英超联赛的来龙去脉:哈基姆·齐耶克(Hakim Ziyech)为切尔西(Chelsea)效力,而利物浦(Liverpool)找到了解决方法

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Saints keep marching onThe Saints are flying at present, helped by a run of recent wins that have seen them move up the table on the back of their best start to a Premier League campaign in six years


Aston Villa 3-4 Southampton - Match report and highlightsHow Villa and Southampton lined up | Match statsBoosted no doubt by last weekend"s impressive 2-0 dismantling of then league leaders Everton at St Mary"s, Ralph Hasenhuttl"s team arrived in the Midlands oozing with confidence and boy did it show环球木地板网

阿斯顿维拉3-4南安普敦-赛事报道和亮点别墅和南安普顿如何排成一列|比赛统计数据无疑是由于上周末令人印象深刻的2-0拆解了当时的联赛冠军埃弗顿在圣玛丽的比赛,拉尔夫·哈森胡特(Ralph Hasenhuttl)的球队充满信心地来到了米德兰兹,男孩确实做到了环球木地板网

Three up at half-time soon became 4-0 when Danny Ings curled home a beauty from the edge of the box just before the hour-mark at Villa Park and while the hosts did hit back with three late goals, the damage had already been done


To emphasise just how well the south coast club are playing at present, only champions Liverpool (19), Man City (16) have won more league games this year than Southampton"s 13.Richard Morgan Ziyech making his mark After watching on the sidelines for the first few weeks of the season, Hakim Ziyech must have been itching to play his part in an exciting attacking shape for Frank Lampard

为了强调南海岸俱乐部目前的表现,今年仅冠军利物浦(19),曼城(16)比南安普敦的13赢得了更多的联赛冠军。理查德·摩根·齐耶奇(Richard Morgan Ziyech)在场上观望赛季开始的前几周,哈基姆·齐耶奇(Hakim Ziyech)一定会发痒,以弗兰克·兰帕德(Frank Lampard)令人兴奋的进攻形态发挥自己的作用

The 27-year-old summer signing has been eased into action and the patience regarding his availability in recovering from a knee injury looks to be paying off环球木地板网


Burnley 0-3 Chelsea - Match report and highlightsHow Burnley and Chelsea lined-up | Match statsHe gave the Chelsea fans a taste of his talents in the 4-0 win away at Krasnodar in the Champions League, netting his first goal for the club


At Turf Moor, he was an even greater threat and came away with a goal and an assist to his name

在Turf Moor,他受到的威胁更大,他以进球和助攻的身份走了出来

Playing off the right but more centrally than he was deployed for Ajax, he rotated and linked well with Tammy Abraham and Timo Werner - as seen for his opening goal where he managed to wrong-foot Nick Pope with a clever finish

发挥得不错,但比他部署到Ajax的位置更集中,他旋转并与Tammy Abraham和Timo Werner保持良好的联系-从他的首个进球中就可以看出,他巧妙地使尼克·波普错了脚

Ziyech looked to be enjoying the role, which allowed Reece James to provide the width from full-back and capped his display when receiving a pass from James and playing in Werner for Chelsea"s third

Ziyech看起来很喜欢这个角色,这让Reece James可以提供边后卫的宽度,并且在接到James的传球并在Werner切尔西的第三场比赛中加盖了自己的表现

With improvement to come and his confidence to increase, he"s an exciting prospect in this rapidly improving Chelsea side.Lewis Jones Limp Liverpool find a way..


again Winning while playing badly: the sign of champions? That won"t cut it for Jurgen Klopp

再次在糟糕的比赛中获胜:冠军的标志?对于Jurgen Klopp来说,这不会削减

Liverpool once again limped over the line against West Ham, taking three points despite starting slowly at Anfield and looking below par for large chunks


But they won"t keep winning these games like this


环球木地板网They will drop points


We can talk about defensive injuries for days - and yes, West Ham"s opener wasn"t pretty for Liverpool"s back line - but that didn"t feel like the main problem for Klopp"s side on Saturday


Instead, it felt like a distinct lack of sharpness and energy throughout the team


Intriguingly, though not explicitly blaming his side of lacking character after the game, Klopp did make an excuse for why his side may not be showing the spirit that made them Premier League champions


"The basis for all we do and did is the character of this group


I cannot convince them to fight if they are not fighters


That"s not possible


Liverpool 2-1 West Ham - Match report and highlightsPremier League table | Fixtures | ResultsHow Liverpool and West Ham lined up | Match stats"If they are not ready to put all the desire in a game and show all the determination, I cannot convince them


