Edu告诉阿森纳球迷支持米克尔·阿泰塔(Mikel Arteta),并透露俱乐部在一月份的支出不会很大

时间:2020-12-15 07:35:02

Arsenal technical director Edu has asked fans to believe in manager MikelArteta and insists results on the pitch do not tally with what he is seeing onthe training ground


The Brazilian also warned any disgruntled supporters that the club will not be splashing the cash during the January transfer window in an attempt to remedy their current poor form


Defeat at home to Burnley on Sunday left Arsenal 15th in the Premier League, just five points clear of the relegation zone and without a league win since November 1


The 1-0 reverse, in which Granit Xhaka was sent off and captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored an own goal, means Arsenal have lost four home league games for the first time since 1959乌拉圭足球国家队

1-0逆转,其中Granit Xhaka被罚下,队长Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang射进了自己的进球,这意味着阿森纳自1959年以来首次输掉四场主场联赛 乌拉圭足球国家队

Arsenal in crisis: How low can they go?Arteta: Aubameyang needs to think less to score moreArteta: Xhaka overstepped the line, we threw game awayBut, as they struggle for form and results as well as a style of play that appeases the fans, Edu has said Arteta retains the full backing of everyone at the club

处于危机中的阿森纳:他们能走多低?阿泰塔:奥巴梅扬需要少想更多的得分阿泰塔:Xhaka超越了底线,我们放弃了比赛。但是,由于他们在形式和结果以及努力让球迷安抚的比赛中挣扎, Edu说Arteta保留了俱乐部所有人的全力支持

Asked if Arsenal supporters needed to relax and not to worry, Edu - speaking in an interview conducted on Monday but arranged before the Burnley loss - replied: "Relaxing is too much


"Just believe


Internally here, listen, we are doing well


"My main message is that we are not talking about only one person, it is unfair to talk about Mikel, or Aubameyang because he is not scoring goals, or (goalkeeper, Bernd) Leno because he has to stop the goals


"It is unfair to talk about one person, we are a football team, we have to talk about ourselves, talk about "we" and not "him" so that for me is the main message


"The way I see things is very simple


It"s normal and easy to be driven by the results


But for me, the main point is when I see something in which I can see the future, see where we go, the way we"re building things, starting to see it on a daily basis


"So the way we work, the way we train, the way we behave internally, if you see the quality of the work, if you see the quality of the people, if you see properly what"s happening here on a daily basis, it"s nothing to compare with the results." Arteta was appointed almost a year ago and delivered the FA Cup and Community Shield within nine months of replacing Unai Emery in the dugout

“因此,我们的工作方式,培训方式,内部行为方式,如果您看到工作质量,如果您看到人员的素质,如果您正确地看到每天在这里发生的事情,那都没什么 与结果进行比较。” 阿泰塔(Arteta)大约在一年前就被任命,并在取代独木舟中的乌奈·埃默里(Unay Emery)后的9个月内交付了足总杯和社区盾

Now things have taken a turn for the worst, Edu is keen to stress it is not only up to Arteta to address the slide乌拉圭足球国家队

现在情况发生了最坏的转变,Edu渴望强调,这不仅取决于Arteta来解决幻灯片 乌拉圭足球国家队

"If we"re not talking about patience with Mikel it would be very unfair to him


Because what a year we have faced," he added


"Pre-season challenges, three months without any football matches, a lot of things changing in the club


He started, and stopped, and when he started to get an understanding of all the squad he stopped again


"He didn"t get a sequence to know everyone properly


乌拉圭足球国家队It would be really unfair to Mikel to say something about that because the year was so challenging for everyone but even more for Mikel, who"d just arrived at the club


"Because if you have a manager who was at the club for two, three, five years, it makes that situation easier


That"s why Mikel needs always, from my side, good words." With so many players out of form, the short-term plan could easily have shifted to recruiting fresh talent in January


乌拉圭足球国家队But, with good deals notoriously hard to come by in the winter and the financial implications of the coronavirus pandemic still being felt, Edu moved to curb any hopes fans had of a busy window at the Emirates Stadium


"We don"t talk about something external," he replied when asked about looking to buy in January


乌拉圭足球国家队"We are here to solve the problem


We have the team, we have the squad, we have the manager, we have the staff, everyone in the right place to change it


"Why (do) people have to expect a magician to go "boom! Come here, Messi! Boom!"? No


It depends on us


"People might start to ask: "what are you going to do in the winter window?" Of course we will try to do something but we have the responsibility to change it

人们可能会开始问:"你要在冬天的窗户里做什么?" 当然,我们会尝试做一些事情,但是我们有责任去改变它

Don"t wait for someone outside to come inside and be a magician because that"s not going to happen


"Or if you can sign 20 players - which we"re not going to do - but that"s not going to work anyway


So the main problem, the main thing for me, is that we, as a club, have to understand our problem




That"s it


Believe, because we believe


I believe."



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