大卫·德·吉亚(David de Gea)或迪恩·亨德森(Dean Henderson):曼联(Ou Gunnar Solskjaer)对曼城(Man City)的目标应该选谁?

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There was plenty wrong with Manchester United"s 3-2 defeat away to RB Leipzig which ended their Champions League involvement on Tuesday, from a sluggish start to wasted chances and defensive lapses

曼联队以3-2负于莱比锡(RB Leipzig)的比赛有很多错,后者从低迷的开局到机会的浪费和防守失误,在周二结束了对欧冠的比赛。

But could David de Gea"s poor attempt to keep out the third goal cost him his starting spot? The Spanish goalkeeper didn"t cover himself in glory with his attempt to block Justin Kluivert"s decisive close-range finish and with Dean Henderson putting pressure on United"s long-term No 1, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could be set to make a big call ahead of United"s clash with Manchester City on Saturday

但是,大卫·德·吉亚(David de Gea)试图阻止第三个进球的糟糕尝试是否会使他失去了出发点? 这位西班牙门将未能阻止贾斯汀·克鲁维特(Justin Kluivert)的决定性近距离射门,而迪恩·亨德森(Dean Henderson)则对曼联的长期第一施加压力,这可能会让奥尼尔·冈纳·索尔斯克亚(Ole Gunnar Solskjaer)提前成为曼联的大号召唤。 周六与曼城发生冲突

Henderson replaced De Gea against Southampton when he picked up a knock and played all 90 minutes in last weekend"s 3-1 win over West Ham


News James Cooper - appearing on the Pitch to Post Preview Podcast - now believes there is a real chance 23-year-old Henderson could be handed a first-team place for the derby聚星娱乐注册

新闻詹姆斯·库珀(James Cooper)-出现在发布预告播客的音调上-现在认为23岁的亨德森确实有可能获得德比一线队 聚星娱乐注册

Listen to the Pitch to Post Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox "We don"t know who is going to be in goal for Manchester United after what David de Gea did," said Cooper

收听要在播客上发布播客的音调:Spotify | 苹果| 库珀说:“在大卫·德·吉亚(David de Gea)之后,我们不知道谁将成为曼联的进球。”

"It"s amazing, we all talked about the defeat, we talked about Paul Pogba


He got away scot-free for conceding a goal no goalkeeper playing for Manchester United should concede


聚星娱乐注册"I think that"s the key decision Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has to make

聚星娱乐注册“我认为这是Ole Gunnar Solskjaer必须做出的关键决定

Whether he decides, "I"ve given De Gea enough"

他是否决定,“我给了De Gea足够多的钱”

De Gea has played well this season, he really has


But what happened on Tuesday in Leipzig was unforgiveable from his point of view


"I know Harry Maguire let the ball across him and he shouldn"t have done that either, but you"re talking about a goalkeeper who turned his back on a striker and suddenly you"re three down, not two, and you"re staring down the barrel

“我知道哈里·马奎尔让球越过他,他也不应该那样做,但是你说的是一个守门员,他将他的头朝前锋转身,突然你三分命中,而不是两个,而你 盯着桶

"I think he"s got to decide what gives his defence the most confidence


Certainly, Dean Henderson looks assured


He"s got no doubt about his own ability - I"m told he"s a very confident individual - and he has proper goals of being Man Utd"s No1 and England"s No1 and everyone around him says he"s going to achieve those goals." Bruno Fernandes or Kevin De Bruyne: Who"s more influential?Man Utd"s problems catch up with themPaul Merson on Paul Pogba: Go and play snooker!Get PL Plus Tottenham analysis, Arsenal"s attack, and Liverpool"s strength in depth This week on the Pitch to Post Preview Podcast, Peter Smith is joined by News reporters James Cooper and Ben Ransom to discuss the Manchester derby, including whether David de Gea will be dropped, why John Stones is back in the City side, and how it could all play out

他毫不怀疑自己的能力-有人告诉他他是一个非常有信心的人-他有成为曼联第一和英格兰第一的正确目标,周围的每个人都说他将实现这些目标。”布鲁诺·费尔南德斯或凯文·德 布鲁恩(Bruyne):谁更有影响力?曼联(Man Utd)的问题跟上他们的步伐保罗·迈尔森(Paul Merson)在保罗·波格(Paul Pogba)上:去玩斯诺克! 新闻记者詹姆斯·库珀(James Cooper)和本·兰索姆(Ben Ransom)参加了会议,讨论了曼彻斯特德比大战,包括戴维·德·盖亚(David de Gea)是否将被解雇,约翰·斯通斯(John Stones)为何回到城市,以及一切如何进行

聚星娱乐注册Their colleague Michael Bridge is on the line to discuss Crystal Palace vs table-toppers Tottenham, plus Data Editor Adam Smith has the numbers behind Arsenal"s attack and Liverpool"s strength in depth - as well as his Pitch for what will happen in the Premier League this weekend! Listen to the Pitch to Post Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox

聚星娱乐注册他们的同事迈克尔·布里奇(Michael Bridge)正在讨论水晶宫vs托特纳姆热刺,数据编辑亚当·史密斯(Adam Smith)拥有阿森纳的进攻和利物浦的实力背后的数字-以及他对本周末英超联赛的看法 ! 收听要在播客上发布播客的音调:Spotify | 苹果| Castbox


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