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The coach was at a loss


He had tried everything that he could to ensure that his right-back never strayed further than 12 metres from the centre-back but the player could not take in the information


The two defenders were even training with a rubber band between them, but the gap continued to open up in games, and opponents succeeded in exploiting it


"Nothing worked," Ruben Saavedra tells

“没事,”鲁宾·萨维德拉(Ruben Saavedra)告诉他

"Even when the player was shown videos, he would challenge the coach and disagree that he was over 12 metres away." That changed when Saavedra used tracking data to prove the point


"We automated a visualisation - a line with the distance showing


If it was more than 12 metres, that line was red and he could see it


The coach told me, "Now, there is no dispute


I told you 12 metres and here you are, 12.2 metres." He could no longer argue." How about the example of the analyst at a top European club who was charged with manually recording the position of his team"s players during every throw-in situation


"This analyst had to identify every throw-in and watch every clip


The coach had a specific way he wanted them to react


国际足球数据The analyst was having to decide - by eye - the positions of the players and select the ones that were positive and negative to feedback to the coach


"Now he has a button that he can click for throw-ins


Within a minute, he can see every single one


If he sees a yellow square between the positions of the defenders, it means they did it right, according to the parameters of the coach


If it is red, they did it wrong." Scores just got faster: Download the appThis is the level of detail now typical at top-level clubs thanks to the work of men like Saavedra, a Catalan with a PhD in neuroscience now bringing his expertise to football


Confirmed clients include Seattle Sounders, Santos and Nice, as well as Spain and Portugal


Barcelona are reportedly among another 80 clubs with whom he is working国际足球数据


Not everyone appreciates his input


"I am the guy telling the coach when the player is doing something wrong


One player once turned to me and said: "So you are the policeman."" Saavedra"s next move, through the company that he co-founded, Metrica, could be his most significant yet

一位玩家曾经对我说:"所以你就是警察。"“ Saavedra通过他与他人共同创立的公司Metrica的下一步行动可能是他迄今为止最重要的

The plan is to open up a version of their video analysis tool to the masses so that tracking data is no longer only accessible to data scientists at the world"s richest clubs


A simpler platform is already being used by tech-savvy clubs like Peterborough United and Stockport County

精通技术的俱乐部(例如Peterborough United和Stockport County)已经使用了更简单的平台

Now they are introducing a free version of the tool that can be used by anyone with a camera phone and an appetite for analytics


It could change the game


"By having these people in the shadows, you are stopping the development of football," he argues


"All of these people can bring a lot of ideas, a lot of cool analysis." Saavedra"s own journey began in the Netherlands where he studied molecular neuroscience after having spent three years working for pharmaceutical companies in London国际足球数据

“所有这些人都可以带来很多想法,很多很棒的分析。” Saavedra自己的旅程始于荷兰,在伦敦的制药公司工作了三年后,他学习了分子神经科学。国际足球数据

国际足球数据"My topic was spinal-cord regeneration so it was completely unrelated but I did a lot of tracking experiments in the lab," he explains


"I tracked mice and rats in my experiments." It was in Amsterdam that he met Bruno Dagnino, an Argentine studying for his own PhD in cognitive neuroscience

“我在实验中追踪了老鼠。”在阿姆斯特丹,他遇到了阿根廷布鲁诺·达格尼诺(Bruno Dagnino),他正在研究自己的认知神经科学博士学位。

"He was following the eye movements of humans and monkeys." Essentially, they were using tracking data


"It does not matter whether it is a mouse, an eye, a football player," says Saavedra


"At the end of the day, it is just a data point that moves in time


Just don"t tell the players." Bonding over a passion for football, they joined forces with award-winning video producer Enzo Angilletta, also from Argentina, with a view to changing football analysis forever

只是不要告诉球员们。”出于对足球的热爱,他们与同样来自阿根廷的获奖视频制作人Enzo Angilletta联手,以期永久改变足球分析

"One of our biggest advantages is that we do not come from that world


We have never played at a professional level


We have never coached


But we have no bias


We came into it with an open mind


We are big fans and we know about data


You just tell us the problem." That was seven years ago, and the problem back then was clear


Information was flooding the market


Betting companies were collecting plenty of data for their own purposes


Broadcasters displayed it on screen


But the clubs themselves were playing catch up


"We wondered what clubs were doing with all this data because we saw on television that there were heatmaps and statistics saying how far players had run," says Saavedra