It was always easy with this team to show them the right path and then that they follow it


环球木地板网"It"s an incredibly difficult time


[For the] outside world 100 per cent, and for the boys as well


It"s really demanding the number of games we have to play


You can only fight when your body is ready." Few teams depend on intensity like Liverpool


Do they have enough quality to see them through when the energy drops a few notches, in this season of all seasons? Recent evidence suggests they can, but it may only last for so long.Gerard Brand Man City quietly building momentum Much of the Man City focus in recent weeks has been on injury troubles, particularly up front, and is Pep Guardiola going back to Barcelona? Just for reference, he has no immediate plans

在整个季节的这个季节中,当能量下降几个档次时,它们是否具有足够的质量可以看到它们?最近的证据表明它们可以,但可能只能持续这么长时间。杰拉德·曼城(Gerard Brand Man City)悄然建立势头最近几周,曼城的大部分关注点都放在了伤病上,尤其是在前期,瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)回到巴塞罗那了吗?仅供参考,他没有立即计划

There have also been draws against Leeds and West Ham, with some questioning City"s resilience and Guardiola making the worst start to a season in his coaching career


But since losing 5-2 to Leicester in the second Premier League game of the season, they are unbeaten in all competitions - a run of seven games


In fact, their last two have been wins and clean sheets as central defenders Ruben Dias and Aymeric Laporte start to click

事实上,随着中央后卫鲁本·迪亚斯(Ruben Dias)和艾梅里克·拉波特(Aymeric Laporte)

Sheff Utd 0-1 Man City - Match report and highlightsHow Sheff Utd and Man City lined-up | Match statsOn Saturday, they restricted Sheffield United to just one shot on target and three overall, had 65 per cent of possession and 18 shots


After the game, Guardiola was slightly frustrated that his side had not taken more of their chances, but some of that credit has to go to Aaron Ramsdale and John Egan, who made some superb stops and blocks between them


With their unbeaten run and perhaps a long-needed centre-back solution, City are quietly building some momentum


With the Premier League table remaining congested and results increasingly hard to predict, you can never write off City for another title-challenge this season


They have the talent and the experience and, after missing out on the Premier League title last season, something to prove.Charlotte Marsh Test of Blades" steel after another defeat These are hardly games that will shape Sheffield United"s season but after the promise of their performance at Liverpool last time out, frustration will linger following this defeat

他们拥有才华和经验,在上赛季错过英超联赛冠军之后,还有一些值得证明的东西。夏洛特·马什(Charlotte Marsh)刀片的测试又一次失败。上一次利物浦的表现,挫败感会持续下去

The 1-0 scoreline belied City"s dominance at a sodden Bramall Lane - certainly by half-time - and while Chris Wilder can justify a containment approach against the likes of Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne, the nagging disappointment was that here were so many flaws of their own making: the looseness in the unsurprisingly rare spells of possession, the stark lack of quality from familiarly promising positions out wide - only two crosses found a red and white shirt - and the propensity to go long too often to Oli McBurnie and Rhian Brewster

1-0的比分线掩盖了曼城在湿透的Bramall Lane上的统治地位-肯定是上半场-尽管Chris Wilder可以证明对Raheem Sterling和Kevin De Bruyne这样的人采取遏制措施是合理的,但令人失望的是,这里有很多缺陷他们自己创造的东西:毫不奇怪的是,拥有权的松动,从熟悉的有希望的位置到处都明显缺乏质量-只有两个十字架发现了一件红色和白色的衬衫-而且倾向于Oli McBurnie和Rhian经常走太久布鲁斯特

Get | Get a NOW TV passLive football on There is no doubt that injuries to Jack O"Connell and John Fleck have blunted the Blades" attacking impetus down the left; diluted the DNA of overlaps and overloads that made them such an irresistible watch for so much of last season, but shapes and systems cannot account for cheap turnovers or errant decision-making


The Blades boss spoke of "anxiety" in the 1-1 draw against Fulham and pointed again to a mini-crisis of confidence as a troubling run stretched to six defeats in seven


Wilder has reluctantly turned back to a sports psychologist but is after some Sheffield steeliness from within


"What about the players showing that quality? They"ve obviously got it cause they"ve done it (last season)


What about them showing that and being brave? They have to dig a little bit deeper." The Blades desperately need a break but, for now, this is a test of nerve.Kate Burlaga

他们表现出来并勇敢呢?他们必须更加深入地挖掘。”刀片迫切需要休息一下,但就目前而言,这是一种神经的考验。凯特·伯拉加(Kate Burlaga)


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