瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola):曼城主教练警告球员,过去的声誉无济于事

时间:2020-12-12 10:59:48

Pep Guardiola has warned his Manchester City players their past reputations count for nothing as he looks to kickstart their Premier League campaign

瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)已警告曼彻斯特城球员,他们过去的声誉无济于事,因为他希望启动英超联赛

The City boss insists current form is all that matters as he selects his side and he is not intending to rotate his squad


City, one of the pre-season title favourites, made a sluggish start to the season but roared back to life as they thrashed Burnley 5-0 at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday


Now Guardiola wants to maintain the momentum


Man City 5-0 Burnley highlightsHow Manchester City lost their mojoPep Guardiola will not rush Sergio Aguero into decision on futureHe said: "So I see the performance, the levels


The guys who help the team, who help me, will have more chance to play


"The others, they have to wait for the opportunity娱乐现场张艺源


They have to fight and wait for the moment and when they have the moment, do it as well as possible


"This business works in this way, not in another way


What happened one week ago is already over


It is past


娱乐现场张艺源"Right now I see the players who are in the better conditions or more focused


"If the players believe they are rested because I am rotating they are making a mistake


I put, every game, the best players to make rhythms, to help the team


"The players who believe, because in the past they have been here, they deserve the next position, they have made a big mistake娱乐现场张艺源


"The youngest player, Phil Foden, deserves the same opportunities as Fernandinho, our most experienced player

“最年轻的球员Phil Foden应该与我们经验最丰富的球员Fernandinho享有同样的机会

It does not matter if you have won more titles in the past or scored more goals


"You have to show it on the pitch in the recent past, the present and especially the future." One player who might have seized his chance is defender John Stones, who appeared to have fallen down the pecking order after the summer signings of Ruben Dias and Nathan Ake

“你必须在最近的过去,现在,尤其是未来的球场上展示它。”一名可能抓住机会的球员是后卫约翰·斯通斯(John Stones),他在夏季签下鲁本·迪亚斯(Ruben Dias)和内森·阿森(Nathan Ake)后似乎已经屈服

Yet after a strong showing in the midweek Champions League win over Olympiakos, he retained his place against Burnley


Guardiola said: "He was so concentrated and didn"t make mistakes


What we are looking for in the back four is to avoid mistakes and the people up front score goals." Guardiola concedes there is something special missing this season without fans


He said: "Football was a joy when you play every three days like a routine, and the players come here and you have the spectators


"They want to play, they love to play but before football was a special day


Now it is not special days any more


"Of course they enjoy playing football but the joy for all the situation, because our lives, like all the families around the world - the people don"t go to restaurants, you can"t go out, you are scared about being contaminated in this pandemic situation - is different and football is no exception." The Spanish manager, speaking after City"s victory over Burnley, said he had "no news" on reports linking one of his assistants, Rodolfo Borrell, with the managerial vacancy at DC United

“当然,他们喜欢踢足球,但在所有情况下都是快乐的,因为我们的生活,就像世界上所有家庭一样,人们不去餐厅,不能外出,害怕被污染这种大流行的情况是不同的,足球也不例外。”这位西班牙经理在曼城击败伯恩利后发表讲话说,他对有关一名助手Rodolfo Borrell与DC United的管理职位空缺的报道没有任何消息。

He did, however, add his fellow Spaniard would be an "incredible manager"



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