"We found out that clubs had no expertise


Most clubs did not have access to the data and even if they did, they did not have the people there to analyse that data." After toying with the idea of forming a consultancy company, the science students soon appreciated that football worked differently


"Football people are used to watching football


You can show them a graph or a table but in the end, they want to see it to believe it." Video was the key


"They wanted automation


At the top level, they don"t have time


They have lots of games and lots to do between those games


Save us time


That is what we kept hearing


You have to make it simple


Show that you understand their problem and have the solution


"The software is very heavy in terms of the data analysis behind it - algorithms, complicated architecture - but they do not care


All they want to know is that if you click here, you will see what you want to see


Here is where you see the clips and here is where you export them to share with the coach


Now you have solved the problem and they want it." Among the first clients were Villarreal


Partly because the La Liga club were noted for being innovators


Partly because their young video analyst at the time was an Argentine


"We told him we were all from Argentina


It was a small lie


I am not but I can fake the accent." With their foot in the door, Metrica was soon supplying some of the biggest clubs in world football - and these sides were paying significant sums of money for their services

我不是,但我可以伪造口音。” Metrica很快就为世界足球提供了一些最大的俱乐部,而他们为此付出了巨额资金

Now armed with their own data science departments, these clubs utilise the data in weird and wonderful ways, each with their own metrics to determine the success of every potential pressing situation or the efficiency of every entry into the final third of the pitch


It is slightly curious that having begun by working for Champions League winning clubs, the plan now is to pursue clients at grassroots level, but there is a certain logic to the thinking


"It is a similar approach to Tesla," explains Saavedra

“这与特斯拉类似,” Saavedra解释道。

"When they started producing electrical cars, they were super expensive but the vision was that at some point everyone would be able to afford electrical cars


In a way, that is what we have done


"If we wanted to go down the tiers, we could not force clubs to use cameras that would cost thousands of euros, that would immediately be a killer


So we went with another approach that would be hardware agnostic, whether you had a phone or a sophisticated camera


"We know that every single game these days is being recorded


Even at amateur level, even children"s football


We needed a technology that could actually get data out of any media


"The result was that we developed a new tracking technology that allows us to track from absolutely any media - training games with a technical camera, television, drones, hand-held camera, it doesn"t matter


It automatically tracks the players and the ball on the pitch." A lighter version of Metrica"s software is already in use at clubs far down football"s pyramid

它会自动跟踪球员和球场上的球。” Metrica软件的较轻版本已在足球金字塔下方的俱乐部中使用。

Sean O"Callaghan, a performance analyst at Stockport, first utilised it when working at Peterborough, but was determined to bring this way of working to the National League

斯托克波特的性能分析师Sean O"Callaghan在彼得伯勒工作时首先使用了它,但决心将这种工作方式带入国家联盟

"When I came to Stockport, it was one of my biggest priorities to bring this in to help with the videos," O"Callaghan tells


"It was totally different and gave me everything that I needed without breaking the bank


It has shaved a hell of a lot of time off


"With the quick turnaround after a Saturday game, you have only got Sunday before you are delivering another meeting on Monday for the Tuesday game


When I put videos together, the coaches were saying how this made things so much easier when delivering meetings


"It draws the arrows, you can put the spotlight on and drag the players out of position


It is a little bit like the analysis that you see the guys doing on Monday Night Football


"Not many clubs have got it


Just a handful at this level


So in terms of the edge, it keeps us out of the meeting room and gets us onto the grass more


That is what every player wants


When I was a player we had none of this


Now, a lot of coaches live off it." Get two football channels for 18 p/mGet a NOW TV passThe next step is to make it a free-version

现在,许多教练都靠它生活。”以18 p / m的速度获得两个足球频道获得NOW TV Pass下一步是使其成为免费版本

"We are offering them a solution that means they can do the same work that the analyst at Barcelona does," says Saavedra


It could spark a wave of innovation


Even those working in analytics do not know where it might lead


"We believe that these amateur analysts will eventually replace the dinosaurs in the market


They will slowly take up these spaces and if they are using it now for free, maybe one day soon they will be working for clubs and be demanding that they pay for it." From the right-back who does not know his distances to the players who forget where to stand at a throw-in, the bad news is that football"s new policemen are just getting started



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