皮埃尔·埃默里克·奥巴梅扬(Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang):阿森纳前锋回击托尼·克鲁斯(Toni Kroos),以庆祝面具庆祝活动受到批评

时间:2020-12-12 10:52:36

Arsenal forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has hit back at Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos for criticising his choice of celebration


The Germany international recently insisted Aubameyang was not a good role model because he donned a mask - inspired by the film Black Panther - after he scored against Rennes in the Europa League back in March 2019


Aubameyang has previous in this department and pulled out a number of different masks to celebrate goals during his time at Borussia Dortmund

奥巴梅扬(Aubameyang)曾在该部门任职,并在多特蒙德(Borussia Dortmund)工作期间抽出许多不同的口罩来庆祝进球

Arsenal"s Pepe unhappy with lack of playing timeOzil welcomes back GunnersaurusCarabao Cup QFs on Sky: Arsenal vs City, Everton vs Man UtdKroos, speaking on the Einfach mal Luppen podcast via Sport Bild, made the comment: "Aubameyang once celebrated and took out a mask

阿森纳的佩佩对缺乏比赛时间感到不满意厄齐尔欢迎天空的枪手卡拉宝杯QF:阿森纳vs城市,埃弗顿vs曼联·克鲁斯在通过Sport Bild播出的Einfach mal Luppen播客上发表讲话时说:

That"s where it ends with me


"I don"t think that"s a good role model either


What nonsense." While initially reluctant to respond to Kroos, Aubameyang then took aim at the World Cup winner


The Arsenal captain quoted a picture of himself on Twitter, drawn by a school pupil asked to create an image based on happiness, in his reply to the midfielder


Aubameyang said: "By the way


Does this @ToniKroos have Kids? Just to remember I did it for my son few times and I will do it again


"I wish you have Kids one day and make them happy like this Junior School pupils


Talk and don"t Forget #maskon #staysafe." How is Arteta"s style impacting Aubameyang?Aubameyang has scored just two Premier League goals this season, and failed to register a shot on target in Arsenal"s 3-0 defeat by Aston Villa on Sunday evening


Here, the Pitch to Post Review podcast panel discuss how Mikel Arteta has impacted the forward

在这里,Pitch to Post Review播客小组讨论了Mikel Arteta如何影响前锋

Merse: Something has to change" Paul Merson: "People are asking: how Arsenal are going to get Aubameyang into the game? If he doesn"t score, I don"t see what he"s bringing to the party at the moment

默斯(Merse):某些事情必须改变”保罗·默森(Paul Merson):“人们在问:阿森纳将如何让奥巴梅扬加入比赛?

"When Aubameyang is out on the wing, he can go 15 minutes without touching the ball


You can"t have your star player going that long without touching the ball


How many goals would Jamie Vardy get if you played him out on the left wing? Not as many as he gets now, that"s for sure


"How many moments in a game are the centre-backs petrified of the runs he"s making because of his pace? Not as many as say Vardy


If Vardy is shunted out wide, he doesn"t score you 25 goals a season


"Defences are starting to work him out


七夕彩信图片They are starting to nullify the threat from him from out wide and making life hard for him


They are stopping the cut inside and shot into the far corner


Something has got to change


"I think they are missing a trick in that I"d have put Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette down the middle with Mesut Ozil in behind them in a free role because of Thomas Partey now being in the midfield


But obviously that cannot happen now because Ozil"s not in the squad


"I"ve played out on the wing for most of my career


When you are out there, you either have so much of the ball you can"t breathe or you could not touch the ball, full stop


It"s one or the other, there is no in-between


At the moment, he"s not seeing enough of the ball where it matters."



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