曼联:体育总监会在老特拉福德工作吗? -投稿播客特别节目

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In a Pitch to Post Podcast special taking a look at the £1bn spent at Man Utd since Sir Alex Ferguson left, we ask: would a sporting director work at Old Trafford? To hear more, download this Pitch to Post special podcast on your provider So much has been said and written about hierarchal issues at Old Trafford, and how that has impacted recruitment strategy

在Pitch to Post Podcast特别节目中,看看亚历克斯·弗格森爵士离开后在曼联花费的10亿英镑,我们问:体育总监会在老特拉福德工作吗?要了解更多信息,请下载此Pitch并将其发布到您的提供者上的特殊播客。关于Old Trafford的层次结构问题及其对招聘策略的影响,已经有很多言论和文章

But what exactly is the structure, and is it conducive to a sporting director? Speaking on the Podcast special, James Cooper and Gerard Brand discuss how the transfer committee works at United and ask: have they lost the ability to do the dark arts of recruitment? The structure explained: Sporting director needed?James Cooper: "Ed Woodward has an overseeing role

但是结构到底是什么,对体育指导者有好处吗?詹姆斯·库珀(James Cooper)和杰拉德·布兰德(Gerard Brand)在Podcast特别节目上发表讲话时,讨论了转会委员会在曼联的工作方式,并问:他们是否失去了进行暗黑招募的能力?该结构说明:体育总监需要吗?詹姆斯·库珀:“埃德·伍德沃德(Ed Woodward)担任监督角色

Having chatted with him about it, I think he is less involved than he previously was


I think he is involved in the final negotiations for a player, but I do not think he is enmeshed in the scouting, early recruitment or early negotiations


彩票直通车安全吗 "You have got your chief scouts in Mick Court and Jim Lawlor, and then you look at the head of resources if you like, a strange, wooly term, but that"s Matt Judge

彩票直通车安全吗“您在Mick Court和Jim Lawlor拥有首席侦察员,然后如果愿意的话,您会看到资源的领导者,这是一个奇怪的毛茸茸的说法,但这就是Matt Judge

He is the key person here


Lawlor and Court speak to their scouts around the world, identifying players, and this summer what we have seen is a massive influx of players into the academy彩票直通车安全吗


"Matt Judge is then charged with doing the negotiations, and has become a really important, powerful person at United

“马特·贾吉(Matt Judge)然后负责进行谈判,并已成为曼联一个非常重要,强大的人

He was the guy charged with trying to get Sancho into Old Trafford and it did not happen


So United had to flip it and go for other targets


That is the triumvirate of people below Ed Woodward

那就是埃德·伍德沃德(Ed Woodward)之下的人们

Get | Get a NOW TV passLive football on "Do they need a sporting director? I am a big believer in what it can do


彩票直通车安全吗In terms of definition, it is a glue right in the middle of the organisation that keeps the philosophy right, the consistency within a club


The manager and players might change, but the sporting director"s philosophy does not


I think that is where the conflict lies


I talked about that transfer committee, and I think that will carry on for United


"The current structure at United would not allow for a sporting director, and I think that is why they have not filled the job


Although the advert says: "We want a sporting director" I think when you dig down and people have their chats with Manchester United and Woodward, it is not like the role you see on the continent, or like at Everton, or Southampton, or Brentford, which are pure sporting director roles


"So when they say they want a sporting director, I think: "Do you really?" because there is probably enough people on the transfer committee doing it


If you want to have a sporting director you have to rehash it, and be committed to the role


That is why it is not happening, and probably will not happen." To hear more, download this Pitch to Post special podcast on your provider Have Man Utd lost the dark arts?Gerard Brand: "So if Sir Alex Ferguson wanted a player, that player would know about it, and they would know about it early doors


They would know exactly what their role will be, what direction the club is going, the ambition, everything, how they will be viewed within that team


That would excite the player, more often than not they would then go to their agent and say they want to move to Man Utd, and that makes it very difficult for that club to negotiate when they know the players wants to leave


"Perhaps those dark arts been lost now? Is that sort of approach impossible now? Are agents more likely to put all their cards on the table and keep options open? Perhaps


Transfer Centre LIVE!Paper talk - latest headlines"Or is it because the spread of money is now much wider in the Premier League and beyond? United used to have one rival for signings in the Premier League; first it was Arsenal, then Chelsea replaced Arsenal, then Man City came in and made it three, and things got complicated


They would probably have four or five on the continent who could compete with them for signings


"Now, you are looking at competition from everywhere


Five or six Premier League teams can compete for individual players, more European teams, you have then got China, players wanting to play in America, whatever it might be


The competition is much tougher these days." To hear more, download this Pitch to Post special podcast on your provider



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