希伯利亚2-2圣约翰斯通:保罗·麦金恩(Paul McGinn)在苏格兰英超冲突中营救主机

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Paul McGinn was the unlikely hero as Hibernian came from behind twice to claim a 2-2 draw against St Johnstone in Tuesday"s Scottish Premiership clash

保罗·麦金恩(Paul McGinn)是不太可能的英雄,因为在周二的苏格兰超级联赛交锋中,希伯利亚人两次从后面落后,以2比2战胜圣约翰斯通

McGinn, who had never found the net for Hibs previously, struck twice (36, 82) to cancel out efforts by Ali McCann (35) and former Easter Road star David Wotherspoon (76)


St Johnstone would have moved into the top six with a triumph but - despite the frustration of surrendering an advantage on two occasions - remain unbeaten in nine matches in all competitionsnhk官网


Hibs will rue missed chances from Kevin Nisbet, Jamie Murphy and Stevie Mallan on their way to a second successive 2-2 draw but it lifts them to third on goal difference, even though they have played two games more than fourth-placed Aberdeen


Scottish Premiership - latest news and featuresScottish Premiership fixtures | results | tableGet | Get a NOW TV passJack Ross selected the same XI from Sunday"s showdown with Celtic, while St Johnstone made four changes from the side which played out a 1-1 draw with Motherwell on Saturdaynhk官网

苏格兰英超-最新新闻和功能结果tableGet |立即获得电视通行证杰克·罗斯(Jack Ross)在周日的对决中与凯尔特人(Caltic)选择了相同的XI,而圣约翰斯通(St Johnstone)从侧面进行了四次更改,周六与马瑟韦尔(Motherwell)进行了1-1平局nhk官网

Shaun Rooney, Liam Craig, Michael O"Halloran and Guy Melamed - making his first Premiership appearance - replaced Jason Kerr, Craig Conway, Murray Davidson and Wotherspoon

肖恩·鲁尼(Shaun Rooney),利亚姆·克雷格(Liam Craig),迈克尔·奥哈罗兰(Michael O"Halloran)和盖伊·梅拉麦德(Guy Melamed)–首次亮相英超-取代了杰森·克尔(Jason Kerr),克雷格·康威(Craig Conway),默里·戴维森(Murray Davidson)和Wotherspoon

Fresh from scoring against the Hoops, Jamie Murphy was again in threatening mood during the early exchanges in the capital, forcing a smart low save from Saints stopper Zander Clark

刚从得分篮得分之后,杰米·墨菲(Jamie Murphy)在首都的早期交流中再次处于威胁状态,迫使圣徒塞珀·赞德·克拉克(Sander Clark)做出了明智的低位扑救

Melamed, seeking his first goal since joining the Perth Saints from Maccabi Netanya, fired wastefully over the bar of his Israeli compatriot, Ofir Marciano, after a Craig cross fell invitingly in his path

自从马卡比·内塔尼亚(Maccabi Netanya)加入珀斯圣徒队以来,梅拉梅德(Melamed)寻求他的第一个目标,在克雷格(Craig)十字架横穿马路后,浪费了他的以色列同胞Ofir Marciano

O"Halloran then fizzed a low shot inches past the post after robbing Paul Hanlon as the visitors illustrated their attacking threat

随后,奥哈兰(O"Halloran)在抢夺保罗·汉隆(Paul Hanlon)之后就低空射击了一下哨子,原因是游客们说明了他们的进攻威胁

St Johnstone converted those warning signs into a lead 10 minutes before the break when a Stevie May shot fell kindly for McCann and the Northern Ireland international made no mistake from point-blank range

休息前10分钟,圣约翰斯通将这些警告信号转换为铅球,当时史蒂维·梅(Stevie May)对麦肯(McCann)的友善枪击和北爱尔兰国际队毫发无损。

But it took Hibs less than 60 seconds to restore parity


nhk官网McGinn cut inside from the right-wing, produced a delightful give-and-go with Nisbet and struck past Clark


nhk官网Joe Newell and Mallan passed up decent chances to complete the turnaround after the break and Hibs looked to have paid the price when Wotherspoon embarked on a mazy dribble from the left before blasting past Marciano

nhk官网休息后,乔·纽厄尔(Joe Newell)和马兰(Mallan)放弃了完成转机的不错机会,而当沃瑟斯彭(Wotherspoon)从左边进行一次疯狂的运球,然后越过马尔恰诺(Marciano)时,希伯斯似乎已经付出了代价

However, McGinn would have the final word, with the former Dundee and Partick Thistle man creeping in at the back post to meet a Mackie delivery and fire a sweet half-volley past Clark



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