Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang:Mikel Artetas的风格如何影响阿森纳前锋?

时间:2020-12-12 10:51:26

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang"s role has changed at Arsenal since Mikel Arteta arrived, but what impact is it having on the forward"s potency? To hear more, download the Pitch to Post Review podcast on your provider Aubameyang has scored just two Premier League goals this season, and failed to register a shot on target in Arsenal"s 3-0 defeat by Aston Villa on Sunday evening

自麦克尔·阿塔塔(Mikel Arteta)加盟以来,皮埃尔·埃默里克·奥巴梅扬(Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang)在阿森纳的角色已发生变化,但是这对前锋的效力有何影响?要了解更多信息,请在您的提供商处下载“ Pitch to Post Review”播客。Aubameyang本赛季仅攻入两个英超联赛进球,但未能在阿森纳周日晚上3-0击败阿斯顿维拉的比赛中射中目标

In fact, he"s registered just 10 shots on target in eight games this season实况足球2010操作


The 32-year-old has been moved more to the left-wing under Arteta, and asked to do more defensive work in an Arsenal which has shown signs of becoming more solid


But for Aubameyang, that has meant a drop in goals and shots per game


Here, the Pitch to Post Review podcast panel discuss Aubameyang"s role, and why he may be in a catch-22 situation..

在这里,Pitch to Post Review播客小组讨论了Aubameyang的角色,以及为什么他可能陷入22级陷阱。

Arteta put his foot down..


is it working? " Gerard Brand: "There"s no denying that Aubameyang is used in a different way under Arteta

工作正常吗?杰拉德·布兰德(Gerard Brand):“不可否认,在阿尔塔塔(Arteta)时期,奥巴梅扬的使用方式有所不同

In fairness to Arteta, he came in, put his foot down and said: "This is how I want my forward players playing350k-a-week contract, but under Arteta he"s playing in a system and being asked to do things which mean he doesn"t score as many goals


It"s sort of a catch-22


He"s probably thinking how do I live up to the contract price tag in a system where I can"t score as many? "Before Arteta he was scoring three in four, since Arteta it"s one in two

他可能在想我如何在我无法得分的系统中达到合同价格的标准? “在Arteta之前,他四分之三,因为Arteta是二分之一

I don"t think there"s necessarily a problem with a striker not scoring as much, so long as he helps the team in ways that he wasn"t before


实况足球2010操作"Whether he"s tired or whatever it might be, Aubameyang did not look very interested on Sunday evening, and Arteta alluded to a spirit in the team, which he does actually every week


He won"t have been too pleased with him." To hear more, download the Pitch to Post Review podcast on your provider Arteta needs to find a way News" Ben Ransom: "It"s almost like they"ve worked so much on shape and solidity that they"ve taken away that explosive X factor that Aubameyang brings

他不会对他太满意。”要了解更多信息,请下载供应商Arteta上的“ Pitch to Post Review”播客,以找到一种方式来吸引News的Ben Ransom:“几乎就像他们在形状和设计方面做了大量的工作一样他们已经消除了Aubameyang带来的X爆炸性因素

He is an elite-level striker when he"s at his best, and he"s not even getting into positions, let alone shooting


"Then shots on target in eight Premier League I think tells its own story


It"s a worry, because Lacazette is not scoring either, and as a team and group of forwards they"re not scoring


Get | Get a NOW TV passLive football on "Is it right to have Aubameyang out on the left flank? He has proved he can do his defensive work well, and it has proved successful at times


Post-lockdown he scored key goals in big games, two in the FA Cup semi and final to win it for them


He"s got his new contract, and it"s just gone a bit flat


"Arteta needs to find a way to get him into those positions, and that may be a slight change of philosophy to allow the team to be more aggressive in attack


He"s a player of proven pedigree in a team crying out for goals." To hear more, download the Pitch to Post Review podcast on your provider But why do forwards have to do the defensive work? " Gerard Brand: "There"s a simple answer to this: football has changed

他是一支为目标而战的团队中举世公认的球员。”要了解更多信息,请在提供商上下载“ Pitch to Post Review”播客,但为什么前锋必须做防御性工作呢?"Gerard Brand:“有一个简单的答案这:足球变了

Even in the last 10 years


It"s a shame in a way because you don"t get as many players who play with a complete freedom, waltz around the pitch, play Hollywood balls, or pick the ball up and run with it


Football is now about pressing, energy, and fitness levels are through the roof


"So players like Mesut Ozil are a good example, they simply don"t work anymore in these systems

“因此,像Mesut Ozil这样的球员就是一个很好的例子,他们在这些系统中根本不再工作了

Managers want all 11 players running as much as each other, and that"s what Arteta wants Aubameyang to do." To hear more, download the Pitch to Post Review podcast on your provider

经理希望所有11名球员彼此都尽可能多地比赛,而这正是Arteta希望Aubameyang要做的。“要了解更多信息,请在提供商上下载Pitch to Post Review播客


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