利·格里菲斯(Leigh Griffiths)瞄准了苏格兰2020年欧洲杯阵容

时间:2020-12-21 22:55:30

Leigh Griffiths has set his sights on making Scotland"s Euro 2020 finals squad after helping Celtic win the Scottish Cup final on Sunday

利·格里菲斯(Leigh Griffiths)在帮助凯尔特人赢得周日的苏格兰杯决赛后,将目光投向了苏格兰的2020年欧洲杯决赛

The Hoops striker has struggled to secure a regular place in Neil Lennon"s starting line-up in this campaign after returning to pre-season training with fitness issues


However, the 30-year-old Scotland international showed his quality when he came off the bench in extra-time against Hearts at Hampden Park with the game tied at 2-2


Griffiths struck from close range to give Celtic the lead and although Josh Ginnelly levelled to take the match to a penalty shootout, the former Hibernian striker stepped up first for the Parkhead side to score from the spot before the Hoops emerged as 4-3 winners

格里菲斯(Griffiths)从近距离射门,使凯尔特人(Celtic)领先,尽管乔什·金奈利(Josh Ginnelly)升级比赛将其带入点球miss非常了得,但这位前希伯尼亚前锋率先在帕克斯海德方面得分,随后篮筐成为4-3胜者

Celtic win Cup on pens to seal historic quadruple trebleNeil Lennon cherishes "unique" achievementScotland"s first qualification for a major finals since 1998 saw them drawn in Group D along with England, Croatia and the Czech Republic for a tournament delayed until next summer due to the coronavirus crisis

凯尔特人用笔赢得杯赛以密封历史性的四重奏尼尔·列侬(Neil Lennon)珍视“独特”成就苏格兰自1998年以来首次获得重大决赛资格,由于冠状病毒,他们与英格兰,克罗地亚和捷克共和国一起进入D组,比赛推迟到明年夏天 危机

Asked about his Euro aspirations, Griffiths said: "It is something to look forward to in the summer but I won"t be there if I don"t play games and keep scoring goals


"So from now until at least March, I want to get a good run of form and still be in [Scotland boss] Steve Clarke"s plans


We have four strikers here all vying for the one place just now, with the formation we go with


"It is about working hard in training and trying to make an impact when you can, if you can come off the bench


Hopefully I have done that and given the manager a wee bit of a headache going forward


"He said after the game that I need to get fitter


Well that green stuff, the pitch, I need to be on that to get match fit


"I am not unfit


I am fit


But just not match fit and you can tell


Obviously I have not had a run of games


Hopefully I can get a wee run now and get my fitness right back up


"There is a difference between being fit and match fit and you need to play games to get match fit and the more minutes I get, the fitter I will be


"Luckily I have still been in squads, still been on the bench and have just been unfortunate that Patryk (Klimala) got the nod but I got the nod on Sunday and managed to make an impact, so hopefully it"s my turn now."



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