于尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp):富勒姆射门失误

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Jurgen Klopp felt Fulham"s goal in the 1-1 draw with his Liverpool side shouldn"t have stood following a "clear foul" on Mohamed Salah in the build-up

于尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)认为富勒姆(Fulham)在利物浦那边的1-1进球不应该站稳脚跟,因为穆罕默德·萨拉(Mohamed Salah)的“明显犯规”

Salah was shoved off the ball by Antonee Robinson, before Bobby Decordova-Reid smashed home the opener at Craven Cottage as Liverpool failed to take advantage of Spurs" 1-1 draw with Crystal Palace and move top of the Premier League

萨拉赫被安东尼·罗宾逊(Antonee Robinson)推开球,随后鲍比·德科多娃-里德(Bobby Decordova-Reid)击败了克雷文小屋的揭幕战,因为利物浦未能利用马刺与水晶宫的1-1平局优势进入英超联赛

The PGMOL released a statement after the game to clear up the incident, saying they deemed it to be "normal contact", but Klopp said it was a clear foul, and questioned VAR Lee Mason"s judgement

PGMOL在赛后发布了声明,以清理事件,称他们认为这是“正常联系”,但克洛普表示这显然是犯规,并质疑VAR Lee Mason的判断。

"It"s a clear foul, nothing else," said Klopp


"It"s not a yellow card, red card


The person who gave the assist for the goal, with pushing gets the advantage and can pass the ball美高梅酒店官网

协助目标的人,以推动获得优势并可以传球 美高梅酒店官网

There"s an advantage, it"s not about how hard the foul is, it"s an advantage


Fulham 1-1 Liverpool - Match reportHow the teams lined up | Match statsPremier League table | Fixtures | Results"I"m not sure what Lee Mason is doing at home, but that"s not normal contact in football美高梅酒店官网

富勒姆1-1利物浦-赛事报告 比赛统计高级联赛表| 治具| 结果:“我不确定李·梅森在家里做什么,但这不是足球界的正常接触。 美高梅酒店官网

It"s enough contact to gain an advantage." A pitchside monitor review by Andre Marriner went against Fulham earlier in the half after Fabinho caught Ivan Cavaleiro in the box, and Scott Parker can"t understand why the decision was even up for debate

在法比尼奥将伊万·卡瓦列罗(Ivan Cavaleiro)放进盒子里之后,安德烈·马林纳(Andre Marriner)在沥青边监视器上的评论与富勒姆对决,而斯科特·帕克(Scott Parker)不明白为什么这个决定甚至有待辩论

"It amazes me that we"ve got VAR to help referees


If we didn"t have VAR, I wouldn"t say a word about this


We"ve VAR to help us, he"s gone to the screen and still decided not to give a penalty! "For me this is not one we need to discuss, it"s not subjective, it"s just a clear penalty." Klopp"s side looked rattled in the first half as Fulham were roared on by 2,000 vocal supporters at Craven Cottage, but the German said his side may have felt tired from a midweek trip to Denmark in the Champions League, with other sides who played in Europe struggling across all continental leagues this weekend

我们有VAR来帮助我们,他走到了屏幕前,仍然决定不加罚分! “对我来说,这不是我们需要讨论的,不是主观的,只是明显的惩罚。” 上半场,当富勒姆在Craven Cottage受到2,000名声援者的咆哮时,克洛普的一面看上去很混乱,但德国人表示,在欧洲冠军联赛周中丹麦之行中,他的一面可能让他感到疲倦,而其他在欧洲踢球的人则苦苦挣扎 这个周末在所有大陆联赛中

"First 30 minutes were just not good," he told


"We could have lost the game in that period, we didn"t because the next 60 were really good


"When you look at the results we saw yesterday, all the teams that played Champions League had a tough one this weekend


In all leagues, it was crazy


"Maybe today was the day we all felt it a little bit, but we had to fight against it, and we did." Joel Matip was taken off at half-time due to a back spasm, but Klopp expects the defender to be fit for Wednesday"s clash with Tottenham in the Premier League

“也许今天是我们所有人都有一点感觉的日子,但我们必须与之抗争,我们做到了。” 乔尔·马蒂普(Joel Matip)由于背部痉挛而在半场休息,但克洛普(Klopp)希望这位后卫能在周三与英超的热刺交锋

"Matip has a spasm in his back


We will see


He got treatment, will get treatment, and I think will be OK for Wednesday


美高梅酒店官网"We are not struggling with numbers


美高梅酒店官网Just now they are getting younger and younger


The situation is like it is, I actually hope that Joel will be fine, but I don"t know


And we"ll have to find a solution, that"s how the football season is." What"s next?Fulham face Brighton at 8pm on Wednesday, while Liverpool host Tottenham on Wednesday at 8pm美高梅酒店官网

我们将必须找到一个解决方案,那就是足球赛季。”接下来是什么?富勒姆在周三晚上8点面对布莱顿,而利物浦在周三晚上8点面对托特纳姆热刺。 美高梅酒店官网


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