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Everton supporters returned to Goodison Park for the first time in nine months, and their team produced a performance that has been a long time coming to defeat Chelsea


It was back in March when Everton were on the receiving end of a chastening 4-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge when Frank Lampard"s side inflicted an unhappy return for Carlo Ancelotti to his former club


That day, Gylfi Sigurdsson was played out of position on the left as part of a 4-4-2 system that was easily picked off by the hosts as Mason Mount, Pedro, Willian and Olivier Giroud all scored in a convincing home win

那天,吉尔菲·西古德森(Gylfi Sigurdsson)作为4-4-2系统的一部分在左边位置失误,被主机轻松拿下,梅森·蒙特,佩德罗,威利安和奥利维尔·吉鲁德都在令人信服的主场胜利中得分

金敬道For Ancelotti it was a reality check following his promising start to life on Merseyside, and a reminder of his side"s progress being in its infancy


For the disgruntled Evertonians who streamed out onto the Fulham Road that spring afternoon, little did they know it would be a further nine months before some of them would witness their team again in the flesh, faced with the same opposition


Chelsea are vastly improved this season, and while Lampard admitted more nights like these will occur as his side transition into Premier League title contenders, Ancelotti will take plenty of encouragement on an evening when the Italian"s managerial experience came to the fore


Absorb pressure and pounce Having not kept a clean sheet since the opening weekend, it was noticeable from the first whistle that Everton had set up to be more compact


In the same way that Morgan Schneiderlin and Sigurdsson were deployed as deep-lying midfielders in the 3-1 win over Chelsea 12 months ago, Abdoulaye Doucoure and Allan were told to screen the back four with Sigurdsson playing in his preferred No 10 position behind Dominic Calvert-Lewin

以同样的方式,摩根·施耐德林和西格德森在12个月前以3-1击败切尔西后被派为深远的中场球员,阿卜杜拉耶·杜库尔和艾伦也被告知要筛选后四名,而西格德森则以落后于多米尼克的10号排名 卡尔弗特-莱温

Everton 1-0 Chelsea - Match report and highlightsHow the teams lined up | Match statsRicharlison and Alex Iwobi were tasked with providing protection for Ben Godfrey and Mason Holgate in the full-back positions and the game plan was to catch Chelsea on the counter-attack or from dead-ball situations

埃弗顿1-0切尔西-比赛报道并重点介绍了球队的排列方式| 比赛统计数据里查利森和亚历克斯·艾沃比的任务是在后卫位置为本·戈弗雷和梅森·霍尔盖特提供保护,比赛计划是在反击中或面对死球情况下接住切尔西。

Allan"s tenacity helped Everton regain the ball on 11 occasions, while Doucoure produced a disciplined display alongside him to limit the influence of Mount


Everton had 28 per cent possession, their lowest on record in a single Premier League match they went on to win


But in absorbing Chelsea"s best efforts, the tactic to contain and counter worked a treat


Can Sigurdsson play with James? Sigurdsson"s most creative performance for the club in over three years was all the more noticeable in James Rodriguez"s absence

希格森可以和詹姆斯一起玩吗? 在詹姆斯·罗德里格斯(James Rodriguez)缺席的情况下,西格德森(Sigurdsson)为俱乐部创造了三年来最有创意的表现

When both were on the pitch from the start against Manchester United in the 3-1 home defeat last month, Ancelotti left himself short of a technician to come off the bench


When Plan A failed, Everton ran out of ideas


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The challenge now is for him to produce on a more consistent basis, with and without Rodriguez


Chelsea"s supply line nullified Chelsea produced 32 crosses at Goodison but only four of them found a team-mate as Michael Keane and Yerry Mina kept Olivier Giroud at bay


Tammy Abraham was introduced for the final 20 minutes, but the substitution played into Everton"s hands as Chelsea were reduced to chances from outside of the box

塔米·亚伯拉罕(Tammy Abraham)被引进了最后20分钟,但由于切尔西在禁区外的机会减少,埃弗顿的换人发挥了作用

The visitors focused their assaults down Everton"s left with 48.7 per cent of Chelsea"s attacks coming down that flank through Reece James - predominantly operating in tandem with Mateo Kovacic, but when Ben Godfrey was beaten with the cross, Keane was invariably on hand to clear, as he did on nine separate occasions

