continued to carve out all the opportunities


Six minutes into the half, wing-back Danny McNamara scampered down the right flank and picked out David Wotherspoon with a neat pass, but the midfielder scooped his shot off target

半场结束六分钟,边后卫丹尼·麦克纳马拉(Danny McNamara)右脚扫射,并以整齐的传球挑选了大卫·沃瑟斯庞(David Wotherspoon),但中场球员将他的射门打了下来

Not everything was coming off for Wotherspoon, who was wasteful at times, but the former Hibernian player was proving the home side"s best outlet in attack在线牛牛游戏


On the hour mark, the 30-year-old drove another effort over the crossbar before coming closer with 18 minutes remaining


A break of the ball 40 yards from goal allowed Wotherspoon to burst forward at pace


A partial block by the backtracking Mark Connolly took the sting out of the shot and Siegrist dived full length to his right to claw the ball away

回溯马克·康诺利(Mark Connolly)的一小部分阻挡了射门,西格里斯特(Siegrist)向右下完全俯冲,将球拔出

And the United keeper came to his side"s rescue again in the final minute


This time, Wotherspoon was the provider with a corner that Murray Davidson bulleted towards goal, but Siegrist blocked the header on his line to seal a point for the Tangerines

这次,沃瑟斯彭(Wotherspoon)是穆雷·戴维森(Murray Davidson)射门偏出的角球,但是齐格里斯(Siegrist)封堵了头球上的头球,给橘子树下了一个分

What the managers said...St Johnstone manager Callum Davidson: "After 10 minutes we settled down and played really well

经理怎么说...圣约翰斯通经理卡勒姆戴维森(Callum Davidson):“十分钟后,我们安顿下来,发挥得非常好

We created good opportunities


The pleasing thing for me was how we dealt with their front three


It"s a potent front three with a lot of experience and a lot of goals between them, but we limited them to no shots on target


So that side I was really pleased with


On the attacking side, we dominated the game for 80 minutes


A few times this season I"ve been standing here, and we"ve lost the game 1-0, and I"m really frustrated for the lads we didn"t take the three points." Dundee United boss Micky Mellon: "We"ve worked very hard on the defensive side of things and up to this point the hard work has come to fruition

本赛季几次我一直站在这里,我们以1-0输掉了比赛,我对让我们不拿三分的小伙子感到非常沮丧。”邓迪联队老板米基梅隆(Micky Mellon):“我们在防御性方面做得非常努力,到目前为止,辛苦工作已取得成果

What we want to get better at is when we come out of that defending and when we have the ball ourselves


We need to get better at that first pass or finding the runs of the front three or they have to retain it better


在线牛牛游戏"But in order to do that you have to get the platform right and the platform comes from defending properly and getting those clean sheets


We defended really well throughout the game, we defended our 18-yard box superbly well and we defended as a unit really well


We looked really solid


I would just have liked us to be a bit better when we came out of "solid"."



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