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Substitute Lukas Jutkiewicz hit a last-minute winner for Birmingham as they ended their goal drought in a 2-1 victory over Huddersfield at St Andrew"s

卢卡斯·尤特凯维奇(Lukas Jutkiewicz)取代伯明翰成为最后时刻的赢家,他们在圣安德鲁(St Andrew"s)2-1击败哈德斯菲尔德(Huddersfield)的比赛中结束了目标干旱

Fellow sub Isaac Mbenza looked like he had rescued a point for Huddersfield after equalising in the 85th minute after Gary Gardner ended Birmingham"s 322-minute spell without a goal

副手艾萨克·姆本扎(Esaac Mbenza)看起来像是在加里·加德纳(Gary Gardner)在没有进球的情况下结束伯明翰(Birmingham)322分钟的比赛后第85分钟扳平比分后,为哈德斯菲尔德(Huddersfield)挽救了一个积分

Mbenza"s stunning 85th-minute free-kick rewarded a dominant second-half performance from Carlos Corberan"s side until Jutkiewicz handed Blues a first victory in seven matches

姆宾扎惊人的第85分钟任意球使卡洛斯·科贝兰(Carlos Corberan)的下半场表现出色,直到尤特凯维奇(Jutkiewicz)交出了布鲁斯七场比赛的首场胜利

Championship table | Fixtures | On SkyGet Scott Hogan and George Friend both went close twice, while Jeremie Bela hit the post for the home side

冠军桌|治具|在SkyGet上,斯科特·霍根(Scott Hogan)和乔治·朋友(George Friend)都两次关闭,而杰里米·贝拉(Jeremie Bela)担任主队

Jutkiewicz"s winner was Blues" first in open play in 2020-21, with all of their previous goals from set-pieces


After a slow start to the game by both teams, Blues created four quick chances in as many minutes足球滚球大小球技巧


A low free-kick from Ivan Sanchez reached Gardner at the far post, but the midfielder mis-kicked in a crowded box and Huddersfield cleared

伊万·桑切斯(Ivan Sanchez)的低任意球在较远的位置到达了加德纳(Gardner),但中场球员在拥挤的盒子里误踢了球,哈德斯菲尔德(清理了)

Seconds later, Hogan drove a couple of feet wide from 25 yards before the striker toe-poked wide when clean through after an error by Christopher Schindler was seized on by Sanchez


Blues remained in the ascendancy and Friend cut inside before firing low straight at goalkeeper Ben Hamer at his near post


Huddersfield produced their first attempt in the 24th minute when Fraizer Campbell"s shot on the turn from 25 yards flew narrowly over the bar

哈德斯菲尔德在第24分钟进行了首次尝试,当弗雷泽·坎贝尔(Fraizer Campbell)在25码转弯处的射门高低地飞越横梁

But Blues returned to the attack to deservedly break the deadlock three minutes later


A free-kick from Bela, this time floated high into the box, was met by a powerful header from Gardner at the far post that looped over Hamer, who had no chance of saving


Blues continued to threaten and a curling free-kick from Bela hit the base of the post before Friend"s follow-up was cleared off the line by his former Wolves team-mate Richard Stearman

布鲁斯继续威胁,来自贝拉的一脚任意球打中了该职位的基础,而之前的森林狼队友理查德·斯蒂尔曼(Richard Stearman)取消了朋友的后续行动

Huddersfield"s only other chance of the first period came when Josh Koroma headed wide from a tight angle after goalkeeper Neil Etheridge missed Juninho Bacuna"s free-kick

哈德斯菲尔德在第一节比赛中唯一的其他机会来自门将尼尔·埃瑟里奇(Neil Etheridge)错过了朱尼尼奥·巴库纳(Jininho Bacuna)的任意球后,乔什·科罗马(Josh Koroma)从一个狭窄的角度向前张开

Huddersfield had the first opportunity of the second half when Koroma seized on a poor headed clearance, cut inside and unleashed a fierce shot that crashed off the bar, with Adama Diakhaby unable to hit the target from the rebound


Mbenza curled a brilliant free-kick into the top corner to equalise from just outside the box


足球滚球大小球技巧But Jutkiewicz, who missed two games after testing positive for Covid-19, secured Blues" win when he tapped home the rebound after fellow substitute Jonathan Leko smacked the bar with an angled drive

足球滚球大小球技巧但是Jutkiewicz在测试Covid-19的成绩后输了两场比赛,但在替补球员Jonathan Leko弯腰击打酒吧之后,他利用篮板获得了篮板,从而确保了蓝军的胜利。


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