访客将进攻重点集中在埃弗顿左路,切尔西的进攻中有48.7%的进攻来自里斯·詹姆斯-主要是与马特奥·科瓦维奇联手作战,但是当本·戈弗雷被十字架殴打时,基恩总是在手边进行清理,因为 他做了九次

Godfrey was perceived as a weak link having been deployed out of position at left-back, but the summer signing from Norwich has now played in all three positions across the back for Everton this term and has not been found wanting since a challenging afternoon at Southampton


The 22-year-old made five interceptions to thwart Chelsea"s attacks down their right while only one of Ben Chilwell"s five crosses reached its target with Mason Holgate making eight clearances himself on his return to the team

这位22岁的球员进行了五次拦截,以阻止切尔西的右路进攻,而本·奇尔韦尔(Ben Chilwell)的五个十字架中只有一个到达了目标,梅森·霍尔盖特(Mason Holgate)在返回球队后亲自清除了八次

Supporters return to bring home advantage Speaking after the defeat, Lampard said: "When you give them a head start in this stadium against this team, it"s very difficult." The Chelsea head coach was in no mood for making excuses after his side fell short for the first time since they were beaten by Liverpool back in September, but there is no denying the 2,000 fans back at Goodison made a huge difference

支持者重返赛场,带回国度优势失败之后,兰帕德说:“当您在体育场对阵这支球队的比赛中领先他们时,这非常困难。” 切尔西主教练自9月份被利物浦击败以来第一次没有借口就没理由找借口,但无可否认的是,在古迪森的2,000名球迷回来了

The players fed off the enthusiasm from the stands - and while certain clubs have arguably benefitted from not having dissenting voices heard during troubled times, Everton have always sought to make use of their 12th man


Ancelotti had not suffered a home defeat during his tenure prior to the Premier League"s restart back in June, but in the 10 league games since without supporters, Everton lost on three occasions - including their last two in a row against Manchester United and Leeds


With Arsenal, United in the Carabao Cup quarter-final and Manchester City to come this month, housing 1,500 of the 2,000 permitted in the Gwladys Street End was an inspired move, and one that should greatly benefit Ancelotti"s side


Richarlison"s antics an irritation on both sides This was the third successive home victory for Everton in the Premier League over Chelsea, and after Calvert-Lewin"s coming-of-age display in this fixture last December, there was a maturity in the way he led the line

里查利森的滑稽动作让双方都感到恼火。这是埃弗顿连续第三次击败英超切尔西主场获胜,而在去年12月卡尔弗特-莱温(Calvert-Lewin)在这个装置上进行成熟的展示之后,他领导球队的方式已经成熟。 线

Now an England international, he showed strength and an acute awareness to win the first-half penalty


The 23-year-old was full of selfless running


By contrast, Richarlison is still some way short of his best form


The Brazil forward has so often been the team"s talisman, and he grabbed the ball in expectation to take the decisive penalty before Ancelotti got his point across that Sigurdsson was the designated spot-kick taker金敬道

巴西前锋经常是球队的护身符,他在安切洛蒂(Ancelotti)拿到关键点之前就抓住了球,期望西果德森成为指定的点球接球手。 金敬道

There were other moments besides that will have infuriated supporters - fouled on three occasions, there were many more times where he spent too long on the deck in protest against decisions


But his presence drew Chelsea into conceding needless free-kicks, all contributing to a stop-start contest the played in Everton"s favour


That said, two tame first-half efforts betrayed a player lacking in confidence while he was not best pleased when he was replaced in the final few minutes despite Everton"s clear need to protect a slender advantage


Having earned a three-match suspension for a reckless challenge in the Merseyside derby on Thiago Alcantara, Everton are still waiting for Richarlison to repay the cost of a ban that derailed the team"s promising start

埃弗顿在蒂亚戈·阿尔坎塔拉(Tiago Alcantara)的默西塞德郡(Merseyside)的鲁ck挑战赛中赢得三场比赛的停赛后,仍在等待里查利森(Ricarlison)偿还禁令的费用,该禁令破坏了该队有希望的开局

But perhaps the most pleasing aspect for Ancelotti was how this collective effort dispelled the sense of an over-reliance on him



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