Len Johnrose担心缺乏对MND对足球运动员的威胁的认识

时间:2020-11-07 23:32:51

The raised threat to footballers from motor neurone disease has "barely caused a ripple", according to Len Johnrose

Len Johnrose说,运动神经元疾病给足球运动员带来的威胁“几乎没有引起连锁反应”

The former Blackburn, Hartlepool, Bury, Burnley and Swansea player, who was diagnosed with the degenerative, life-limiting disease in 2017, has been seeking to raise awareness by going into clubs and speaking to players as part of his Project 92 campaign


The coronavirus pandemic has forced him to stop the visits and he is now working with high-profile sports figures to raise 10 to the charity by texting MNDLEN to 70085


Asked if MND was effectively a forgotten illness, he added: "Without a doubt


Maybe I"m biased but I"ve said this before - everyone knows about various cancers, almost everyone has contributed to a cancer charity whether they have been affected by cancer or not


"Somehow we"ve got to raise awareness, it"s not as rare as people think." There is a one in 300 risk of a person developing MND in their lifetime


There are still no clear answers about what causes it, and there is no cure


理财可靠的平台Johnrose intends to continue raising awareness within clubs once the situation in the country makes it possible


His speech has been affected by the disease, but he says he has banked his voice to enable him to get the message across


"I"m not going to let the fact that I can"t communicate myself hold me back," he said


理财可靠的平台"I use my banked voice to get the message across and if anything that makes it even more real (for players), then they can see what MND is really about


"The fact that I"m now in a wheelchair and can"t speak properly in one way is not great but I"ve got to use that to good effect and I intend to do that." You can find out more about the fundraising effort here



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