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Leaders of English football will face MPs next week over the current failure to agree a coronavirus rescue package for the EFL, with Project Big Picture also under scrutiny

英格兰足球的领导人将在下周面对国会议员,因为他们目前未能同意为EFL提供冠状病毒救援方案,而Big Picture计划也在接受审查

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters, EFL chairman Rick Parry and Football Association boss Greg Clarke have all been called before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) committee next Tuesday

英超联赛首席执行官理查德·马斯特斯(Richard Masters),EFL主席里克·帕里(Rick Parry)和足协主席格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clarke)都已在下周二的数字,文化,媒体和体育(DCMS)委员会上被召集

少林足球粤语The Government has insisted the Premier League must provide financial assistance to the EFL, and has pointed out that such help was one of the conditions for it giving the green light to Project Restart over the summer, when the 2019-20 season resumed behind closed doors

少林足球粤语政府坚称英超联赛必须向EFL提供财务援助,并指出,这种帮助是其为夏季重新启动计划(Restart Project)开绿灯的条件之一,当时2019-20赛季在暗门中恢复

Julian Knight, the Conservative MP for Solihull who chairs the DCMS committee, says he agrees that football must help itself

索利哈尔保守党议员朱利安·奈特(Julian Knight)担任DCMS委员会主席,他说他同意足球必须自救

Fleetwood call on government to take action before clubs go bustEFL boss writes to government"It"s a very unedifying sight when you"ve seen other sports coming together in order to find a way through this crisis," Knight told News


"Football has just had a transfer window where they"ve spent 250m rescue package for EFL clubs and a 25 per cent share in future Premier League media revenues were welcomed by many, but the plans also sought to concentrate power in the hands of the top-flight"s big six clubs


Project Big Picture was described by the Football Supporters" Association as "a sugar-coated cyanide pill" while the Secretary of State for DCMS, Oliver Dowden, derided it as a "distraction at best" and urged Parry in a committee hearing to ignore this "latest wheeze" and focus on bailout talks with the Premier League

足球支持者协会将Big Picture项目描述为“糖衣氰化物丸”,而DCMS国务卿奥利弗·道登(Oliver Dowden)则嘲笑它为“充其量”,并在委员会听证会上敦促Parry忽略这一点。 “最新呼风唤雨”,并专注于与英超联赛的救助谈判

少林足球粤语Clarke"s presence before the committee comes amid questions over his role in Project Big Picture


He told the FA Council last month that he had been involved in early discussions but walked away in the spring when "the principal aim became the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a few clubs, with a breakawayleague mooted as a threat"


A number of reports have since suggested Clarke was much more centrally involved


Knight said: "I"d like to find out the genesis of it, how it came about, who supports it, who doesn"t support it, why do they support it, why don"t they support it


What was the role of the three bodies that are in front of us, and were there any merits to it? "I understand the way it looked like a power grab, but small elements such as the greater distribution of TV revenues down the game, I thought that was a good idea."



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