斯旺西2-0巴恩斯利(Barnsley):贾马尔·洛(Jamal Lowe)出局

时间:2020-12-20 01:51:32

Swansea solidified their position in the Championship play-off places with a comfortable 2-0 win over Barnsley at the Liberty Stadium


The Welsh club were superior throughout, with Valerien Ismael"s side exposed by Swansea pace out wide台球管理系统

威尔士俱乐部在整个比赛中都表现出色,斯瓦西暴露出瓦莱里恩·伊斯梅尔的一面 台球管理系统

A first-half goal from Jamal Lowe and an own goal by Victor Adeboyejo allowed Swansea to move up to third in the Championship table

贾马尔·洛(Jamal Lowe)上半场进球和维克多·阿德博耶霍(Victor Adeboyejo)自己的进球,使斯旺西在冠军榜上排名上升至第三

Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet Barnsley dominated possession for large periods of the game but lacked quality in front of goal台球管理系统

冠军赛器材| 桌子| 在比赛的大部分时间里让巴恩斯利统治控球权,但在进球前缺乏素质 台球管理系统

Swansea manager Steve Cooper made two changes from their poor midweek showing at Derby, with Ben Cabango replacing Kyle Naughton and Yan Dhanda coming in for Korey Smith

斯旺西主教练史蒂夫·库珀(Steve Cooper)从周三在德比的糟糕表现中做出了两项改变,本·卡班戈(Ben Cabango)取代了凯尔·诺顿(Kyle Naughton),扬·丹达(Yan Dhanda)加盟科雷·史密斯

Swansea took the lead in the second minute when Dhanda headed into the box before Cabango"s flick was drilled into the back of the net by Lowe台球管理系统

斯旺西在第二分钟领先,达达(Dhanda)进入禁区,洛韦(Lowe)将卡邦戈的轻弹钻入网后 台球管理系统

Barnsley replied strongly and forced Swansea goalkeeper Freddie Woodman into a fine save when Alex Mowatt"s free-kick was punched just wide

当亚历克斯·莫瓦特(Alex Mowatt)的任意球射门偏出时,巴恩斯利(Barnsley)做出了强烈的回应,并迫使斯旺西的门将弗雷迪·伍德曼(Freddie Woodman)得到了很好的保存

Jack Walton received a yellow card in the 30th minute when he clattered Dhanda off the ball with the Swansea man one on one with the keeper

杰克·沃尔顿(Jack Walton)在第30分钟与斯旺西男子与门将一对一拍打达达(Dhanda)的球时,收到一张黄牌。

The visitors struggled to cope with Swansea"s pace on the flanks and Lowe tested Barnsley"s defence as he raced clear, but Connor Roberts failed to connect with his cross


Swansea pushed for a second goal on the stroke of half-time but Barnsley"s defence held firm meaning the hosts went into the changing room with a 1-0 lead


Cooper"s side continued to apply pressure on the Tykes in the early stages of the second half when Cabango"s header was expertly saved by Walton


Barnsley enjoyed a lot of territory and possession but lacked a cutting edge in the final third and were always susceptible to Swansea"s pace on the counter attack


The Swans continued to push, with Walton again saving Barnsley when he just about beat Lowe to the ball after a through-ball from Matt Grimes

天鹅继续前进,沃尔顿(Walton)在马特·格里姆斯(Matt Grimes)传球后几乎击败洛斯(Lowe)时再次挽救了巴恩斯利(Barnsley)

Barnsley threatened for the first time in the second half but Michal Helik"s mazy run was thwarted by a tremendous tackle from Ryan Bennett

巴恩斯利在下半场首次出现威胁,但米哈尔·赫利克(Michal Helik)的疯狂表现被瑞恩·贝内特(Ryan Bennett)的大力铲球挫败

But Swansea"s pressure finally told in the 66th minute when Barnsley"s Victor Adeboyejo failed to deal with an awkward corner from Grimes and headed the ball into the back of his own net


Barnsley refused to throw the towel as they battled hard to get back into the game but time and time again they were caught out on the counter by Swansea, who were also comfortable in defence


Swansea nearly ended on a high when Jay Fulton"s cross found Jake Bidwell unmarked but he fired wide


台球管理系统Despite being wasteful at times in front of goal Swansea were superior in most aspects of play



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