格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clarke)在道歉后辞去了足协主席的职务

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Greg Clarke has resigned as FA chairman in the wake of referring to BAME footballers as "coloured" while giving evidence to MPs

格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clarke)在向国会议员提供证据时称BAME足球运动员为“有色”后辞去了足总主席的职务

Clarke, speaking at Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee meeting on Tuesday, was answering a question around the difficulty of gay players in the men"s game coming out because of social media backlash


The FA chairman had said: "If I look at what happens to high-profile female footballers, to high-profile coloured footballers, and the abuse they take on social media..


social media is a free-for-all." A few minutes later, DCMS committee member Kevin Brennan MP asked Clarke if he wished to withdraw the use of the word "coloured"

几分钟后,DCMS委员会成员凯文·布伦南(Kevin Brennan)议员问克拉克是否希望撤回对“有色”一词的使用。

"If I said it, I deeply apologise for it," Clarke replied


"Secondly, I am a product of having worked overseas, I worked in the USA for many years, where I was required to use the term "people of colour" sometimes because that was the product of their diversity legislation and positive discrimination format


Sometimes I trip over my words." A statement released on Twitter by The FA shortly after the hearing read: "Greg Clarke is deeply apologetic for the language he used to reference members of the ethnic minority community during the select committee hearing today

有时候,我会words不休。”听证会后不久,英国足总在推特上发表的声明中写道:“格雷格•克拉克(Greg Clarke)对他在今天的特选委员会听证会中提及少数民族社区成员时使用的语言深表歉意。

"He acknowledged that using the term "coloured" is not appropriate and wholeheartedly apologised during the hearing." Clarke was also criticised for referencing "differing career interests" between people from south Asian and African-Caribbean backgrounds when he was asked what the FA was doing to improve diversity within the governing body


"I was talking to the chair of a county FA from the west country


He has tried to now make sure he has representation within diverse communities," Clarke said


"(He told me) "I"m over-committed with South Asians, I"m not getting enough people from Afro-Caribbean backgrounds"


"The BAME communities aren"t an amorphous mass

“ BAME社区并不是一个无定形的群体

If you look at top-level football, the Afro-Caribbean community is over-represented versus the South Asian community


"If you go to the IT department at the FA, there"s a lot more South Asians than there are Afro-Caribbeans


They have different career interests." Later, Clarke discussed the environment in football that would await a male professional player who came out publicly as gay


In doing so, he used the phrase "life choice", although it was unclear whether he was referring to sexuality itself or the decision such a player would make to come out


"The real issue is once you run out in front of 60,000 people and you decided on Monday that you wanted to disclose your sexuality - and I would never pressure anybody to disclose their sexuality - what I would want to do is to know that anybody who runs out onto the pitch and says, "I"m gay


I"m proud of it and I"m happy


It"s a life choice, and I"ve made it because my life is a better place", I"d like to believe and I do believe they would have the support of their mates in the changing room," Clarke said


"I believe we have things in place so that anybody who misbehaves in terms of homophobic or misogynistic or racist abuse, we will find them and we will ban them from football, we have the power." 新浪德克萨斯扑克



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