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As part of Black History Month, Patrick Davison speaks with three pioneers of English football to discuss the past, present and future of race relations within the game

作为“黑人历史月”的一部分,帕特里克·戴维森(Patrick Davison)与三位英式足球先驱进行了交谈,讨论了比赛中种族关系的过去,现在和未来

They were stars, among the best players in what was fast becoming the world"s greatest league


John Barnes, Paul Ince and Andy Cole grew up in a country that could be hostile, but inspired by the trailblazers who showed it could be done - the likes of Cyrille Regis, Viv Anderson, Luther Blissett, Barnes himself, and many, many more

约翰·巴恩斯(John Barnes),保罗·因斯(Paul Ince)和安迪·科尔(Andy Cole)在一个充满敌意的国家长大,但受到开拓者的启发,这些人证明这是可以做到的–西里尔·里吉斯,维夫·安德森,路德·布利塞特,巴恩斯本人等

Together they laid a path for those that followed


"The way they excelled showed that no amount of adversity was going to stop them from becoming the best in the business," Troy Townsend, head of development at Kick It Out, tells

Kick It Out的开发主管Troy Townsend表示:“他们出色的表现表明,没有任何逆境可以阻止他们成为行业中的佼佼者。”

"They didn"t tip-toe, they exploded onto the scene, the mould had been broken


There"s so much those guys would have had to overcome." He"s not wrong


Barnes scored 142 top-flight goals for Watford, Liverpool and Newcastle


Andy Cole scored 187 Premier League goals, and still sits as third all-time top scorer

安迪·科尔(Andy Cole)攻入187个英超联赛进球,但仍位列第三

Paul Ince clocked up 467 top-flight appearances, and was England"s first appointed black captain in 1993

保罗·因斯(Paul Ince)登顶467次,并于1993年成为英格兰第一位任命的黑人队长

Those black players before them had made it easier, but not easy


Black London footballers: Pioneers, cage games and setbacksFootballers" black idols: Ince, Zaha, Antonio and moreBlack History Month 2020: More storiesInce: "There has always been fight, there has always been this never-say-die attitude


I go back to my childhood, and I used to hang around with all these lads on the corner of the street


There was a gang called Becontree boys, a bit older than us, and they used to drive by in their cars and shout racial abuse at us, every night


"Every single night for about two years


That"s when I was 13 or 14, so I had experienced that


I married a white girl, I was with my wife Claire since I was 17, when I was at West Ham


It wasn"t known in the 80s to see a white person with a black person


"I experienced racism in my early times at West Ham


I remember we went away to some team and we were 4-0 down, and I was just warming up down the sidelines, and they were hurling abuse, coins, bananas


For an 18, 19-year-old kid, that"s pretty harrowing


To experience it, was frightening." Cole: "Do I believe I"d become a role model? Not at all


I"ll always take my hat off to those who went before me


I know how much hard work they"ve put in for people like me


双色球讨论吧What they went through, I know, hand on heart, I couldn"t have done it


双色球讨论吧 "I remember when a certain individual tried to name me Chalky


To this day, I think he"s still waiting for me to answer him


I don"t answer to Chalky双色球讨论吧


I don"t accept nonsense like that." Barnes: "When the team is not playing well, the fans would start to boo me


That was a difficult time for me


Regardless of whether bananas came on the field with me, or racial abuse, or whatever, I felt much stronger looking into the crowd seeing black fans who were racially abused


双色球讨论吧That I felt was wrong, and that we had to deal with, and still now we have to deal with that situation." Townsend: "Back in the 70s and 80s, the abuse was horrendous


They would have faced the worst of language, stadiums full of people that hated them, bananas, which became synonymous with black people: "You"re a monkey, there"s a banana"." Read more Black History Month content on , including exclusive interviews and features, here A whole new ball game? Then came the Premier League


In 1992/93, the excitement of the new English top-flight took over


But did it eradicate racism? Townsend: "People talk about the 90s as glory years, the Premier League being born, and this whole new era of exciting products, it meant: did we have to talk about racism anymore? Is it really a thing? If you want me to be honest, racism was swept under the carpet


If you want to talk to those players, they would say they were still having those experiences


Things were still happening." Ince: "It seemed everything was great and everything was perfect


It wasn"t perfect for the black players in their teams


We were still experiencing racial stuff


It"s not an issue for me to deal with it from the stands


But when a white professional player says it, then it would annoy me


"I always had this issue: if they said anything about your colour, or about your wife, it"s going off in the tunnel


That was it! They were the only two things that riled me, and there were plenty of times that did happen in the early 90s." Smashing through barriersDespite the odds and the abuse, black players continued to smash through barriers


Starting with Barnes, who became the first black player to establish himself at Liverpool, the club who had become England"s dominant force


Barnes: "I was thrusted into the limelight, so all eyes were going to be on me, but I trusted my ability, my footballing ability, my team-mates and the environment Liverpool gave me, to show what I could do." Cole was the first black player to break the British transfer record in 1995, moving from Newcastle to Manchester United for 7m in 1995, while Ince was recognised by the England national side as their main leader, in a time where the likes of Tony Adams, Alan Shearer and David Seaman were heavily involved

