丹尼·英格斯(Danny Ings):切·亚当斯(Che Adams)是否可以帮助南安普敦应对英格兰前锋的失利?

时间:2020-12-12 10:49:14

Danny Ings has been the star player for Southampton under Ralph Hasenhuttl so there is understandable concern right now

丹尼·英格斯(Danny Ings)一直是拉尔夫·哈森胡特(Ralph Hasenhuttl)领导下南安普敦的明星球员,所以现在存在可以理解的担忧

The news that the striker will be out for up to six weeks as a result of a knee injury picked up late on against Aston Villa presents a problem


"This is not good news for us," said Hasenhuttl, before stressing there is far more to his Southampton team than their top scorer


The onus is on others to find a way without him


Much will depend on whether Che Adams can carry the burden up front

这在很大程度上取决于Che Adams是否可以提前承担重担

The man signed for 23 a monthPerhaps it is too much to expect a similar relationship with Shane Long or Michael Obafemi

这名男子每月签约23英镑,也许与肖恩·朗(Shane Long)或迈克尔·奥巴菲米(Michael Obafemi)有着类似的恋情可能实在太多了

It could be Hasenhuttl tweaks things to deploy Theo Walcott in an advanced role instead

可能是Hasenhuttl调整了部署Theo Walcott的高级职位的方法

What is clear is whoever comes into the Southampton team there will now be a greater onus on Adams to take the scoring responsibility himself in the absence of a player who only missed out on the Premier League golden boot by a single goal last season


His record without Ings so far reveals he has scored one goal in the 365 minutes of Premier League football that he has played without his partner on the pitch


That was the late second after coming on as a substitute in the 2-0 win at Bournemouth in July


Adams" record with Ings on the pitch shows that he has scored five goals in 1331 minutes at a rate of on every 266 minutes - significantly better


Thanks in part to the fact that it has, on occasion, been Ings supplying him - such as the cross for the second goal against Everton


The good news for Southampton is that Adams" scoring form is trending in the right direction, so perhaps those statistics are skewed by the fact that many of those minutes without Ings came in the early part of last season when he was still adapting to the level


Adams has not always taken his chances but, increasingly, he is in position to do so


His instincts are improving9888


Finishing streaks come and go but the correlation between the number of chances and the number of goals is strong


The signs are positive9888


Perhaps that improvement is to be expected given Adams did not work within an academy setup between the ages of 14 and 18


He took a different route and even at 24 he is still learning


Hasenhuttl enjoys honing young talent, working on those subtleties, and as one of only two Premier League managers to have been a striker himself, he has an affinity for attackers


If Adams can continue to improve and provide the cover required while Ings is unavailable, this is a chance for Southampton


Win against Newcastle on Friday and Hasenhuttl"s team will even go to the top of the table for the first time in Premier League history


Che Adams has already shown that he can form a successful partnership with Danny Ings

Che Adams已经表明,他可以与Danny Ings建立成功的伙伴关系

The job now is to show that he - and Southampton - can function just as well without him



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