巴恩斯:“我被众人瞩目,所以所有的目光都注视着我,但是我相信自己的能力,足球能力,队友以及利物浦给我的环境,展现了我的能力。”科尔是1995年第一位打破英国转会纪录的黑人球员,1995年以700万从纽卡斯尔转会至曼联,而英斯则被英格兰国家队认可为他们的主要领导人,而在此期间,托尼·亚当斯(Tony Adams),艾伦·希勒(Alan Shearer)和大卫·希曼(David Seaman)参与其中

Ince: "For me to have that armband, it was like a little kid again


You"re so excited, your stomach is bubbling, and you just think: "Wow, really? Are you sure?"


"It probably more so hit home in Rome, captaining them to the draw that got us to the World Cup


I got home to a sack full of letters from all over the world


That hit home to me how much it meant to them that I was a black England captain." Abuse comes under spotlight in 1995 Among that, 1995 brought one of the most infamous moments in the Premier League

这让我感到震惊,我对我来说是黑人英格兰队长。” 1995年,虐待事件备受关注,其中,1995年是英超联赛中最臭名昭著的时刻之一

Manchester United"s Eric Cantona was banned for eight months for kicking a Crystal Palace fan in the stands at Selhurst Park

曼联的埃里克·坎通纳(Eric Cantona)因在塞尔赫斯特公园(Selhurst Park)的看台上踢水晶宫球迷被禁赛八个月

Abuse from fans came properly under the spotlight for the first time, but not in the way that had been anticipated


Was it nevertheless the straw that broke the camel"s back? Ince: "At the time it was scary and it wasn"t right, but he only did what everyone else wanted to do." Cole: "It took someone like Eric to say: "Enough is enough, I can"t handle this no more"." Townsend: "I"m probably happy it was a white Frenchman that took the stance, rather than any black player


Why? Because I think they would have been dealt with differently, harsher


And I wonder if they"d have still been allowed in the game." The managerial void Many successful black players have looked to make the move through to management, but still, in 2020, the lack of BAME British managers is startling


The Premier League is yet to implement the Rooney Rule - requiring clubs to interview at least one BAME candidate - and it is clear there is much work to be done in this area


Tony Collins: The first black manager in league footballLost Lionesses: Celebrating England"s first black captainCole: "I remember when I retired and Sir Alex Ferguson said to me: "Right, come on Coley, get yourself into the coaching badges"

托尼·柯林斯(Tony Collins):联盟足球中的第一位黑人经理丢了·莱昂妮丝(Lessesses):庆祝英格兰的第一位黑人队长科尔:“我记得我退休时亚历克斯·弗格森爵士对我说:"好吧,快来科利,上教练徽章吧"

I said: "No, it"s not for me"


I didn"t think there was going to be an opportunity for black managers to manage at the elite level, and I"m not prepared to jump through hoops for nobody." Ince: "We"re not saying we should have the job because we"re black


We"re saying give us the chance to sit in front of you guys, and explain how we look at this club and take it forward


That"s not even happening


We just want to feel that we are equal to everybody else


Hopefully in the next two, three, four years, we"ll be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel." Townsend: "The game doesn"t trust them


Why are we not on the merry-go-round of managers? Because there is a merry-go-round." Barnes: "We have a perception of different groups" ability, and the perception for hundreds of years about a black man"s ability to think, a woman"s ability to lead a fortune 500 company, and somebody who is gay"s ability to go to war and fight

为什么我们不在管理者的旋转木马上?因为有一个旋转木马。” Barnes:“我们对不同群体的能力有感知,并且数百年来人们对黑人的思考能力,女性领导财富500强公司的能力以及有同性恋能力的人去打仗和打架

It"s because of what we have been wrongly told about them, and that"s what we have to change." Players flourishing now And so in football and society, huge challenges remain


But on the pitch, it"s a Premier League where talent flourishes, and that is something a group of pioneers from its early days helped to build


Cole: "For black players to excel at the highest level, it"s nice to see." Ince: "We have a voice now, and that"s the most important thing


I"m thinking about the future, I"m thinking about my son Thomas


It"s definitely in a better place, that"s the great thing, we are pioneers to hopefully pave the way for other black players so they are racially abused less and less when they step onto a football pitch


We have come a long way, but we"ve still got a long, long way to go." Barnes: "You can look at a League Two team in the middle of nowhere where you wouldn"t find a black man, but you"ve got six black players playing for their side


That is a big difference." Townsend: "This generation of your Sterlings, your Rashfords, your Sanchos, I could go on, there"s so many talented figures out there now


Our young players are saying to the world: "We"re ready, we want to play, we can see the stage and we want to dance on it"


But the journey now is just as long as how far we"ve come


We have to acknowledge how far we"ve come, but let"s not rest on our laurels." Read more Black History Month content on , including exclusive interviews and features, here



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